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Poll: Ladies, Would You Go to a Male Brothel?

Would You Go to Heidi Fleiss’s Stud Farm Male Brothel?

As we reported earlier today, Heidi Fleiss will be opening The Stud Farm, a male brothel, in Nevada in less than two months. The brothel will only perform male-on-female services (sorry, gay dudes!) and Heidi’s hoping it’ll make her a killing.

Obviously women approach sex a little differently than men, and I have to wonder if chicks would actually go to this thing. So, sorry to be all exclusive here, but this poll is for the women who read this blog. (But I still love you, guys!!!)


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  • What exactly are we to be paying for? And why the need for HIV and STD testing if there is no sexual contact? Hmmm…..Is it or isn’t it? $250.00 an hour? Do I just sit there with my vibrator and watch some naked dude dance around? I think not.

  • This is stupid. Women can get sex for free. I can’t imagine any woman having to pay for sex. Not only that, but why would we incourage women to do that anyways. There’s a little thing called pregnancy and STDs. Not to imagine self respect.

  • Come on now ladies! Am I seeing right? Pay for sex? Gotta be crazy. On a personal level I don’t have the need to pay for sex. Men from different walks of life approach me every day, spoilet for choice. Men are naturally DOGS. They don’t necessarily have to find a woman attractive to wanna bump & grind. You could be big, fat, skinny, pocks in the face, there’s a man out there for every woman out there. So where’s the need to go out there & pay a man? PLEASE.

  • To me this is the same thing as Cathouse….why anyone would want to pay for sex is beyond me. I think that paying for it cheapens the act and I’ve got way better things to spend my money on.

  • I think it’s great. My 3 girlfriends and I are all planning to take a visit to the brothel. I would like a nice looking man for an hour. We are all married in our 40’s and our husbands have gotten fat, bald and sexually predictable and boring in the bedroom. It would be nice to have a little excitement back in our lives even if it would be for only one hour.

  • Hells yeahhhhhh..women are more than ready for this!! I know at least ten women who are all going to book flights to Nevada as soon as she opens, and I plan on going too.

    Hot young men in peak condition, health pre-screened, and will do EXACTLY as you say and give you EXACTLY what you want? That’s a dayum dream come true for sure.

    Why bother with free men out there? They’re self-centered, shallow, arrogant, cocky, out of shape but expect women to be ‘hot’, and a large majority have compensation issues that present in all sorts of annoying personality ways from pretending they’re tough mo-fo’s ( puhleeze guys, give the action hero posturing a break ) to wanna be gangsta’s ( another tired, done to death game ).

    I welcome not only this brothel, but a whole chain of man-markets. Sex when I want and how I want it minus all the ego-driven drama and headgames. Count me in Heidi!!!!

  • im from the philippines. never had a white men inside of me. this would be a great experience. i will finally try a white big cock. wow!! im horny already

  • girls, don’t leave yourselves on that “women feel differently about sex then men do” shelf! Fuck that. women want sex too, and if you can pay a really good looking well hung guy to do what you want and you don’t have to call or be called, do his fuckin’ laundry or all of everything else that usually is tied up in being sexual in our culture, then i say that sounds like real sexual freedom as well as equal rights.

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  • This poll is fake. No way 10% of women would pay for services at a male brothel, let alone 50%. Further, there is no way to vote on this poll even though the numbers keep changing. Fraud.

  • I’m a beautiful girl, but have been single for a while. I don’t want to have sex with a man who I am not involved with for the emotional complications. I’d pay to be touched right now.

  • I think any woman with self respect knows that she can find a man without paying to have sex. Sex is sharing love and compassion with one another, meaning you and you partener. you should not be having sex with random people. who knows, will you get std’s??Sex should come to you, you shouldnt need to seek for it desperatly and pay a huge amount of money.

  • This poll is fake. I don’t even see a place to vote, and I don’t believe these comments are from real women.

