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Is This the New “It” Couple?

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz seem to be the new hot “Young Hollywood” couple. Checking out some pics on Wireimage you can see…

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Host a Party at Angels and Kings – April 30, 2007
Ashlee and Pete Angels and Kings

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Sighting in Midtown Manhattan – April 30, 2007
Ashlee and Pete Manhattan

That day Pete Wentz was also on TRL. People are obsessed with this weird couple and to be perfectly honest I think that they are just weird.

I guess its is the combo of too much plastic surgery, tanning and eyeliner that is making the crowds go wild. To me they seem like one of those boring couples that likes to talk about how cool indie bands are, smoke weed and wear eachother’s pants.

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  • His douche face just bugs me. So much so that I can’t even write anything clever.

  • man they’re a bad couple. little emo kid and ditzy blonde. . . well maybe thats a good couple? haha

  • I think he is way to hot for her and he will make a better couple w/ me and my pretty ass, she should back off, of his SEXY ASS

  • I personally think it’s cute! They may not seem like they would be a good couple….but they seem happy and it’s adorable! Just because Ashlee is a blonde and Pete is emo-ish get over it! People are obsessing with Pete! If you think of it Ashlee still tries to has that rocker style… just back off them and deal with it!

  • people need to back off!

    I think they make quite a cute couple…have you seen her new birthday pictures?

    & for those saying ‘pete and I would make a better couple!’ seriously. get a life, I know dreaming doesn’t hurt but this type does.

    I think that if you like him soo much you should be happy for him. They’re happy together & that’s what should matter.

    You shouldn’t even bother thinking about his personal life so much, and actually appreciate what he does as an artist.

    thank youu.

  • I ♥ pete i cant belive he is going ou with he look at her CHIN for god sake she could wack someone in china with it standing in london Pete dump her now i wanna go uot with you!

    every one else f*** off
    he’s mine!

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww……
    they look sweat together and i think everyone should back off they are the way the are nd if u don’t like it u can fuck off and deal with it .x
    she is a pretty girl she isn’t perfect but she suits him nd they obviously hav feeling 4 each other
    so to those people that say that they would make a gd couple u don’t even know him.
    i hope only the best 4 both of then x

  • hahaha omg leave them alone man there both absoloutly gawjuss so beautifull together he loves her & she loves him calm down lol let them goooo shes not fake it was her personal choice to get surgery & her nose done & good on her she looks hot! & u can just see how much more happy with her self she is now..shes aloud to be & do what she wants she has the money & really i doubt they would even care about everything that is said because it’s all obvious jealousy EXAMPLE ” I HATE ASHLEY SHES A HOE [REAL REASON] I HATE ASHLEY BECAUSE SHES WITH PETE WENTZ AND I WANT TO BE WITH PETE WENTZ OH GOSH IM JUST SO PAINFULLY JEALOUS” ANSWER TO IT ( calm down go out there find your own pete wentz there is someone for everyone & there is a reason for everything your not with him because obviously it wasn’t meant to be!

    pete and ashley are a couple

    he doesn’t read this

    she doesn’t read this

    he doesn’t care

    she doesn’t care

    they will continue to be happy unless something between them happens in the end it won’t be because of your jealousy

    stop wasting your time

    it’s pointless


    dont spend all ur time being jealous ! atleast write a friendly comment




    keep it real girlfriends

    don’t let jealousy defeat you

    & let the positive help you


  • I totaly agree with Krysti . Leave them alone! their lifes are not your business!! If they’re happy together why don’t you care about your own life and STOP looking their lifes! What’s the matter with you jealous people?!?!?

  • Pete would love to read those bads comments about his GIRLFRIEND..oWW can’t yo see?? he loves her and your opinion won’t change! they’re the BEST COUPLE they DO!

  • i love pete,but i hate ashlee, i didn’t no that they were dating.but i like pete so i think their not a great couple,i think he could be dating with ,i don’t no maybe avril,that’s what i want to see.what a great and crazy couple,isn’t it???

  • I love pete and ashley is only human so im not sure why so many ppl hate her but i think they are cute. lil rocker chick and her emo boy!

