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So What Does Heather Graham Look Like These Days, Anyway?

Heather Graham Leaving Koi, Pictures, Photos


I guess she’s still pretty, but she’s definitely aging.

That’s so sad. If Heather Graham can age, imagine what could happen to me!

Also note the Kabbalah bracelet.

Leaving Koi last night.

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

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  • Heather Graham has been old forever! But she still looks good for nearing 40.

    Ugliest Guy: What’s a Geri Helliwell?

  • Halliwell. A Spice Girl. “So What Does Heather Graham Look Like These Days, Anyway?” The bottom pic reminded me of her, …may be just me.

  • Yeah, it’s just you. :)

    Oh, and that’s no Kabbalah bracelet, she likes the cherry licorice laces and keeps one tied around her wrist for emergencies. Madonna does it too. I’ve heard it’s all the rage.

  • I love Heather because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she hasn’t knifed herself up. I hope she doesn’t get that windblown look anytime soon.

  • She’s a goddess, I love her, as Margo said she dosen’t take herself too seriously, she has a great body and isn’t afraif to show it off either

  • in austin powers, she is soooo stunningly beautiful, a princess, but for sure, growing old is an outrage, i mean, we must fund scientists, because only science can save us from aging, the rest is crap
    something else, does she have children ?

  • She’s absolutely brilliant. She keeps getting more beautiful with age. Recently here in Vegas, a friend of mine was an extra in one of her upcoming movies, she told me how genuine she was in person. That should be enough said. Why do people have to be so negative? Life’s too short. Fan of Ms. Graham…Forever. :O)