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Sara Gilbert Looks Ready to Pop

Sara Gilbert Pregnant Pictures

The Roseanne star and her girlfriend, producer Allison Adler, are reportedly taking turns having babies.

The couple welcomed son Levi Hank, who Allison carried, in October 2004, and are looking forward to another addition to their family later this year.

Taking turns having babies definitely goes down in my book as one huge advantage to being a lesbian. Wouldn’t it be great if all couples could do that? Like, “No, Tom, darling, work’s really busy for me this year, and I have that trip planned with Janice in the spring, so why don’t you carry the pregnancy to term this time?”

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  • Good thing I read what you wrote, sometimes I just look at the pictures. I was about to say, I can’t believe she got laid!

    If there were only women in the world, there’d be absolute peace. Men suck, but I still don’t wanna be gay. lol

    • “Men suck”? your a scank!! There’s a saying, if it can bleed for five days a doesn’t die, don’t believe it.

      • Skank? Doesn’t that involve being promiscuous? No where in her message does she mention nymphomaniacal tendencies.

        So, don’t believe someone with a festering wound?
        Jeez, who actually says anything like that?

    • Too bad you feel that way about men. Obviously you just haven’t met the right one. Unfortunately, the perfect man might walk right into your life, but with your attitude, you woudn’t know, and keep thinking the way you do. I feel bad for you.

  • “If there were only women in the world, there’d be absolute peace.”

    Please explain how you typed that with a straight face. An OFFICE full of women is most gossipy, backstabbing place you could ever be in, much less the whole damn world.

      • Yes, but drama does not mean violence. Now if women really could give laser beam stares, then yes the world would be one smoldering heap. But women are perfectly capable of playing nice with people we absolutely hate. We just talke about them behind their back. No need for guns and bombs.

  • “Please explain how you typed that with a straight face. An OFFICE full of women is most gossipy, backstabbing place you could ever be in, much less the whole damn world.”



  • lol typical woman statement “world…better place..without men….” yeh yeh yeh im sure it would work for about….oh i dont know….a week and then all hell would break loose

  • “If there were only women in the world, there’d be absolute peace.”

    Uh, because humanity would cease to exist?

  • “If there were only women in the world, there’d be absolute peace.”

    What about during *that* time of the month when i’d rather deal with a Puma and a Tiger then my wife?

  • Good god, I’m a woman and even I don’t think that there shouldn’t be any men in this world.

    First off, the human race would cease to exist. Afterall, it takes both sexes to make a baby. And secondly, we’d all end up being on “that” time of the month AT THE SAME TIME. Good god, the world would be full of crying, bitchyness, Lifetime movies and ice cream for a week every month.

  • “If there were only women in the world, there’d be absolute peace.”

    Doubtful…it would be like high school all the time. The popular good looking girls and the ugly unpopular girls would be still be engaged in senseless wars of esteem bashing.

  • I’m a card-carrying lesbian (yes, there’s a card) looking forward to taking turns having babies with my girlfriend. But I’d hate to imagine a world without guys. Some of my best friends are dudes; I just don’t want to sleep with them ;)

    It’s people who say things like “holy shit she got laid?” who make this world a nasty place.

  • well i loved watching sarah on the roasanne show but i guess what road she has chosen in her life is her own business. as for me i have a wonderful hubby but people makes theres own choices in life.

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  • I loved Sara Gilbert as Darlene on Roseanne. I’m not gay or a guy but I would have totally got with her then. Anyway, I always had a feeling she was gay, even when she had a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter, I still love her as an actress.

  • I’d do Sara Gilbert too!! I’m not gay….. but she would probably do it for me…. YEAH BABY!!!!!

  • congrats sara! u rock! welcome to the new baby! and who gives a rats ass if she is a lesbian, she is taking care of her children….probably more so than most men who hit ’em and quit ’em. she’s a sweet heart and
    likely a terrific mommy so lay off fuck nuts! hell had i known she wasn’t straight i would tried like hell to with her!

  • poophead says “life w/ the fe only means life w/ ou da ma wil lea to total k ous.” AN DATS WAT I BELIE!!!

  • she is so hot!!!!!!!!!!! i would do her!!! i’m bi so like yeah!!!!
    plus i already knew she would be a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, people. Chill. First of all she’s a person who happens to be a woman who happens to be a mom who happens to be gay. I must have been under a rock because I had no clue. I loved her on Roseanne and all the other things she’s been on. So from one mom to another, congrats on the kids, they are unbelieveable. And as for “the world would be better off without men/women” please who on here hasn’t let that little thought cross their minds, be honest. My first time here and probably my last. So let the bashing begin. :-)

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