  • well…
    sex uses to be different for women than men,that’s right
    the hormone thing, essentially
    the bond,the connection
    but some women might like it this way
    why not?
    it’s a prerogative
    most of sex myths are built around men’s fantasies
    maybe the idea of paid sex empowers people
    maybe a part of sex is about power over someone
    and not necessarily love or lust
    maybe the fairy tales have gone tooo far for tooo long

  • In my experience as a physician, there are many women who want and need sex, at all ages. Some would obviously, like men, prefer it to be within a loving relationship but if that is not available their need may well be satisfied by a male brothel – particularly as it enables them to fulfil their fantasies without strings and maintains discretion. The sex drive statistically seems to follow a standard bell curve distribution with females overlapping the male distribution to some extent. There are males who have little interest and there are many females who can’t see what all the fuss is about – particularly after completing their reproductive quota. It’s a pity that we couldn’t all separate our sexual needs rather more from semi conditioned moral codes. As an older but fit man with a fantastic family including grandchildren and a longstanding marriage, brothels are not really an option. However a female friend with similar needs on an occasional basis would be terrific. Its not a case of boredom, more a lack of appetite on the other side and you end up being friends rather than lovers. Wish someone could set up some better sites for respectable ladies who do!

  • why is it only for women? Im sure there are men out there that would pay to get butt-fucked… why not open the door to both genders and make more money?

    Besides catering to/ employing only one gender may be discrimination and you might get sued for not practicing equal opportunity!

  • I think it would be hot for my wife to be pleasured by a well hung stud! Hell, I am encouraging her to go to the brothel and enjoy the night! I think she should get two studs though! What happens in Vegas, can happen at home too! I hope she goes and tells me all the juicy details

  • Something to consider…
    The grand gesture of the husband on the 20th anniversary… give his 40+ year old wife the thrill of a lifetime… an hour with a 25 year old stud– a guy who she has no hope of leaving you for, is no threat to the relationship, who does things on HER terms, and practices safe sex.
    Sure, any woman can get sex for free, but this is controlled, safe and planned.
    This is a fantasy to give my spouse.

  • Why is it that some men think this poll is fraud? Do they have the apprehension that women don’t have a sexual appetite! Why is it so wrong to offer women the choice of what men have taken for granted for years. Personally i think prostitution should not be criminalised in the way it has been for decades. Times are changing, we’re in the 21st century ffs. I think there should be more brothels like this, for men and women, especially in the UK, for 1 it would take prostitution off the streets and make it less sordid and 2 it could and probably would combat the ongoing drug problems prostitutes face. I personally would use a male brothel if i weren’t in a relationship and wanted no strings sex as i’ve found alot of men to be very selfish in bed!!!!

  • this is reducluios if this thing found anywhere in gulf we whould have cut there dick, and hang on the wall…

  • why go on this you tramps sort your live out right aways u lil slag bags and the lads get a good gf

  • I would go. I’m a guy :-) By the way, the male body is as beautiful as the female, so why not? lol

  • ANYONE here that’s married, or even is crazy enough to keep going out with a girl and can take the whinning and the ranting, knows that guys are better than girls… PEACE OF MIND :-)

  • You leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

    These comments are real.

    Women have sexual appetitites just like men! There should be more brothels! Whats wrong with women wanting sex with hot men and no strings attatched? Theres people like jenna jameson, tila tequila, women who just want fun!

    Screw you sexist men who think the poll is fake!

  • as long as Colleen is looking like a hottie at 40, but shes fat overweight like her husband…lol enjoy getting laid behind your husbands back he doing a 20 year old too :)

  • Finally, sexual services for women with young and handsome male whores, women having control and the initiative to have sex and pay for it if they want, instead of waiting some one to rub their thing on her thing and saying after “ah, she was easy, another trophy for my manhood”.

  • I absolutely love the idea!!! I can’t wait for her to open and I will definitely go there. I’m very attractive and have never had any issues with attention from either sex, but do not desire any attachments. this is the perfect solution! men have had this option since the begining of time and now its finally available to women, how liberating!

  • Im a guy, and honestly I don’t see whats wrong with this. Some of you women may act like ur saintly but ur just as much dogs as men are deep down inside.

    I think it’s fair that women get to have fun too. Even though I beleive in sharing those kinds of things with somone special in life, I guess not every man or woman out there is destined for true marital happiness.

    “I read a noice comment about the men that women can choose are jerks, unfit and always make her do the work around the house”,

    Arn’t you concieted, I find it sad that women twice my age still beleive in such sexism. Im young, fit, very kind, and I DO the cooking and cleaning.

    Just because most pig men out there don’t, does not mean that I DO!


  • that person that said “This is stupid. Women can get sex for free.”….

