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So You Think You Can Dance: The Finale


So even though the T has been a bit MIA on her SUTUCD recaps (due to the fact that she has been moving, hanging out with the lovely Beet and traveling the world), she is giving you a liveblogging of the finale show!

We are starting out seeing all of our amazing Top 20 and the judges from the whole season. They are gushing about the kids this year, which is true because this season was…in the words of Crazy Mary Murphy “riding in first class.”

Paula Abdul…our resident crazy from American Idol…is in the audience as well as an 18 year old that was supposed to join us this past season but oops…she had a baby.

We get a good highlight reel of all of the auditions and crazy bad/good dancer highlights. I am a bit weepy weepy seeing the montage of all of these talented young kids from the season. There were some amazing dances this year and seeing them all together is kind of beautiful.

As my mother says, “what in the world is she wearing tonight…what is the hell” and this is referring to Cat’s outfit tonight I realize that Cat is also wearing dead butterflies in her hair. I’m usually a fan of her outfits but this one tonight is about as ill-chosen as Paula Abdul’s Idol outfits.

Our first dance is Tyce Diorio homage to the Lion King. It is beautiful, fun and tribal and it is great to see all of the Top 20 get to dance together again. Love those funky tribal numbers.

Each choreographer is nominating a dance that they want to see again in the finale. Mary Murphy picks the Pasha and Lauren Shane Sparks Hip Hop…otherwise known as the “Transformer Routine.” I have to say this was one of my favorites as well. I had a Pasha crush all season and it was quite hot to see him to a hard-hitting sexy Shane Sparks number.

We get…of course another “audition montage” which we thankfully have been spared of all season. This includes Brandon Norris a clogger that wasn’t chosen to be in the Top 10. This kid is sick at what he does and I have to say clogging to Timberland is kind of hot.

Nigel picks his best performance of the season, which was Wade’s routine with Hok and Jamie. I am totally in agreement with this. The “Hummingbird and the Flower” was fantastic. Seeing this routine again was just magical. Hok and Jamie were two of my favorite dancers all season and it was great to see them do their signature dance again.

Jean Marc Generaux for his favorite dance chose the Shane Sparks Sabra and Dominic Hip Hop routine. Dominic was a joy until he starting making weird faces this season. This was an awesome routine. I love slow Hip Hop and this was such a sexy, fun and real dance.

Evidently Nigel and Cat are going to dance together and I’m getting really really excited…but that is for later in the program. Adam Shankman chose his favorite routine which was Sara and Niel’s “Knock On Wood’ Disco. Neil’s crazy flip still knocks me out and I think this was the point where you realized he was going to go pretty far in the competition. I have no idea what team he plays for but there are thousands of girls out there who are secretly hoping that he is a closet ladies man.

We get a montage of al of the B Boys B Girls and Hip Hoppers. Got to say that these kids are wicked good at what they do. I’ve seen some of these moves in NYC and they don’t hold a candle to them. One dancer that they had to highlight was one of my favorite poppers from the auditions…Brian Gainer. His little dance just bought tears to my eyes even though he is saddled with a disability (scoliosis so bad he can’t lift his arms over his head) he can bring it with his dancing. Seriously, this show is making me almost as emotional as that home makeover story mess.

Now the Top 8 do a Shane Sparks Hip Hop and it is just brilliant. Just hot. It is one of the tour routines and I am hoping that I can finally buy myself some SUTUCD tickets this year.

Wade Robson is up next and his favorite dance was actually my favorite dance of the whole season. “Hip Hip Chin Chin” was the sexiest routine ever and it doesn’t hurt that my crush from last year Dmitry choreographed it. The buzzkill after their amazing dance is that one of them has to be eliminated right after they finish. The eliminated dancer is…Lacey, which isn’t too shocking as she was up against the amazing Danny.

Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls debuts her solo, which is a lot booty shaking and heavy breathing. She is wicked hot but I’m impressed by her ability to dance in 4-inch heels more than anything.

Shane now gets to pick his favorite routine all season, which was Sara and Pasha’s West Coast Swing, choreographed by last year’s winner Benji. I love myself some West Coast Swing.

Tyce’s favorite routine from the season was Danny and Anya’s Foxtrot. Anya never really got a foothold in the competition and she really is a fantastic ballroom dancer. These two were in the bottom two too many times in the beginning and I never could understand why becuase they were magnetic together.

Jean Marc’s favorite for the season is Sara and Jesus’s Hobo routine. Have to say…Miss Sara has been out there a lot tonight. Her stuff really was a big hit this season. Of course this was choreographed by my love Wade Robson.

Mia’s favorite was Neil and Sabra’s table dance choreographed by Mandy Moore. I missed this one so I am super excited to see it. Nothing like a sexy table dance to end out the night. Damn this is sexy. This office environment I wish I always had…yummy. We are now at the point where we are saying goodbye to one dancer. Between Sabra and Neil we have our last dancer in the finale…and it is…Sabra!

The fact right now that it is between Sabra and Danny is totally not shocking. Really I kind of called it a while ago…you can ask my roommate. After the break is Cat’s dance with Nigel and I’m getting too excited. I’m making the call right now that Danny is going to win.

They reprise Mia’s Imogen Heap contemporary routine, which was just an amazing dance. Now it is Cat and Nigel’s sexy routine. Somehow I’m confused because there are some strange bubbleheads dancing around the screen. Such a buzzkill. Seriously I was waiting for a hot dance. Boo. Almost as painful as that “dance” is Ryan Cabrera and his weird dark hair and fedora. Didn’t Ryan Cabrera disappear when he stopped dating Ashlee Simpson. Well I guess this is going to prolong his little fame train. He is singing the send off song “I Will Remember You.” I remembered Ryan a little hotter and a lot less feminine.

This is just the liveblog that just won’t end and we have one more favorite dance of the season via Dan Karaty. His favorite dance was Mia’s flower piece, which I thought, was a bit overdone…but alas it was a bit pretty. I still don’t see the whole dead dad thing but maybe I have no soul.

Lord this is a long show. I’m ready to find out already!!!! We are now in the home stretch and the results are on their way. Of course they let each other know how much they love each other. Boring boring. And now we find out the winner and the Champion is….



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