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Paris Appeals to the Terminator


This story just keep getting better and better. From People magazine today:

Paris Hilton Asks for Schwarzenegger Pardon

Oh my. Oh my, oh my. Can you even imagine if he pardoned her?

Here’s more awesomeness from her MySpace:

Sign the FREE PARIS HILTON petition to Governor Schwarzenegger
I urge all fans and supporters and all that are outraged by injustice to sign this petition.

Her friend created this petition (yay Josh!) but I imagine the governator will treat it like an asp in a picnic basket. There is no upside to pardoning Paris. People want her in jail for openly flouting the law. She is in the sad locker right now.

So good. If this tactic doesn’t work I suggest Prez. Bush. Let’s take this campaign national.

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  • She thinks she is above the law. I can’t wait for her to go to jail. I think they should of taken her that day. If it had been anyone else they would already be in jail. Pooooooooorrrr little rich girl booo hooo.

  • Helga should go after her with a broom. I bet they could stick two or three up in that big ol’ cooch of hers