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Mid-Afternoon Links

Late-night links will be back eventually, I promise. But it’s gonna be weird like this until I have a functioning Internet connection at home. Don’t get me started.

Kim Stewart is super threatened now that her brother is becoming stepmom-covetingly famous. So what’s the fastest way for a semi-famous cute blonde to raise her profile? Hang out with Paris Hilton, of course. But what if you’ve already tried that, like, for years? You go with Plan B: Lindsay Lohan. [Jordan is Your Homeboy]

Mandy Moore fractured her ankle, but even that wasn’t enough to get her out of attending the Kids’ Choice Awards. No one escapes them, Mandy. [Warship]

It’s funny because Kelly Clarkson is an overweight lesbian. [Gabsmash]

Alanis Morissette brings us her very own take on “Lady Humps.” That’s special. [Junkiness]

Courtney Love’s U.S. Bikini Tour continues, giving a whole new meaning to Celebrity Skin. [The Blemish]

Wow, this truly is a very frightening picture. [Ninja Dude]

The MPAA continues to be extremely protective of Elisha Cuthbert. [Agent Bedhead]

Hey, you know what Eva Longoria needs? More make-up. [ICYDK]

All this time she’s spending with Diddy is rubbing off on Sienna Miller — or at least on her friends — as they roughed up some paparazzi as she left a London club this weekend. [A Socialite’s Life]

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  • these pics do NOT match the courtney w/ hot bod from a few days ago. which ones are the real deal?