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The Sons of Hollywood Publicity Tour Marches Onward


On the heels of the announcement that Randy Spelling was Paris Hilton’s first fuck, Sean Stewart makes an appearance on Howard Stern to announce that he used to want to fuck his stepmom, Rachel Hunter.

“I used to stare at [her] when she was down by the pool sunbathing naked. I was like 15 or 16 and I was sitting in my pool with a bottle of lotion.” Sean says he never hit on her because “I couldn’t handle the full rejection.” What??? She was also married to your father, remember? Ick.

Doesn’t this make you want to watch the show?

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  • ICK! is right! I bet Rachel is cringing in her bikini now, after hearing about this little TMI. eeeeeee ….

  • Sean Stewart attacked my husband and I in our vehicle last night. I spent my Sunday picking fine slivers of windshield glass out of both of my legs. Police report was filed by West Hollywood PD. Incident happened outside of a party that was going on at 1440 Miller Way. One of the witnesses identified the attacker as Sean Stewart. When we returned home we looked him up on the internet…and it is him.