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So this isn’t much of a shocker but reports are circulating that JC Chasez is gay and was caught with an escort at a European charity event.
Check out this blind item and see who you think it is…

Which still-closeted former boy-bander was making sure nobody got pictures of him with his handsome Spanish escort at a recent European charity event?

Rumors have been circulating about JC for some time. Since he was attempting to launch a career as a hot solo singer (ala Justin Timberlake) he kept himself tightly in the closet. Lance Bass came out after entering into a high profile relationship and essentially being “outed” by Perez Hilton. Perez is at it again with JC. Unlike this time, however, nobody has photos of him cavorting with hot gay men.

I believe this though. He evidently was “dating” Eva Longoria and then all of a sudden she was in a high profile relationship with Tony Parker. He didn’t really seem to care…there was no angry “Tony Stole My Girlfriend” piece in US Weekly. He really needed a hot lady to quiet all the gay talk.

As a musical theatre performer I have come to terms with the fact that if they are hot, can dance and sing and the same time they are often gay. It is a stereotype…I will give you that but usually the goofier members of the boy bands (aka Joey “Fat One”) are the ones getting all the ladies because they are the ones that actually like the ladies.

Jury is out on Justin Timberlake.

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  • That’s a really good point. Why is J.C. Chasez not fucking every model on the planet? He certainly could if he wanted to. Embarrassingly enough, I’m listing to his album right now, because a sad little part of me really likes this damn album, but it’s almost comically hyper-sexual. The lady doth protest too much, methinks …

  • wait. it says “boy-bander”…..hello, Howie from Backstreet Boys. He was always single….i wonder why.

    I have a hard time seeing him as gay, and my gaydar’s pretty damn good.

  • this is all bullshit. JC is far from gay. you people need lives…
    do something productive with yourselves,if that is even possible

  • ironically enough, I agree with Jen. Not to mention, Lance never really had a gf while in NSYNC, he always had some sort of excuse. JC Chasez has had a few high-profile relationships (not to mention the Bobbi situation). Just because someone keeps their personal life, well, just that, personal, doesn’t mean they’re gay. Not to mention the double standard here. A famous woman doesn’t date anyone she’s just independent, a famous man doesn’t date anyone and suddenly he’s gay? wth, people.

  • yeah, i agree with the jens… it isnt fair that we call him gay just because he doesnt want a high profile realationship. he could just not want the press all over him & his gf, or he could just not really want a serious relationship right now. he could definitely be fucking every hot supermodel chick on the planet if he wanted to so yeah… he probably is. XD

  • i totally agree with the Jens & Ash. JC is not gay. so what if he doesnt want the world to know who hes dating, that does not mean hes gay. so many starts get a bunch of paparazzi in their faces about their bfs/gfs and he probably just doesnt want to go through with that. hes not gay so just leave him alone. and btw, you said joey ‘fat one’. well hes not fat!

  • I dunno. JC always seemed like that type but at the same time. What do you expect him to do. He was in a band with five guys. Suasage fest if you ask me. But at the same time JC is that type of “pretty boy”. He can get anygirl he wants. I dunt thin hje gay.

  • ever watch him judge on america’s best dance crew? just watch his flamboyant head movements, crazy hand gestures, articulate speech and his rapid eye blinking. that doesn’t mean he’s gay. but it hints it.

  • Even if he IS gay, I think I’d kind of be happy. :) I fully support homosexuals, even if I’m not one, so it doesn’t really matter to me whether someone from a boy band is gay or not. I don’t think we should make so much of a big deal over sexuality: whether or not he chooses to take a man or a woman as a partner, love is love, right?

  • nsync es lo maximo psss!!!!!………….sobre too jc chasez nD justin timberlake!!!!…………lo malo es q ia no exist ps x la qlap d justin o sino siwieran siendoo lo maximo como siempre!!!!

    los amo NSYNC

  • Well, since this is showbiz, we will for sure know the truth in the future and it’s really exciting. But yeah, I wouldn’t judge for now.