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Keira Knightley is a Skinny Bitch


I have to say that I have a friend who worked on a movie in England with miss Keira and said simply, “She is quite the brat…actually I really couldn’t stand her…not many people can.” I used to love Keira but lately she as really made some annyoing comments. She is attempting to make her fans think that she is “just like them” when really her image is a dangerous example of skeletal Hollywood.

Even though she is very thin and a huge role models to young women in England she always is making comments about her figure saying that she is very insecure.

“Look up insecurity in the dictionary, ‘For insecurity, see Keira Knightley.’ Constant insecurities. But I’m 22 and my body is alright at the moment. It’s not going to get much better. I know I might as well make the most of it.”

She has decided to combat her “insecurity” by telling people she would rather look like chunky indie rocker Beth Ditto. I wonder if Keira realizes it is a bit of a slap in the face when a skinny actress tells people she envies Beth’s plus size body.

I know she claims to be naturally skinny but I remember when she broke out onto the scene as a teenager (when people are usually at their thinnest) and she looked healthy and trim not ill.

A new actress, Hayley Atwell who is beautiful and womanly has been called the “New Keira Knightley” in England and I hope that is the case. She is beautiful and has an actual figure. She will be starring this summer with Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell in Woody Allen’s movie, “Cassandra’s Dream.”

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  • Do I sense a bit of jealousy? Keira’s gorgeous, and yes she’s skinny, but I think she’s one of the best actresses out there for how she does her job, and the things she says. She underrates herself, she’s honest, and she doesn’t try to talk herself up. She’s famous because she’s actually done something. Talk to Nicole Ritchie or Victoria Beckham about being token skinny bitches, they know all about it. I hate them, nearly as much as I hate you.

  • keira is beautiful, and you are obviously jealous. she’s not “slapping” Beth Ditto in the face when she says she envies her plus size body over her own small frame, she’s simply trying to promote the fact that it doesn’t matter whether your skinny or plus size, you can still look gorgeous either way. I don’t blame you for being jealous of her, because who isn’t?? when you say keira is a “skinny bitch”, i think you mean that she’s very lucky, rather than actually being a “bitch”. of course she is probably insecure, no thanks to people like you constantly talking about her weight. In this wordl you’re either too skinny or too fat. get a life

  • I’m not really JK Rowling. But if I were, I’d be a fat bitch. Why? Because I like to throw cruel insults toward anyone skinnier and prettier than myself, while a the same time denying that people should be judged by what they look like.

    I’m a hypocrite!

    I have said that it’s better to be kind and considerate than skinny. Meanwhile I do not practice the kindness I so hypocritically extol.

    I have insulted Teri Hatcher, oh what was it I said about that skinny bitch? Something about looking like a skeleton (despite that she has an ass that rivals J-Lo’s ass) and despite my self-aggrandizing drivel about not being cruel.

    If I were truly a kind person, I’d rather my kids be who they are naturally (on the skinny OR fat size) than to be one of those fat-asses who treat thinner people as if they rape and mutilate children.

    I like to talk about how it’s better to talk about people’s accomplishments than what they look like. But since I have two faces (both of them ugly), all the while I’m talking that bullshit with one of them, I’m insulting people based on the criteria of their looks with the other one. (Which makes me a hypocrite.) And if that look is skinny, you must be evil incarnate.

    I’m also a stupid bitch.

    Seriously—(slips off the JK Rowling fat suit)—look bitch. A lot of skinny people don’t STRIVE to be skinny. There are people who go to the doctor over it because there MUST be something wrong with them (a belief the media [and hatefully jealousy bitches like JK Rowling) puts into their heads). Oftentimes doctors find nothing wrong with the skinny patient. They’re eating fine, and there’s no sign of anything wrong with them. They’re just skinny, that’s how nature decided to make these particular persons.

    But because of the high rates of (unhealthy) obesity, normal sized women are now thought of as “emaciated” or “abnormal” or “unhealthy”.