    AHAH thats the most ignorant, sexist thing i have heard, not to mention a complete generalisation. Just cos ure a woman doesnt mean u can get sex for free. you are disillusioned and very naive. I know plenty of women who DONT get sex. You are an idiot.

    Brothels arent about people who CANT EVER get laid, its about people who want some quick fun without the hassle of courting.

    Man you are very very very naive.

  • dont be suprised if the women you see going to this so called male whore house are the regected ,old,wierd looking sex starved women that any guy even the sex starved guy would me no clean beautiful lady will go to this thing because they know they are being disturbed on a daily bases with money and anything they want to have sex.Trust me most women not sex starved to go to a male whore house!

  • lets see how many females would actually e mail me to have a quick sex when ever u want it without the hazzle of gay,shemales,criminal ,addicts or women over me am less than 30yr old and very very good looking.

  • i will gladly fuck any woman for free!!!!!!!

    Pay me and i will custom fuck you to your specifications and frequency!
    Do you deep, stretch your pussy, tear up your arse with rough fucking, choke you and spray you with hot cum. whatever you want.

    i am well hung and love to fuck, fondle and suck.

    im in nj but will travel to NY AND PA AND DE to fuck you.

    leave your email address if you want.

  • I think to be more pleasurable and attractive to women Heidi should approach it as more of a spa/retreat type of action, to be waited on, massaged, at our whim…….. you know what every woman wants a little pampering and all done by a hot guy! And if sex is part of package then that would be the “Monster Payment”
    My issue with it be promoted as a “brothel” brings forth questions like 1. Males are visually stimulated can a “hot” guy muster the Gladiator (they hate to be called the “little soldier”) for some fugly chick?? I don’t think Judd the Stud could pull off an Emmy. Then 2. On the production level – how many “parties” can a female hooker do in a night?? How many can a man do night after night?? Men gotta rest…

  • I would ABSOLUTELY do to The Stud Farm. It would be a place where I could relax and not worry about commitments or STDs. I would totally pay $250 for a super hot man of my choice to do whatever the hell I wanted to, to him. So I think it’s a great idea! Only problem is that it’s in Nevada and I’m in Texas. Damn laws.

  • any of you beautiful women want a man in the quad cities e mail me at im 30 hiv free and well hung will do what you want no stings. email me its something youll never forget.

  • If women were really as willing to visit this proposed brothel as this poll reflectd, there would have already been brothels for them. Just look at the lack of any clubs for women with male strippers; other than a monthly show where the women are more interested in a girls night out than the men, they don’t exist. No magazines for women with nude men other than playgirl (does that still exist?) and even then the subscriber base was largely male. And have you ever seen a sex phone line for women to call? Not going to happen.

  • You can not live in a small town, teach children, and pick up men in bars to fuck. I would go someplace discreet and pay, it would be a worry free way to meet my needs. There are still certain jobs where people expect you to be either married or a-sexual. I choose to be neither. Is Heidi’s ranch open yet?

  • Hell Yeah I’d pay to be with a hot young “stud” for an hour i mean c’mon yeah we can get sex for free but those guys are assholes and about 70 percent of the time dont know what there doing in the bedroom but these guys are professionals,hot,young and most likely in the prime i mean were talking about heidi fleiss here shes no amateur she knows how to pick whats right for the buisness so i say heidi you can plan on seeing me :)

  • Hell Yeah I’d pay to be with a hot young “stud” for an hour i mean c’mon yeah we can get sex for free but those guys are assholes and about 70 percent of the time dont know what there doing in the bedroom but these guys are professionals,hot,young and most likely in the prime i mean were talking about heidi fleiss here shes no amateur she knows how to pick whats right for the buisness so i say heidi you can plan on seeing me :)

  • i’m hoping this will open. i’m ready to go work there. i’m in vegas already. perfect job for me.

  • Hey people! (I’m a 27yr old man by the way)
    There’s no doubt that a (very)small % of women WOULD/WILL go to this male brothel when it opens, but ladies, before you do, just think:-
    ‘How sad and pathetic are you being?
    This guy isn’t sleeping with you because he likes you / respects you /
    gives a shit about you!!
    Hates you? – Probably.
    Take your money and laugh about you when you leave? – No problem.
    You actually WANT to PAY for that?? DO YOU???
    Nobody needs to pay anybody for sex, and if payment in exchange for it is what some demands then they CLEARLY don’t want you, so why the fuck do you want them? blah blah blah. I could harp on all day!
    But i won’t.
    Same applies to you, guys, viceversa.
    Visit a hooker/Be a hooker and your the lowest of the low,
    Hang your head in shame as you are worth NOTHING.