  • I LuFF PeTe so much more then Ashley but i guess if he luffs to b wiff her then they shud b togetha until all dat plastic surgery kills ashley=]hehe

  • I totally agree with kristi, leave them alot!! they are both hott and hoppy together!! lol, hit a club!

  • Ok people lets get something straight Ashlee isn’t a “lil rocker chic”. She is a POSER, and a stuck up brat. I dont like her, not becuase she is with Pete, but because she is annoying and her music sucks. I think Pete is a cool guy and I would like him to be with someone that isn’t fake like Ashlee. I know one of the little morons who are for peteXashlee will say that im ” jealous” but truthfully im not. Sure I think Pete is cute, who dosen’t =), but I also think he truly does deserve someone better than her. I want him to be happy and be in love, but what he has with Ashlee isn’t real love. I don’t even think he is really happy, he seems to be pretending to be happy when he’s around her. So, to all the peteXashlee people out their I have but one thing to say….


    ^_^ thank you


    if you have a yahoo and feel the same way I do, then go ahead and add me to your buddy list.

  • i hate ashly and i luv pete . pete should have someone better like ME only joking but i still hate ashly

  • you guys are all so harsh!! i didnt know that pete and ashley were dating and i could never see them going out. now that they are, i really dont know what to think…….but back off peoples, geez. its not ur life its theirs and theres nothing you can do about it. so go suck a lolly pop and GET OVER IT!! do something else besides butting it other peoples love lives!!! >.

  • i agree with shado and LO quit being so harsh, why do you want to dis someone who personally doesn’t know you and all of you guys have no life so how about you guys all get a fucking life

  • Great couple.. love them together.. just love them! :) .. And obviously they love eachother too.. look how happy they look together! :D
    It even makes me happy! Gosh, how awefully cute! :D


  • Great couple.. love them together.. just love them! :) .. And obviously they love eachother too.. look how happy they look together! :D
    It even makes me happy! Gosh, how awefully cute! :D


  • I think their not a good couple.. if their happy, is ok to me.
    But pete is most focus on her, than the band, and i hate that!!
    Pete only thinks in her.. and the band???
    Where’s the band???
    I Love fall out boy!, and i love pete..
    Ashlee is just only a f**** POSER!!!
    And she’s so f*** fake!
    i hate her!!.
    no couse she is with pete, becouse she’s sooooo fake!
    And i think she’s using him for fame!
    Ashlee ure suck!!!


  • hallo dui mÄdchens!!!

    oooooooooooo pete wentz!!! wow…..ich liebe dich fÃœr immer!!!!


    das shÖnste in der welt ist???………… pete wentz jaja nein sks

  • pete wentz why do you like a girl who is so ugly for you. you can get girl that is hotter then ashley simpson like my sister kalya she will be way beter for you.

  • I love Pete & im sorry but i think he could do so much better than her & ya of coures i am jealous but i think that we all are a little bit even if u say that u like them together .

  • there a bad couple.i seriously think me & pete would be good 2 gether!i even look like pete.ashley is very ulgy.she is probally cheating on him.alot of people r saying they saw ashley & daddy yankee 2gether,like on a date…….

  • i dont get it. since when did u have to look like your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner etc. to be honest id rather look totally diferent than alike. thats just weird. Pete is cute and Ashlee is beautiful and if they like eachother i reli dont think its up to you to decide whether they’re maiing a good or bad decision. being brutally honest, they probly dont giv 1 what any1 (myself included) thinks. and for all you ‘pete i love you’ he probly doesnt read this.
    so back off and stop being obcessive and posting stupid verbal abuse cuz even if pete or ashlee did read this they’d probably just think you’re pathetic.
    p.s ashlee isnt ugly at all shes beautiful (as i said before) and hu cares if her music isnt good [never actually heard any of her songs=P] its what she enjoys doing and she shud be aloud to do it without being labelled

  • Ashley + Pete r soooo… cute y don’t u just f*** off them cos’ there cute and ur giving them a hard time. SO! get a life you can’t go on 4 eva ya know some day you’ll just buga off and forget about it so stop wasting ur time!
    From Smarties!

