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More News Coverage on Heath…


Heath Ledger coverage from NYC:

Paul Brown of the NYC Police Department has confirmed that Heath Ledger was found naked and on the bed of his SOHO apartment. A makeshift memorial has been put up outside of his apartment by fans who are still lingering. If I can get pictures of the memorial I will if it isn’t cleared by the morning.

In Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, where Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams lived before they split up in August 2007, fans are also reacting. Most are commenting on how much his little girl Matilda Rose seemed to give him joy. Heath and Michelle had been fixtures in their neighborhood. They were often seen with their little girl playing in the park and had moved in Brooklyn in an attempt to escape the paps though they still often hunted them down.

Heath Ledger, from what I had gathered meeting him and hearing him speak about his craft as an actor was a very private person. I have never met any actor that was more soft spoken or introverted. I think what some media outlets are jumping at, his “weirdness” in interviews was simply a bit of a quirky personality.

There is a lot of speculation about Heath’s drug use and past history of depression and hopefully we will get some kind of clear information. From what the media outlets are reporting, most are speculating that his death was an accidental overdose from a combination of both prescription and over the counter sleeping pills.

Fox 5 News also just ran a video of Heath’s body being removed from his apartment at 421 Broome. If you want to see it you can click here. It has been a bit of a zoo all day media wise.

Since the Beet is on vacation, I will be writing a bit hopefully giving more coverage to this very sad loss.

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