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Yes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Has a Girlfriend


And he obviously wants to make damn sure the whole world knows it. The psychopath hottie to Scarlett Johansson’s hypersexed hottie in Match Point and star of the new buzztastic Showtime series The Tudors walked into The Plumm nightclub with girlfriend Reena Hammer this weekend. According to Page Six, they couple “retired to a couch and launched into a frenzied make-out session as a crowd of revelers became voyeurs.” According to an on-looker, “it was really a scene. She straddled him, and they were at it for some time.”

Eventually, feeling confident that he’d convinced the world of his heterosexuality, JRM and Reena (who you don’t know from anything because she’s not famous and not even really that cute), got up and left the club without so much as buying a drink. Which is totally cool with the club, since everyone’s writing about them today.

I missed The Tudors last night, since idonthaveatelevisionrightnowandyoudontevenwanttogetmestartedonwhy, but apparently it is very very good and worth watching, even if its star is going to be doing obnoxious stuff like this to get written up in Page Six.

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  • He is way too hot for her, if I do say so myself. I don’t understand what he sees in her exactly. If I sound jealous, it’s because I am :-). But, seriously, where did he find this girl? She is not famous, she is not extraordinarily gorgeous. It must be her…. personality. RRRRRIIIIIGGGGHHHT….

    • hi,

      Of course she isn’t beautiful ,but I read that she’s a millionaire and that’s why he ‘s dating her. Rumours…..

  • Where did he find this girl, i am so jealouse it should be me :-).. he is so good looking. he should dump her and find someone much better!!

  • i dont know if it’s the same, but if she is the girl he was living with for a couple years, then he said he met her at a dinner with some commom friends. and she was still a student, but she’s heiress of some make-up company or something like that. i’m not sure if this is about the same girl.

    anyway, lucky girl!

    • I read the same thing. It’s her money he’s after, hahhaha. Stupid chinese, japanese ,whatever, all the same.

  • hell no, she looks to fugly for him.

    man, if she can score him. what wonderful creature’s feet would i be able to sweep off? talk about being truly lucky. man.


  • She is pretty..just ‘cuz shes ASIAN you lot don’t think shes least shes pretty then certain cocaine-sniffing, alcohol binging models *cough*. He’s not even all that..I expect about hmmm 200 messages saying ‘YES HE IS!’, he needs some vaseline pronto, and to stop bulging his eyes out..yes yes they’re a woooonderful colour and what? Ha..Sayenara!

  • I could get lost in those deep brown eyes. My eyes are gray and I don’t want someone who looks like they could be my sister. I usually like darker skin(African) but she is an exception to the rule. Of course, all I see is light hair light eyes and light skin around here. So I would chase the first darker skin woman I see. Maybe she was the first dark skin women he saw when he escaped from the village of snow whites. : )

  • i fink he as absolutally gawjus!!! but if he is happy wiv her thats fine!! i fink we should stop trying to controll him. If he likes her then he can have her! good for him. i fink he is da fittest guy on the planet but there u go. thats my oppinion! Dam i wish i was her!!!

  • Never mined whether she is known or not, I think the most important thing is love. They just love each other that is a good thing.

  • whtever.he’s handsome n she’s okay but u khnow lyf is lyk this .opposite attracts.n sure they’ll turn out 2 be A good couple.but sure he’s damn second u jrm……………….

  • Yep..Jonny boy is torture on my eyes, his beauty over comes me and I can only stand looking at his photos a few at a time because I believe I’m going blind from gazing at them. The truth is there isn’t any girl out there that is as pretty as he is anyway!!

  • Esse cara é um dos homens mais sexy que já vi na Telinha, que boca é essa, fico triste somente com as ultimas noticias acho que ele e a feinha não estão bem ele tem aparecido sozinho e bebido sempre é uma pena, ele tem talendo é uma delícia de homem, não acredito que seja gay ou bi, ele tem cara de desenvolver muito bem seu papel, é que ele tem uma cara de androide, é um tesão de homem, ela é sem sal pra ele

  • Jonathan Meyers is a homosexual. Reema his on and off girlfriend is just a front. You couldnt get anymore openly camp than this guy. When he was a teenager he moved in with a homosexual who raised him called Croft. The old man Croft was charged with child abuse of a under aged boy. Very disturbing facts.
    Like James Dean he also had many women around him as a cover up. This guy is clearly no different. He is talented but has no sense of taste or direction when it comes to his choice to act in tacky ,romp films.
    I can imagine this man must sit up in the mirror like a self absorbed empty female gazing at his very odd looks.

    • anyway i love jrm i dont care what he is his so hot and spicy like chili mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • hi,
      U sure what ur saying? Have you read that somewhere? Because if not, you are accusing him with no proves….I will find out for myself!
      lots of love,

  • Please.He is an absolutely stellar actor; rocks King Henry the Eighth like nobody’s business, but lawd a mercy, the boy gay as all get out. There is no male female heat between him and his costars and that cannot be manufactured regardless of how great an actor you are.
    Look at his eyes, he’s masculine, but not manly at all. And no mature, straight grown man makes out with his girlfriend in public like that, no one. That was a show to make everyone think he’s gay.
    He probably drinks so much in part because of the weight of having to hide himself. Honey, we know you in the closet, so you might as well come out. He proved with Tudors that he can play a hetero man…as long as male heat isn’t necessary. He does a great job of faking it though.