    NB; Brothelcreep behind your partners back
    And Satan Will Have Your Soul. xx

    XLII Anno Satanas.

  • that crack whore couldn’t open a door let alone a brother for women. Ha what laugh. She is so done. I don’t know who manages her money but it ain’t her.

  • Um Hello YES!
    My friends and I would definitely take a road trip.
    Men don’t really have to pay for sex now a days… some women will
    Do anything for money or jewelry and you don’t even have to walk the streets.
    They demean themselves in the comfort of there very own home.

    Your not paying for sex your paying for a story for a feeling an experience you don’t get
    I see NOTHING wrong with a Male Brothel ITS ABOUT TIME if you ask me.
    Women need a little excitement in there lives. Some just want to be pushed
    up against the wall and grrrr you know. There is nothing wrong with paying for
    some satisfaction. No strings attached hot and heavy or slow and sweet whatever your preference. I think having a brothel open to women, as long as it’s clean and respectable, is a fantastic idea…!!!!
    We are living in the year 2008 ladies… we no longer want or can be expected to
    want the same things in bed or out of the bedroom our moms got. We want more! And most of us are NOT afraid to scream it out for all to hear.

  • If I could hang out with the guy a little first, get to know him and see his cock before we made out – then definitely. If I was ever going to pay for it, I would want to be able to get on with him and I’d have to feel attracted to him. Also, I’m sorry to say, also, if money was involved, I would want to choose a guy with a really big cock.

  • Can get sex anytime ya want huh? Well I’m sure some of you hoes can, but to think that a fat, ugly woman who can only get a fat ugly guy or one of those greasy, skinny dudes LOL can get nailed by a man with rock hard abs a ten inch penis and is known as MR. STAMINA is enough to make me root for it. Why should they NOT get the same chances guys do. I mean let’s face it, there are some guys out there that the best lookin thing they ever had sex with was a Prostitute in Nevada.

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  • I love the idea of an all male whore house,I am a single 40 yr old,good looking woman who loves and enjoys sex.In this day and age the dating scene is more difficult for an older woman,but guess what fellas we still love our sex with no strings attached,expecially with a hot young man who can keep a hard on for longer than 3 mins,if i have to pay for sex so bit it,at least i’m paying for what i want,and garanteed an out come

    • Any ladies with age over 40 who want to maintain sex relations in Nepal or can invite at the place they live in are welcomed to write at with details and photograph.

  • no its a lost cause.. its the kind of thing that leads to you to spending loads of money and feeling dissastisfied after a while.. kind of like McDonalds.. quick.. attainable.. affordable.. easy.. but after so many burgers you get sick of it.. but you keep going back by habit.. and Ronald McDonald gets wealthier while you just keep spending hoping you’ll really enjoy the next meal..

  • Hell yes, would love a pro to work me. Not have to put up with the thoughtless groping by men that think they know what they are doing.

  • problem is that male prostitution isnt legal in nevada, all prostitues must be checked via cervical sample and, i hate to tell you ladies, guys dont have a cervix, so unless they change a law, this wont happen. and nevada is know for making sure the law doesnt change at all towards prostitution

  • I like BDSN and animal movies the most. I don’t mind to take participate in such program.

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  • could someone help me to work in a male borthel…i’m a man from Algeria and i’m 29 years old ..and i think that i’ve some excessive power to spend.

  • Yes I think it is a good ideal to open a male brothel I would go and I know I’d have a dam good time.

  • you bet your ass I would! it would be perfect for big girls like me who can’t get laid to save our lives

  • i cant wait as i have met a lot of guys in my life and some man treat woman like shit because of whats hanging around between there legs and we fall of it everytime. i say let us ladies have choices . i totally agree.

  • I’d love to work in a male brothel (female clients only) and I would’nt be overpriced Im 6’2 145 lbs loooong blk hair brn eyes and I’m from the south so I am a gentleman and anywoman who see me will get every penny’s worth and then some