    Now, it’s not okay to comment on a fat person’s appearance, but it’s perfectly in style now to insult skinny people, with colossal cruelty, and without any valid reason—other than the particular person happens to be normal in size, which in this fat and getting-fatter world, means that normal isn’t average anymore and as a result it’s a free-for-all against them. EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT TRYING to be skinny. Even those who are STRUGGLING to GAIN weight but can’t… are treated as if they’re bulimic, when that’s not always the case.

    Also, the clothing designers have (over the years) changed their sizing systems because the majority of people now are overweight, so they have taken the bigger sizes and slapped the smaller size tags on them, so that fat people try on a size 7 and say “Oh I gotta buy this, I can fit into a size 7!! I’ve lost weight! Yay!” as if they’re doing something. Not considering for even a moment that the clothing industry is simply using their usual tactics to get their products sold. The consequence of this is that those who used to wear the ORIGINAL size 7, now they are shoved down to wearing ZEROS because now size 7 is for the fatter folk. Which gives fat folks more material to ostracize smaller people: “Ew! You wear size zero? Are you bulimic? Do you want part of my sandwich!?!? You look like a skeleton!”

    Also, there’s the problem with our food. Our (processed) food is usually high in calories but low in nutrients—which is WHY people feel the need to eat more and thus become larger!

    So just because you eat a lot, and are fat, doesn’t mean that it’s YOUR fault, or that you’re a slovenly SOW or anything. It just means that you are a victim of our shitty food, supplied to us by fast foods, and even the foods that are probably in your cupboard right now.

    These problems effect all of us, not JUST fat people, so I get a little sick of being witness to the Fats vs. the Skinnies. We’re *all* victims of industries (yes, you too “JK ROWLING”), and skinny people don’t deserve this free-ticket society has handed out that says it’s okay to insult them.

    Just as it’s a myth that fat people must be hogs that eat everything in sight, it is ALSO a myth that just because you’re skinny you must be putting your finger down your throat after meals.

    Just as overweight people need to be treated with dignity, so do others!

    That’s why I object to JK Rowling extolling her “intelligence”, because I find it to be flimsy. If Rowling WERE intelligent, she would know all of this already. She’s no different than those she insults, only she doesn’t appear to realize it, which suggests a marked inability for insight.

    JK Rowling can kiss my ass. And even though I’m thin and she’s a fat ass, at least my ass is plump and yummy, while hers must be sagging like a Family Guy coin purse.

    (Actually I don’t think she’s all that fat, I think SHE thinks it, which means she’s not intelligent enough to keep from absorbing the media’s idea of what she should look like instead of using her OWN opinion on the matter) which probably means she’s not a good spokesperson on this particular matter.

    So JK, stick to writing stories from ideas you got as a Wiccateen, and keep using “JK Rowling”—it has a masculine aura to it (like your face). Maybe you were playing up to the false notion that men write good books, not women? Shame on you.

    You perpetuate everything that’s stupid and unnecessary.

  • And Keira Knightley is not “too skinny”. She HARDLY looks like a skeleton. At least in that photo! I don’t see collar bones extruding like a skeleton. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but you’re actually SUPPOSED to see SOME collarbone.

    If you wish to make the case that she’s “skeletal skinny”, you’ll have to use a better picture than that to prove it. She looks perfectly fine to me. I would never look at that and think anything was awry.

    She looks fine. She does NOT look “sickly skinny”.

    Some people haven’t seen their collarbones for so long I suppose they’ve forgotten that in normal people they’re actually supposed to be a little visible.

    You’re such a silly ass. You made the claim. Now you back it up. Show us some “too skinny” photos, because (snicker) THAT ONE AIN’T IT, dumbass.

  • The media calls her anorexic because she’s LOST weight. They wouldn’t really gave a sh*t if she was already that thin when she came into acting 6 years ago.

    I guess it’s just what overworking and dedication does to her. She probably doesn’t have time to eat.

  • what’s wrong with you people. pretty or not, she is an overwhelmingly successful advertisement for anorexia. who cares if people are jealous? who wouldn’t be… isn’t that the point? we’re jealous of someone who looks like a skeleton (and yes… great observation… not in this picture, but we all know there are others). quit being so artificial

  • what’s more, the original blog doesn’t say she’s skinny and that’s why we should all hate on her. it says she’s a brat. because she’s a brat. and she’s a bitch to work with. get back to us when you’ve worked with keira knightley

    “I guess it’s just what overworking and dedication does to her. She probably doesn’t have time to eat.”

    yep. that’s possible. but just as possibly, she’s anorexic.