  • ok Pete is amazingly hott! Ashley on the other hand is sooo effin ugly its not cool. All her plastic surgery just makes her look fake…adn deep down we all know she is… She probably doesnt even date Pete because of his personality, talant, or anything that matters in a relationship…just the money. I mean my god you are an artist to make your own damn money….Pete is looking for love and Ashley is looking to hook up and get attention… well guess what you whore, youve got all the attention your gonna get because Pete deserves someone way better than you!


  • um who cares……
    they obviously dont!!!!!
    for one thing they’re celebs
    and its just rumors for low life fucks
    who have nothing better to do
    then say they area “bad couple”
    or whatever the hell you haters say.
    And it really doesnt matter
    he doesnt see this
    and she doesnt see this either
    and if the people who say that they “love pete”
    would be happy to see him happy
    am I worng??
    And one thing Ashley looks soo much better than she did before
    so stop hating on her
    because I bet all of you look even “uglier”
    than she does
    and she’s fuckin famous retards!!
    so it doesnt matter what you guys think
    because she’s famous and rich
    and your not!
    I think they look cute toghter
    and for people who don’t like it
    then don’t say shit
    and keep your worthless
    dumb ass comments to yourself
    because you act like your gonna make a difference
    by saying how stupid they look together or whatever
    get over yourselfs
    I bet your jus jealous
    because she can have him
    and you cant

  • why is everyone all up ashley just cuz she is dating pete

    frankly i dont like her i think shes a fake little brat but i mean pete isnt really that nice a guy himself. he’s kind of a man whore.

    and yes pete is hot but then again so is ashley. both of them are hot looking and horrible people.

    theyre good together. leave them alone. move on.

    and look if u think pete should be with someone like you… move on. you lose.

  • pete wentz is the hottest biotch there is and hes wy way 2good for Ashlee she’s like way 2 preppy and a fake there is no way pete can be happy with her. Oh and think he would be better with avril or me LOL. Again pete wentz is sooooooooooooooo hot and sexy!!!!!!

  • ok……seriouly pples. u dont even know him. he is sooo cute and i am sure most of you agree w/ me but really?! ashlee is a poser but what we say isnt ever going to make a difference!!!They wont read this…chances are they dont even know about this. you ppl are so freaking irritating. you think what you are saying has any effect on them. your wrong. this is just some really really really lame sight that some loser w/o a life started and yes i am one of them but you are all victims of curiosity!!!get over yourselves…no one cares what you think. i mean if all you have time to do is sit at your computer and bicker about who makes the best couple then i am sure you have enough time to go out and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if pete were to see this and know any of you he would ashamed. and for those of you who listened to kristi…well i cant help you. see ya!

  • ilove you pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kissme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats all i have to say

  • Girls Im breaking up with Ashlee!!!
    You’re rite i need sumone else <3
    Plzzz feel free to add my email addy
    thnx to all my fans
    Fall Out Boy 4ever
    Pete xx

  • hey every1
    ive been thinkin of a new song for Fall Out Boy _sHHH!!!_
    and i ought it would be da best if every1 could help me think of a song name <3333

    Love Pete xx
    P.S wat do yas think of “Secret Slip of Hands”

  • Pete! Why did you have to spread that we are breaking up. All these girls are sluts! And you need me why do you have to dump me and let everyone know on this! Seriously ladies you have no chance with him!
    My sister would of sliced your heads off is she were me!


  • you can shut up ashlee!!! i would go out with all these girls insted of you
    they r mor hot than u
    good on ya girlZ

    Love Pete xx

  • and i mean good on ya in a good way
    ps i forgot to let yous no that theres a comp in L.A
    About if you can explain in 200 or more words why you would date me
    The winner will catch a plane to L.A with me for a “Date In One Night”
    experience and a visit to the top “10 Fashion Make-Overs and Shops”

    Love Pete xx

  • i hate wen ppl say they hate ashley cuz i bet half u fukers dnt no her or have met her shes rly nice cuz i’ve met her her uncle is friends wit my dad shes not a bitch or mean i think pete nd her make a good couple there both hot! so get ovr yur selfs PETE wont go out wit half u losers

  • Id like to tell you guys the winner of our comp

    Natalie Campbell
    sorry i cant tel us wher she livz soz

    Pete Wentz xx
    P.S i am still in London for a couplz of days :-]

  • I preffer pete wentz to be with me then ashley simpson……(LOL)


  • yall should be fucken happy for them instead of hating on what you cant have! dude, they’re a cute couple so suck it if you dont like it and find something bette rto do with your time besides hating on Ashlee & Pete’s relationship.

