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They’re Remaking Adventures in Babysitting!!!


I know I’m supposed to be on the gossip beat around here (and there’s some mind-numbing crap going on with Larry Birkhead and his ex-attorney and HKS and those pesky DNA tests if you really must know) but omg you guys they are remaking Adventures in Babysitting!!! Adventures in Babysitting is the greatest movie of all time, and I am sooo excited about this.

Disney brought on a writer, a producer, and apparently they are throwing Raven Simone (depending on how old you are, you know her from The Cosby Show or Cheetah Girls) and Miley Cyrus (if you’re my age, you know her from absolutely nothing, but apparently she’s the reason Hannah Montana sold so many damn albums last year, and, coincidentally, is also living proof that there exists a more ridiculous name than “Hannah Montana”) at the project.

The IMDB page is for IMDBPro members only, but luckily I am gullible enough to have plunked down the cash for such membership long ago. The project’s scheduled for a 2008 release, and it looks like Raven is playing the Elisabeth Shue role. The article in Variety claims the movie will be called Further Adventures in Babysitting, but the IMDB page suggests they’re keeping the original title (I hope IMDB is right).

On the heels of the announcement that the Sex and the City cast all signed on to do the movie — hooray! — it’s looking to be a wonderful 2008 in movieland for people like me, who love all the movies the critics hate.

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  • I LOVED LOVED LOVED Adventures in Babysitting! It was my favourite movie until Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. Ah… good times. The 80’s provided us with some great movies.

  • Maybe they can get Elizabeth Shue to play the mom… is there even a mom part in the movie? It’s probably been 15 years since I’ve seen it.

  • Hollywood sucks… When will they stop ruining old GOOD movies? They need to come up with some new ideas for movies to put these talentless bubble gum chewing teenie boppers in that will flop horribly at the box office. I don’t care if they do that, and Disney has an ever growing fan base that would support such endeavors. But for the love, please leave the good movies (and television shows) alone… I am begging you…