Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Late-Night Links

Justin’s back with Jessica Biel. [Warship]

Not to be outdone, Scarlett’s banging Ryan Reynolds. [Evil Beet]

Somewhere, Alanis Morissette and Cameron Diaz feel very, very old. [no source needed]

Christina Ricci is so damn cute I could just drop-kick her. [popbytes]

Elizabeth Hurley might go to jail for keeping her shoes on, which is really funny when you think about what Divine Brown didn’t go to jail for … [Cele|bitchy]

Jessica Alba’s all like, “Remember when Luke Perry mattered? Yeah. He was kind of a cocky ass back then. So glad that’s not a problem anymore.” [Celebslam]

Which Spice was Geri Halliwell again? Huge Bitch Spice? Oh, right, Ginger. That means “redhead” in British, folks. Anyway, her kid’s real cute. [INO]

The Hugh Hefner clan hits the golf course. Insert your own golf-club-as-phallus joke. I’ve had a long day. [MollyGood]