  • Hey everyone. All you people that say shit about Ashlee and I need, to get a life and worry about yourselfs!! And I really aprecciate all of the excellent comments that are being posted.

  • esta piba es una enferma con un menton deforme la odio seguro es travesti ja ja peter te amo sos un sol!

  • Cualquiera esa chica! Peter no podes tener tan! mal gusto, no es mejor que salgas con un chico? debe ser como salir con John Travolta! con ese menton!! Dios…
    Peter sos re lindo! Aguante Fall Out Boy!

  • Hay i’m new here…….iJUST want to say this first: Shut the hell u’r mouth ashlee and rock on pete……Pete and FALL OUT BOYS are non but ashlee who the hell is ashlee……………..
    Pete (fall out boys) i love u’r music and every thing about u guys.
    I go crazy when i hear just u’r name:)

  • Hay i have qustion for any one could anser me…..
    I heard that pete wentz is dating LINDSAY lohan
    Is this realy or it’s just another ROMUR from people….????…..

  • hay no puede ser posible que pete este super enamorado de esa zorra
    la odio muerrete
    ashley simpson zorra

  • I love Fall Out Boy and Ashlee so much…..
    you all is too hurt ashlee…..
    I think their own problem we cant give any comments…..

    ROCK Forever………….

  • I agree with Kristey and Nati .
    Its not your buisses . They love each-other…
    If u dont have what to do and look other ppls work u are the most stupid ppls in the world …
    Heyyy look outside and u will find one boy..
    Pete and Ashley doesent read this kind off stupid things that u write ..
    If u dont like Ashley or Pete dont say to them bad words .
    They are good couple. They dont care what do u think.
    And that guy/gal who is writing in the name of ASHLEY and PETE is FAKE.
    He/she is lying his/her self…
    pete and ashley are a couple

    he doesn’t read this

    she doesn’t read this

    he doesn’t care

    she doesn’t care

    they will continue to be happy unless something between them happens in the end it won’t be because of your jealousy

    stop wasting your time

    it’s pointless


    dont spend all ur time being jealous ! atleast write a friendly comment




    keep it real girlfriends

    don’t let jealousy defeat you

    & let the positive help you

    Love Ema

  • odio a Ashlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!pete por q´ a ella !!!!!!!!! bueno si no tengo esperanza con el aun esta el brendon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think they make a cute couple <3 Hey, if they’re happy, then all of you should back the HELL off :/

  • omg that couple is soo gross i mean pete can do soooo much better Ashlee is just soo ewww just ewwwwww so grossss *gag* *choke*
    ew she is such a slut!!!

  • ewwwww she is so F***in grosss i h8 her so much and she should go burn in hel that slut pete is way to good for her i mean she is a ieing hoe that doesnt care about him she only acts it were not STUPID!! gosh she is sooo gross *choke* ew just thinkin about her gives me the creeeps *cough* errr so grossssss

  • pffft.
    wow , thee people that aree leavving comment saying that ashlee “stole” pete wentz from themm, need to seriously get a life.
    They are togethherr and they are happyy, what more could uu askk for =S
    andd amandaa how do u know that ashlee doesnt care fro pete? aree you twoo good friennnds ? =S like really iff u girls like Pete thhat muchh you should support him . . right? thats whatt you would doo for your friends isnt itt ?
    Ashlee and pete i hope you last:)<3

  • OMG
    I loveee both of them!!
    If its actually true
    i am the happiest person
    they are like my fave singers ever!!!
    Greatt stylee…both!
    O…The best actually
    Blackk emooo
    Yea man
    thats hawtt!

