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This is Not What the Invitations to My Birthday Party Looked Like

Brody Jenner 24th Birthday Party Invitation

Is the tattoo real? Is his first name on the other side? Will Spencer and Heidi be there? Or are we still pretending to have that feud? So many questions, so little information available. I think Brody Jenner should record a 3-minute trailer for his birthday party. Maybe MTV will air it. I know we’d be happy to run it on here.

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  • That looks like an invitation to a very, very raunchy gay cabaret. Or just, something gay. What I’m trying to say is, he looks gay. He’s gay.

    • How the fuck could you say that, he looks so fine( coming from a black person) wow, i dont believe that you think that his gay when im goin out with him,BITCH!!

  • Wow, I can’t believe the tattoo artist made such a big mistake and no one caught it!

    He totally spelled “Jerk” wrong.

    Is he famous because his father was an Olympian, and his mother banged Elvis and then got knocked up by an Olympian? Is that what it takes to make sure your kids are famous?!

    I’ll totally bang an Elvis impersonator and make my husband do non-stop laps in the pool if that’s what it’s gonna take to make sure my son is famous and dates celebutantes in desperate need of a burger.

    Oh the things we mother’s do for our kids!