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Apparently the Spice Girls Are Writing Lullabies Now

That’s what this is, right? A lullaby? For the 8000 kids you have between the five of you? Because the next time I have insomnia after drinking 5 Red Bulls (not FDA recommended, people!) and staying up all night trying to make this blog awesome for you guys, I’m putting this shit on loop and going right to sleep.

I cannot believe this is their first single. This sucks.

Maybe this shit flies in the U.K.? Can the British folk please weigh in? asldifu8ru94hrwesljdnvj 98ew6t79w4eshkdjasidfu84uoae8fsdu78 dfuaoeifuds8ov7fijoesoijefoihasrey89DFFSDFSDjfdklsdinn../.,,.ji;h

Oh shit, did I fall asleep at my keyboard? I need to turn this song off.

Enjoy the new Spice Girls single: “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”

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