  • Ok, he’s not effing emo, the REAL emo’s and goths died out so many years ago. He’s indie or punk rock. And fall out boy mostly sttracts tween girls screaming “OH MY GOD!!!!IT’S FALL OUT BOY!!! OH MY GOD!!!” which isn’t “emo” as you put it. Just because she’s blond doesn’t mean she’s paris hilton ok?

  • Sure i think that pete is hot who dosn’t but every one should just move on with there lives i mean god not like any of us will ever go out with him let alone talk to him! So Ashlee & Pete should be together if there happy! And they look happy don’t they so y try to ruin it! Not like they read this any way!
    xoxo Heather

  • ok..PETE IS SO FUCKIN HOT..HE CAN DO SO MUCG BETTER THAN HER FAKE PLASTIC BITCHY SELF… SHE IS A NASTY HOE AND NEEDS TO GET OFF MY MAN…i think pete and me would be better cuz u kno we both r emos… its genetic that we belong together….ASHLEE GP FUCKIN DIE…. (i ♥ PETE)

  • who the fuck wrote shit bout pete wentz?
    omg he is so fucking cute so no body dis him
    i love pete wentz so every one who dont can piss off!
    love becky d

  • you guys are all pretty pathetic, like, how the fuck do you know that “pete fakes happiness around her” or whatever? are you and pete tight? you guys like to catch a movie on friday nights or something? have you two ever had a conversation?
    plastic surgery doesnt define someone. it just means they werent content with the way something looked, and were able to change it.

    leave them alone.

  • yo deje un msj en ingles pensando qe no havian escrito en español cuak!!!!
    buee nada chicas ashlee no es zorra conozcanla mas
    tampoco creo qe se vallan a U.S.A
    como yo cuakkkk!!!
    ahhh….nathing more anddd BYEE one kiss
    (nada mas yyyyy chau un beso)

  • pete u r so hot ,i luv ur songs.i think ppl shood mind their own bussines no offense .im happy 4 ahslee becuz shez lucky 2 hav a hot guy like u. p.s. pete i luv ur hair like that

  • omg ii didnt even kno day were datin pete wentz is soooooooo fukin hot n’d ill hate any bitch dat takes him 4rm me

  • hello pete u r so so so HOT!!! love u lots and ashlee go away so i can be with him just joken any way cya take care u 2 kisses love always taleah

  • i luvv pete hes soo fine i would let him shag me anyday, but ashley……
    I CANT STAND HER! she loves herself and thinks her music rocks but its a piece of shit. pete dosent need any of you.. he wants me and i want him. so bak off

  • god i can answer that ? right now NO THEY ARE NOT THE NEW “IT” COUPLE AND THEY NEVER WILL BE because pete is too good for her and she is a skanky ass bitch who fucks other guys so……………..she can go die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow all u guys need to get a life!!!! ya pete is really hot and ashlee is not there yet but they like each other!! jeez LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

  • OMG. I think they are
    so freaking cute together
    no matter what anybody
    says. They are perfect
    for eachother :) All of you
    who disagree, are gay!! ;)

    Put that in your juicebox
    and suck on it :D

  • I love Pete with all my heart.
    I gave him my heart, and it
    wasen’t a mistake at all..I think that I
    truely diserve him as my husband.
    I love him so much.

    Love You All.

  • I think they are perfect for each other, fuck you all people… If you don’t like, don’t matter they will be maried soon… rsrsrsrs

  • Ahh sont ben cute ensemble cé deux la.!! Jespère que sa va durer encore longtemps.. pi en plus le 9 avril cette semaine ils ont annocer quils se fiancait.!!

  • dammmm!!!!
    pete is THE sexiest guy ive ever seen!!
    ashley is such a bleeeehhh i dont even know shes too much into plastic surgery
    pete if you ever change your mind (which you will!!) im alwayz here and so are over 20 million of us.

