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Paula Abdul Needs a Little Help Walking

Paula Abdul Drunk in LA

Paula Abdul Drunk

Ever since she fell off the wagon and into a chihuahua, Paula Abdul’s handlers are keeping a very close eye on her. It’s not that she’s drunk here, see. They just want to be prepared should she suddenly cross paths with a small dog.

In L.A. last night. Thanks to our pals at Buzz Foto for the images.

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  • This morning I was at the gym and I watched her attempting to get interviewed on TV and she was so high on drugs she could hardly talk.

    Simon also keeps patting her during American Idol maybe to keep her awake. Seriously….I have some bad cramps I want whatever she is taking.

  • If she’s not on drugs or a drunk.. she had a stroke and didn’t recover very well or is in first stages of alzheimers. Any way.. that’s sad. I know she always wanted a happy marriage and children.

  • MRS Paula Abdul had not taken any illegal substances or alchole she has a thing called SDD (sleep deprevation disorder) which if she dosent sleep or has a bad nights sleep she gets kinda hypo but its not just that she also is the kinda person who likes to have fun so she may be just having fun

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  • My mate and I were just talking about this article, she actually is constantly seeking to prove me incorrect! I am going to show her this write-up and additionally rub it in a little!