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Is Adam Sandler’s Marriage on the Rocks?

Adam Sandler’s Marriage to Wife Jackie May be on the Rocks

Funnyman Adam Sandler marries Kevin James in the summer hit I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but it’s possible his real-life marriage is falling apart.

According to the NY Daily News, Adam’s been spotted around town sans wedding ring recently. First, a spy reports seeing the bare finger at Tao in Manhattan on Thursday, where Sandler was out partying with the guys. And Sandler was ringless again in East Hampton on Saturday at a Dave Matthews show.

Sandler’s been married to his wife, Jackie, since 2003, and the couple had a baby girl last May. His rep firmly denies the allegations, saying that “he is filming a movie in New York. Perhaps that is why he hasn’t been wearing his ring.” Adam has, indeed, been in New York, filming You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (are they just naming movies by pulling letters out of hats now?), but no one’s accusing him of taking off his wedding ring on set. What kind of an excuse is that? Adam has some explaining to do.

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  • Maybe I’m a horrible person, but I would say I forget my wedding ring about 40% of the time when I’m not at home. I zip it in the ditty bag pocket so it’s safe, and then I forget to take it out again and end up playing with the empty space on my ring finger all day.

  • I agree, my hubby forgets his, or leaves it on our hands are so damn swollen right now I can’t get mine off!!! My son can’t wear his band at all, he works with autos and could lose a finger……maybe just maybe sandler is playing a single dude in the movie??……lighten up

  • Seriously, since when do we start picking on Adam? I mean, that’s just utterly ridiculous…..he barely wore a ring in Chuck and Larry! Leave him alone…this is really getting old, I’m not just speaking for myself, but for all the fans out there.

    So, take it easy on him.

  • adam sandler rocks! why does it matter anyway! tsk tsk tsk on u for bein mean to him. hes just like any other guy in the world. kk? look dont mess with the best. in case u dont no u arent the best adam sandler is the best comedian ever! *backs away slowly* good day. I SAID GOOD DAY WHO EVER U R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away like in family guy*

  • Douche Bag.

    Sandler has NO EXPLAINING TO DO to you or anyone else you douche bag.

    Big fucking deal if the guy is having marital problems. Get a life.

  • Well, a few months back I commented about the rumors that were held against Adam, but now I’m here on a different note. I’m sure all of you know about his ankle….man that sucks, at least he’s ok…..I have a question for all of you though, but please don’t feel obligated to answer me. they say Adam has tattoo’s….Is that true? and even if it is, I’ll still love him anyway…

  • Well i have been a Adam Sandler fan for along time and personally I feel that it is non of anyone’s business why he is not wearing is ring he is human like everyone else he forgets.

  • @Markus I get your drift on where you were going there. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to. Where I struggel is balancing it all out. How do you guys balance things out?

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