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Mary-Kate Olsen at Weeds Premiere Red Carpet, Pictures and Photos

Lord only knows what Mary-Kate Olsen is wearing to the premiere screening of Weeds. I actually like the T-shirt a lot, I just don’t think it’s appropriate at a red carpet event, and those pants aren’t appropriate anywhere ever. And the cross is just gaudy, MK. Would you dress like that for church? But her hair and make-up are great, and the head shots are stunning.

Mary-Kate Olsen at Weeds Premiere Red Carpet, Pictures and Photos Mary-Kate Olsen at Weeds Premiere Red Carpet, Pictures and Photos Mary-Kate Olsen at Weeds Premiere Red Carpet, Pictures and Photos

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  • love it. the lace treatment at the bottom of the skirt isn’t my absolute favorite, but she looks great.

  • For once, the hair and makeup ARE good. But the shirt’s neckline and necklace combo make her a-cups look like they’re about to hit her crotch.

  • My Dad’s got one of his Hanes V-necks missing. Where was Mary-Kate on the night of July the 31st?!

  • easily the most beautiful girl in hollywood. she’s absolutely stunning and her clothes are always fantastic. this looks great

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