  • YOUR the bitch ok


    Keira is not to skinny yes shes skinny moste girls are and shes not fucking aneraxic and u know what she is gerogas,verry funny person, shes got great energy, happy person, great and fun to be with and shes a FANASTIC actress and u know what she is verry BEUTIFAL.

    U are soooo jelose of keira and other celebs GET A LIFE lol.

    Oh and u never met keira so stop making fake shit about clebarties.

    oh and ur probley a bicth who is sooo ugly lol.

  • to pussy troll

    SHUT THE FUCK UP U BITCH u gelos little slut lol.

    srry for my language but ur sick k lol.

    ROCK ON KEIRA lol.

  • yeh kieras an ugly spa she looks like a fish, and that is the hugest jaw i hav ever seen, altho i probly wouldnt mind that shes so hideous if she could act but she acts worse than she looks, the stupid fish wench whore. that is all.

  • Seriously, you cunts all need to learn how to spell. Anerexic? Fucking hell where were you in primary school? Giving the teacher a head job?

    Keira knightley is ugly. Thats all there is to it. Can’t act, better off having an onion with a face drawn on act the part of elizabeth swan, i’d probably cry more seeing keira act anyway shes fucking SHIT.

  • well she might be skinny but ill @#$% her any time anywhere like that beaner says in Napolean Dynamite, she’s hot

  • :D That being said, that doesn’t mean celebrities aren’t attractive people. Hence, Keira is beautiful and she can act (who doesn’t)…I guess I have a problem with certain characters that she plays in certain movies. Like for instance those POTC movies, King Arthur, and Domino: I was kind of bothered that tough-looking men were getting there a** whooped by this skinny girl. I guess that’s why most people (mainly women) don’t like her; the fact that the movies portray her as this “strong”, a**-kicking woman seems almost asinine and laughable to many people.

    Now I’m probably going to get bashed by a lot of commenters because I’m picking on her physique, but think about it. If the main heroine of a particular movie was a skinny, bony male and he was portrayed beating the crap out of Bruce Lee that would seem pathetic and unrealistic, right? That’s why actors like Christian Bale of Batman Begins or Hilary Swank of Million-Dollar Baby get themselves physically-toned so that they at least look like they can kick someone’s butt (and it wouldn’t hurt if that person had experience in Martial arts, like Bruce Lee :D). Hence, if Kiera’s body was physically-toned, her playing a tough female that can whoop a male’s a** would be somewhat believable…… (err, however, as a woman, I’m not afraid to admit that I am sexist, and i still fervently believe that men, in general, will always be physically stronger than women…..)

  • Keira is a skinny bitch.Also an untalented bitch.Let’s get things straight acting and england don’t really match.This is probably the best they got and well she really sucks.Keira is just being an asshole, I know someone who knows her and it seems Keira sometimes goes for days not eating or even drinking water.This is the fact-KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IS A SKINNY BITCH(SHE IS PROUD OF IT)SHE IS NOT HOT AND SHE CAN’T ACT.And she’s a bit of a dog too.


  • I thought “OSCAR was American”????
    If she can’t act, why Americans even bother nominate her for OSCAR???

    Her acting is brilliant in both Pride and prejudice or Atonement…haha…she might just won the best actress award this year…

    TO ladeeluck: It’s ok to be jealous and insane, but when u say so many bad things about Keira (which sane people can tell the insane one is actually you)

    If u read the asian news and media, u will know how they say western media is insane for saying she is skinny, she is perfect!!

    Asians thinks any girl that is over 45kg should diet and she is fat, regardless of their height. Maybe u should travel more and see how we have a saying “Any asian girl that goes to US will suddenly think ”

    If u r over 55kg, seriously, people on the street of asian will guess if u r pregnant or not…TRUE!!


  • Keira is perfect. Her visage and body make me want to conquer every corner of the world and claim it for the United Kingdom. I also believe that she is quite witty for a female.

