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LC Says There’s No Sex Tape


Lauren Conrad responded to rumors today that she made a sex tape with Jason Wahler which he is now planning to “leak.”

“There is no sex tape that exists,” says Lauren in a statement.

Awwwwwww. I hope she’s full of shit. I really really want there to be a Lauren Conrad sex tape.

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  • lol i think there is one too.
    they are trying to hide selling it.
    how pathetic.
    why would jason try to “hide selling the tape” when it’s going to leak anyways.
    i saw a utube video with jason talking to perez and he was denying it.
    since it was “public” yet he goes and hides trying to make a good deal off it before he goes to court etc.

  • By the way (she did do it) and there will be proof very soon.
    Perez is no liar when it comes to celeb gossip.
    you guys just don’t want to believe it’s true because of the “tv lauren” and not the real cute not so innocent lauren.
    plus sex tapes are so “popular” for celebs nowa days.