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Aaron Carter’s Alive and Well and … In Jail


Ahhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha.

I love stories like this.

Little punk Aaron Carter is sitting in jail right now.

He was busted earlier this morning in Texas with two ounces of weed. He was originally pulled over on I-10 for speeding, and, when cops searched his vehicle, they found his stash.

His ass will be in jail until at least tomorrow, when a judge will arraign him.

Does Texas have the death penalty for things like this? They ought to. God bless Texas!

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  • Never, ever speed when you are carrying, kids. Hey did u see him picking up his dogs at the pound as soon as he got out? Too cute.

  • Death Penalty for some bud? Seems a bit extreme…Death Penalty for being Aaron Carter? Sounds just right!!! :)

  • Omg that is was to extreme death penalty why does every-one hate Aaron? I love him he is cute and still is, also he is the best singer ever! I dont care if he takes drugs but i hope he stops, why do u all care it is his life we are all living and learn! Good luck Aaron!!

  • i used to love listinin to him when i was younger now that im older lookin back im thankin what the FUCK was i thankin. listinin to his music was like listinin to kids bop.

  • now that aaron carter is much older he looks more cuter and even more sexier, well thats at least what my sister saids.

  • I used to love Aaron Carter, it really stinks that all the artist I used to love when I was little are into these things.

  • i cantttt believe how different he looks .i used to like love him when i was in 4th grade and now im in 7th and im hearing this. he looks so different and i havent heard of him since i liked him. i guess he’s changed. a lotttt. i miss the oldd aaron. the one who came up with all these songs that were like awesomee in the 90’s. and now, hes in fucking jail and hes 21.

  • he used to be like a little old school signer who was awesome in the 90’s. now look at him. i guess people can change a hell of a lott. but i misss aaron. and now he is in jail and shit. ughh.

  • aaron made me be a singer now i am noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot i hate yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  • Hey….leave the guy alone. There’s nothing like kickin’ a guy when he’s down. Sometimes an experience like this is all he needs to pull himself together and be stronger for it.

  • It sucks that he’s into drugs now

    I used to think he was deadly..

    Not very much deadly about a druggie is there?:L

    Such a shame..:-/

  • Jesus little bitches….have u seen that face? he is the ugliest fag i have ever fuckin seen…he deserves to go to jail…u just dont carry drugs while ur speeding…i can be dumb sometimes but everyone is sometimes dumb. I MEAN I WOULD NEVER SPEED WHILE CARRYING DRUGS! ( i dont do drugs or have them) lol i hope u all learned about this….(not 2 obsess over ugliness)

  • stupid aaron carter!!!!!!1 if u really cared about ur carrier why did u mess up!!!!????????? u gopin to heck. u no dat!!?

  • Arron is a good guy he trys to be and do right by his family he loves thim all very much he really close to his sisters and his brother Nick and thats the way it should be .I love Nick too thay booth rock.

  • Really? Aaron Carter is human and makes mistakes like anyone else. The thing that gets me is that everyone on here has terrible grammer. Honestly, did any of you people pay attention in school?

  • i agree with christine. people do make mistakes. hopefully aaron learned from this one. you all shouldn’t insult people and call them awful names. just grow up. aaron looks different, but i think he’s still attractive. also, he’s growing up! that’s why he looks different! he won’t always look like he did when he was younger. also, why would you joke about the death penalty? that’s kind of stupid. you really want him dead that bad? the author of this post should grow up. but yeah, i agree with christine. and this is off-topic, but for those of you who love the jonas brothers, believe it or not, they’ll grow up too and look different.

  • Yeah, I really like his songs!! But why is it that those good singers since they were children seems to go this way? Remember Michael Jackson? A lot of things went on with that man. I think the reason why Aaron looks different is because he grew up, but I think he should have been a lot more attractive based on his looks before. The reason his looks look different now is because he does drugs, and that is what drugs do to you. Look at Macaulay Culkin. He looked good before when he was young but now he is not as attractive as he was before. I hope Aaron gets out of his vices. Perhaps he was influenced by his older brother? Or maybe bad influences of the people around him indeed. I hope he realizes his mistakes.

  • @ Christine

    No they haven’t even started school yet! lol! He has gone downhill a lot but I think he is trying to better himself and that’s really really hard to do and drugs are really hard to kick also. I know because I am an addict too.

  • @chels I know what you mean, its hard to find good help these days. People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider whoever wrote this post, they must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of their time I am sure. I work with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is.

  • My buddy and I have been just talking about this subject, jane is constantly endeavouring to prove me completely wrong! I am going to present her this particular write-up not to mention rub it in a little!