  • Keira can’t act, is skinny and unattractive. Thanks God she was snubbed in Oscar. All she did was pouting with a frozen expression in that movie Too much botox.

  • well first of all people who doubt kiera knightly are mother fuckin jealous shes very pretty me bieng 13 years old knows that and yes i feel insecure about my body not bieng like skinny girls but get over it were beautiful in our own ways as a matter a fact im gorgeous but i dont really like my body even if my family tells me im ok some say im fat some say im skinny and some say i look great but no it matters what i think ok…… I LOVE MY SELF BITCHEZ…..oh and kieras great……….

  • kierea knightly is awesome ok nad shes amazing at her acting carreeer okay and first of all she is beautiful why are you guys hating on hewr mother fuckin haterz shes beautiful nad also she really got me in the movie pirates of the carrabian……..i love her…. i wish i was heer otaaaaaay

  • well as my acting career progressed i had an amzing time working with kiera in our production pirates of the carribean she is a real sensittive person i got to know her pretty well and well you know i loved it i miss her lots and will see her on our next production on pirates of the carribean.kiera is not too skinny shes in perfect shape and she doesnt have an eating disorder i remember of cameras she would always be eating something one time a whole chicken just an inside joke by me but truthfully im bieng nothing but honest ok.
    thanx much love johny

  • Women are vicious toward each other when it comes to things like this. A woman will attack the way another woman looks simply because she secretly wishes she looked like the woman she’s attacking. It’s really disheartening. It must be horrible to be a celebrity and have everyone scrutinzing the way you look all the time. I doubt the normal everyday person could handle such things. Is Keira a bit thin? Perhaps, but she’s quite obviously fit. Look at her abs. When one loses weight in an unhealthy fashion, one does not automatically get a six-pack. She’s a beautiful young woman who possesses a figure most women would love to have.

  • I agree with the likes of,lost,Chlamydia and so on and so forth. shes a great actress, and she deserves all the success shes had so far and much more which will undoubtly come. yh she’s very skinny BUT shes not a victoria Becham is she so why compare her to the likes of a size zero pop star. anyways my response to Keira Knightly is a skinny bitch…is that whaterver your on u must be very high to right that or very insicure about yourself i know i sound harsh but its what i firmly believe. Think LOGICALLY if Keria was as self obsessed and annorexic as you seem to believe then WHY does the general public of basicaly the WHOLE world love Her and her PERSONALITY personaly i think shes a national treasure for her contributions to Acting and as an okay role modle for girls AND so what if shes not a size 12 (uk) like 20%(or some figure like that) of Britions teens are she looks at least a size 6 thats exactly 3 sizes away from a 0 and anyways dont you think the general public would have somethink to say about her IF she ever reached that dispicable size (God forbid) the general public were in a frenzie in 2001 when Geria Halliwell From the Spice Girls was about a size 0 so just lay OFF her will you just because she’s young,’sucsescfull,beautiful and a greatperson(of what i’ve seen & heard) and like 99% of the girls & women in the world (meyself included) she feels a BIT insicure about herself doesnt mean that shes a bitch it just means that shes an honest and sincere person who speaks the truth about herself. so a very Long rant i know But hopefull my messege has been engraved in to the brian of the persone who wrote this…COMMENT and i dont personally know you but i would personally advise everyone who finds this site that they should write what comes to their mind BUT aword of causion the person whowrote the comment has feelings too so think of that before you all start swearing your niceness away. Over and out!
    PS: NNOT ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF NCYNC ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiera can be as thin as she likes and yes she is beautiful, but what she needs to do is shut the hell up about her body and how she wants to be bigger. She is drawing attention to it herself x

  • Anyone who doubts Keira Knightley’s beauty or acting ability is a completely jealous shit. She is a role model to young girls everywhere and considering all this publicity and anorexia claims I think she’s handling fame extremely well. Yes she is naturally thin, NOT anorexic, bodies change as you get older idiots, of course her figure would have changed in six years! There are trademarks of anorexia and I can recognise them because my sister suffered from it two years ago. Also I’m naturally thin at size 8 and I would love to put on weight, but physically can’t. I salute and idolise her & no one should insult her credibility, because it’s pretty obvious they are insecure and jealous. Lay off Keira, she’s amazing.

