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Mid-Morning Links

LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS … It has been an awful week and an even worse weekend, and I’m sorry nothing got posted this weekend because mostly I was trying not to shoot myself in the head (always a bad idea), but we are motherfucking back. Bring it.

Brit-Brit and some hair follicles hit up the Lakers game, because what the fuck else do you do when you’re not drinking? [A Socialite’s Life]

I hate to start off your week with such horrible news, but the Beckham’s reality show might not get aired, because Tom and Katie refuse to be a part of their televised circus … no one, and I mean no one, is going to out-circus TomKat. [Cele|bitchy]

Beyonce’s got some new videos. [popbytes]

Kim Stewart got to be famous; it’s Sean’s turn now, dammit!!! Unfortunately, he’s not pretty or BFF with Paris Hilton, so he has to take his pants off on the beach. But still. We’re writing about him, aren’t we? [ICYDK]

That girl who was starving for Sanjaya started eating again. He can’t be stopped! He won’t be stopped! He’s gonna win this whole damn thing. Learn to love it. [SOW]

You should watch the Oceans 13 trailer. Over and over again. For two hours or so. Because that’s pretty much exactly what the whole movie will be. [Bree]

Yeah, okay. Paris got that boob job. Because what was really holding back her career was a lack of sexuality. [Celebslam]