  • i luv pete and i dont realy like ashley but u ppl all u jelouse ppl need 2 stop trashin her because even if they do break up they will problly sill be good friends and if pete were 2 read this it wouldnt make him want 2 date u it would make him hate you so get over it if pete luvs ashely then he does and thats all that matters its there life not urs mabye u jelouse haters should get a life u need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think people need to get a life

    yeah pete wentz is phit yeah you want to marry him to honest i would to but him and ashlee go well together and they should be together.

    please back of pete!

  • GEEZ

    People say that they would look better with Pete, hellllooo? its nice to think that but its a 1 out of 89639417892572325892323 chance, seriously. If you like any of the two artists you should feel happy for them. Matter of fact i find them to be a cute couple, they seem more like bestfriends. Though, i find pete to be better of single (not hating on ashlee) but hes just that guy that should be single, its his life he lives it the way he wants (:

    congrats on the engagment you guys!!!<3

  • kind of embarrasing that people pose such threats to celebrities.. please let me know how one became a better person, as to ridicule another? or how those of you decided ashley was a ‘stuck up poser hoe’? without even having slight justification or even knowing her? you base your opinions on who she is dating? they are both very good looking, and have clearly gone further than yoruselves who are rude about them.. we all know they are openly judged.. but who actually posts comments like that, with swear words, on a blog site..

  • wow whoever is trying to be Pete, should really get his facts straight and whoever is copying Ashlee, good on you but girl I’m not a slut, your the skank ass whore motherfucking piece of trash that had to pretend she was Ashlee… or maybe theres only 1 impostor? either way, your sad, just to let you know =]
    Ok why is she fake again? Because she got her nose done or whatever done (excuse me for not being obsessed and knowing what she does everyday, who she dates and what her bra size is) I bet if all you suckers had the money, the time and the chance you’d get something done too. Don’t you all do your hair? Curl it straighten it, dye it? Well then “your fake nha nha nha nha nha” shut up all of you you big dipshites, you havent got a clue what your saying. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS IF SHE GETS HER ASS MODIFIED OR HER BOOBS ROUNDER GET OVER IT. i swear if some of you slutty nerdy bitches were in front of me, i’d slap your faces off. just because YOU don’t take care of herself and your a low life broke ass stupid little loner doesnt mean everyone gotta be. quit with the jealousy, i seriously hope you get your faces beaten off one day and then you’ll get the plastic surgery and it’ll make you look like the next michael jackson generation. FUCK YOU.
    and yes as it HAS been said before, they do NOT care about your dirty low life suck up pete’s wife wanna be comments. =] so shut your face and go back to sleep BITCH. you people seriously annoy me and consider yourself lucky you havent got your fat asses near me, or i’d show you. if you got nothing nice to say, dont say nothing right. and what you on about “i look better with him” shut up all of you, your desperate little fucks and you just wanna get shagged, close your legs for once get some dignity

  • also, just what do you know about his feelings toward ashlee you little fucker. none of your BUSINESS if its true love or not, maybe they just like fucking so shut up. besiddes how do YOU KNOW its not true love,y our just assuming, cuz you wanna have some chance with him, wake up biatch your nothing but a looser. go outside and get yourself a boyfriend, or maybe the problem is you cant find one? low ass bitch.

  • I think Pete and Ash make a good coulpe! THey kinda remind me of me and my boyfriend! Emo kid with a ditzy blonde is hot! Whatevr makes them happy! They are in love so leave them alone!

  • i think pete and ash look hot together. i mean emo boy ditzy blond girl it works. There perfect for each other and all you haters i luv pete so much but that dosnt mean im gonna trash ashley just because shes engaged 2 him. u kno the ionly reason ur doing it is because ur jealouse and even if they werent ingaged none of u woul have a chance with him so get over
    it jealous ppl. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Fucking love pete soooooooooo much ashlee ur a fucked up blonde shit so go fuck a cow dumb ass blonde bitch

  • well i personally dont like him there just something about him. ew.
    but why cant ppl just be happy for them imagine if every girl said that about you and your bf! u wouldnt like it and would always feel shit.
    i think they make the best couple they could be, yes maybe they dont suit each other but in a way they do, and aslong as they love each other why should they care.