  • im skinny too. i understand what she means by insecurities when she talks about being skinny. people point you out on the street like you’re the next odd animal to be discovered when they never point out overweight people in such a way!! i think i used to be a little fuller when i was younger too, but i am very skinny now. i eat what every unhealthy and fat american eats and i weight 90 pounds at age 22.

    so how is that for some facts?

    do not ever call me anorexic or bulimic, because that is the complete opposite of my eating habits.

  • Keira? Eugh! I can’t stand her whimpish whining English vowels. I find her incredibly annoying – she’s soulless. Watching her is like waiting for a kettle to boil. Ew, she’s just sooo dull. Oh, and I just saw a clip of her new movie — written by her MOTHER !!!!!! — and she was singing and it was appalling. Truly! She’s a ghoul in Chanel. Don’t care if she’s fat or thin, I do care that’s she’s pointlessly dull. Love, Coopsk.

  • how can some of you be so rude? I appreciate the fans, thank you [hugs kisses in my fancy fur jacket]. But the rest of you are just jealous? Look at my beautiful drop earrings, my perfect pout. Alexandria Wolff is a friend of mine and she thinks its disgusting the way you all talk trash about me. She’s like my little sister. Oh, and when she becomes famous, if you talk trash about her. You’d better watch yourselves.

  • I doubt that ‘s really you, Keira. And, if it is, I’d certainly not be so rude as to gossip behind your lovely back. Equally, I’m not so ghastly as to throw vulgar commentary at your face. That said, please please – less off the pout. It looks worryingly like you’ve excess facial hair and that’s never appealing in a lady. And give give give us more soul, K, we’re dying to know what lurks beneath. Or, if that’s the best you can really do, give it up and learn something genuinely useful. Like being a traffic warden, or opening a sweetie shop. Or, I don’t know, French knitting. Save the world of film from your lack of talent.

  • Why do people get so angry and inflammatory when someone they don’t even know is accused of having an eating disorder she may or may not have? Nobody but she and people close to her would have any idea if it were true, so all these people clamoring to her defense via blog comment are just completely irrelevant. Lord, she wouldn’t be the first person in Hollywood to be anorexic, or even just be “too thin.” Why are people so up in arms about her specifically?

    Mary Kate Olsen said she just had a “fast metabolism” too.

  • Well done, Shannon.

    Frankly I’m not really that worried about her weight. That’s her business entirely.

    I just think she’s dull.

    Which even I think she’d admit to being.

  • Keira obviously has a disorder whereby she draws attention to her bones by dressing and posing herself a certain way. If she really didn’t want everyone saying she was too thin, she’d dress like the Olsen twins-all covered up. She’s a big hunk of phony baloney.

  • i dont think shes pretty at all.. why is everyone cristisied when they give an opinion on someone? i dont think she can act either.. but thats just what i think.
    she supposedly “hates” being famous so you ask yourself.. well then why does she act?
    i generally cnt stand celebrties i dont get them tbh, and i totally agree with dr.phill she just wants attension.


    idk why but i DON”T like keira she is annorexic and a terrible example for anyone out there

  • I think you should stop acting as though you know her personally. She is human. take your big pot of jelousy elsewhere. CALM DOWN, breathe and chillax. im sure your absolutely beautiul. your possibly abit fat yes? hence your loathing of non-fat people.
    I peronally tnk shes a great actress. can you act? naaarh. didnt think o. SO, as a fat, no-life hater, your hardy in a position to judge people are you? no my lovely. your not.

  • My daughter sadly died last year at the age of nineteen three months short of her twentieth birthday, due to the cruel illness anorexia nervosa. She idolized Keira knightley and was constantly imitating her. My daughter was beautiful and was wrecked by this disorder it ate at her like a plague and all because she wanted to be like the stick thin piss poor excuse for an actress! I don’t care what any of you people say this fad of ultra thin needs to end before more girls like my dearest angel Sarah die!! Yes Keira is human but she is a bad influence. She has a foul temper and is a spoilt brat! Because of her constant worry about her looks she has practically aided in the death of my sweet Sarah. Women like Knightley should not be allowed the power they have over the media and the movies! She cannot act she cannot understand living it rough so many people have been hurt! Not a day goes by when I do not remember the skeleton that my child became and it’s all because she wanted to be like that BITCH Keira Knightley so many other girls are influenced by this women and I wonder how many more wonderful girls are going to die before this all ends.

