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Who is Jude Law F**king Today?

The real question is who isn’t he f**king? Jude has been linked to Lindsay Lohan (gross), Natalie Portman (way too good for him) and now Courtney Love’s yoga instructor. According to Courtney’s website Courtney said that she caught Jude and her yoga instructor in the act.

“[I] just found out my yoga teacher is f-ing Jude Law. She’s got a hot bod.”

You just found your yoga instructor having sex? That is a little odd. Was she early for her session and caught them doing downward dirty dogs. Jude seems kind of kinky. Honestly if I was a hot famous man I’d go the model route but to each his own. I remember back in the “Talented Mr. Ripley” days I would have totally hit Jude Law but he is heading into “rode hard and put away wet” territory.

Actually thinking about it, he and Lindsay would be a match made in horndog heaven.

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