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It Is Completely Appropriate to Wear a Huge Gold Scorpion Belt Ornament with One’s Conservative, Black-and-White Checkered Dress

Chloe Sevigny Big Love

What? It’s fashion, people.

God, I love Chloe Sevigny. Seriously, if things don’t work out with me and Jaslene, I’d give her a shot.

Chloe Sevigny Ginnifer Goodwin Big Love Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny Big Love Picture

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  • Chloe IS, in fact, awesome; but her fashion sense is not. I’m happy to see that she’s doing her hair and makeup these days, though. Baby steps…

  • she usually makes me wanna hurl, but i think she actually looks nice!! i don’t mind the scorpion at all. it’d look better with a solid black dress, but it’s definitely better than a lot of her other homeless-chic looks.

  • She has AMAZING fashion sense! She’s beautiful. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about when you say she dresses bad!