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Looking Great Kate!

Kate Bosworth Bikini

I am a little obsessed with Kate Bosworth. I got very upset last year when she got shockingly thin because she is a lovely girl. Of the young actress set she is very talented and it seems that after her upsetting breakup with Orlando Bloom she fianlly looks happy in a picture! She still is thin in this pic but finally looks healthy.

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  • That’s a HUGE improvement! I was sort of afraid she was going to die for a while there.

  • i think shes looking great! i hated seeing her go down like that, it was awful :( but i really like her she seems so natural and i just got done watching Blue Crush twice at the beach and i cant get over how awesome her body was. it looks like she’s getting it back, maybe realizing that she looks waayy better with toned abs! as for the rib cage thing i don’t think thats part of her anorexia, i have that too and its just a very prominent rib cage and if you watch Blue Crush the bones on her chest have always been there even when she was really healthy :)….sorry that was long…