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Not Getting Laid? MTV Wants to Know About It.

MTV is casting for True Life: I’m Celibate. If you’ve spent this long respecting your body, isn’t it time you disrespect everything else about yourself by allowing MTV’s cameras to exploit your virginity? I think yes.

Do you voluntarily abstain from sex? Have you made the decision to be celibate for personal or religious reasons? Are you a virgin? Are you about to become celibate because being sexually active just isn’t working for you anymore? Or maybe you’re already celibate and struggling to stay that course? Or are about to ease your way back into sexually active life after a period of celibacy?

If so, MTV’s documentary series True Life wants to hear from you. Are you struggling to refrain from having sex, while it’s all that your friends and the media can talk about? Are you facing pressure from your boyfriend or girlfriend to give in? Do people give you a hard time about your decision, or do they discriminate against you for choosing not to have sex?

If you’d like to tell the world why you’re saying no to sex, we want to hear your story! If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 28 and have a story for us about your decision to remain celibate, email us with the details of your story at

Please be sure to include your name, phone number, location, and photo if possible.