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S-Jo Working Her Way Through Planet Earth


Scarlett Jo (full last name withheld due to possible spelling errors) is maybe possibly dating someone new.

People Magazine is all over it!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds spent a busy weekend in New York City together. On Saturday night, the pair were seen getting close at the Manhattan restaurant Odeon. “They were in a good mood,” says one eyewitness who saw them laughing and smiling. “They were definitely holding hands,” says another observer. “They were a cute couple!”

Hey there observer, you watch yourself. I’ll be the judge as to whether they are a cute couple. Okay, I’ve decided. They’re not.

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Here’s some fun with random quotes:

The whole group “was having a blast,” says one witness. “It looked like a group of friends. I don’t even think they were celebrating Easter.”

I get two vibes from that quote. Either 1) They should have been celebrating Easter or 2) How did they have fun without celebrating Easter? It seems impossible like fun could be had on a Sunday without at least humping a bunny’s leg.

As for me, I used to be a big Scarlett fan. Her work in Lost in Translation was sublime. But she’s gone too far on the idiot quote front. She’s now just like everyone else trying to build “mystery.” Whatever. Next on her dating radar: Lance Bass. Possible quote:

“I don’t focus on someone’s sexuality. If they’re straight, great. But that’s not what I’m about, thinking sex has to come with every boyfriend.”

Tell me that doesn’t sound like a real quote from her. Just try it.

*pic from Allure Magazine. Yes, she is hot.