  • Hey there Jk. rowling who is not j.k rowling sounds like your th one who jelouse you are the hypocryt! just cause shes rich and has inspired millions to read get over yourself you silly idiot! and get a life! as for Keira Knightley SHE CANT ACT so what if shes thin SHE CANT act

    also to the mother of Sarah I feel so sorry for you and I agree this stupid faze about thin and beautiful women needs to end, we need to see more rounded women on the tv and in the media . and no one can say this is jelousy as I myself am neither fat nore ugly but I dont advertise it and I do not rub it in other peoples faces. but Keira Knightley really cant act I mean honestly do you know why she juts out her jaw!? its cause it makes her look thinner on screen I got told this by a friend who works as a photographer in the modeling indutsry

  • People need to learn how to spell.

    I dont like her because shes a one role actor (period dramas!) and the one role where she stepped out of her comfort zone, Domino, was panned, the girl cant act!

    Plus she talks with her jaw, its so annoying!

  • Well said Danni, i couldnt agree more, no comment on her weight, or her attractiveness, the matter that should be addressed is her terrible acting, she pouts excessively and once more i think that is why she is famous!!

    Producers have sunk to an all time low casting her in any film. I dont know the woman, but she annoys me with her ridiculous pout and almost going to kiss you moment in every film (she raises he head leans in pouts then turns away!)

    The pout will not last, nor will the looks, then we are just left with someone who everyone willl realise can not and could not act!!

  • Keira Is Absaloutly GAWJUZZ <3
    My IDOL <3
    SKINNY? Yessshh But Skinny Is Better Than Being A Fookin Fat LARD ARSE Init ;)
    Shes BOOTIFUL!
    Lyy Keira You Gawjus

  • yea its bad to be fat….. but im fucking tired with all the skiny bitches say ”oh i dont thought up” thats all i hear at fucking school!!! guys like it fat they like bigger boobes and butts!!!!! im not fat big im not a fucking skiny ass bitch!!! all my friends are big. i have no skiny ass bitch as my friend i hate all you bitches that thought up your food after you eat to get skiny. there kids in africa that could love to have your fucking food!!!!!


  • Look you guys who are just talking trash about keria
    its not right and you know what try imagineing that the dum camrea men alway fallowing her and you know skinny fat ugly deformed anything keria knightley{that you haters don’t like about her you guys,you guys are just douchebags and you people who think that yea oo keria knightleys ugly you must be somkeing some really good crack because if she was ugly she wouldn’t be on t.v and her weight doesn’t affect you guys soo why should you dumasses who keep say that she’s ugly and to skinny why do even bother just leve her alone and the reason why I’m writeing this down is so that if you guys want to talk about shit say it all to me cause
    1.I know I’m ugly
    2.I know I’m sooposeibly{to skinny} and I’m 13 and I weigh 60 pounds so back off
    3.And I just hope that if keria knightley knows about this I just hope that what you losers are writeing shit about her is only going to make her stronger weaker

    I will always have your back keria,love Corina

  • ALL i have to say is that Kiera Knightley is the best looking female in the world. i work at GUESS i would love for u to get a hold of me considering i could make u THEGUESS model call me at 610850 0431

  • Who cares whether she’s skinny or ugly, she’s an idiot. Have you seen her obsessive camera posing on the red carpet? She is one of the most self-absorbed celebrities I have come across. That’s right, celebrity, not actress. In my book, you have to be genuine and convincing in your role to be able to be called an actress and unfortunately, her skills are weak. The girl needs to take some acting classes, spend a month in a house without mirrors and eat a bloody sandwich.

  • keira is for sure not a bitch!!!!!
    she is one of the most beautiful women out there and
    when you don’t like her you’re just jealous…..
    yes she is skinny but she has always been skinny and
    just because she has lost a little bit weight she is
    absolutely not anorexic!!!
    i love her!