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Brady Scores Again?

Beet’s favorite man may be pulling double daddy duty in the near future. Yep, Tom Brady might have gotten his gal pal Gisele Bundchen pregnant too.

A Brazilian site says she’s two months into the pregnancy which means Bridget’s baby would still win the coveted “first born” and Tommy Jr. label. Whew!

I am not going to moral police in the slightest here. The guy is rich, his girlfriends are rich, the kids will be born into the 99.9999 percentile of wealth, looks, athleticism, and access. I want to be either of those kids, so rock on. I’ve also taken an informal poll of every guy I know and if any of us were Tom we’d get both of these girls as pregnant as possible as often as possible.

That said, Tom’s offensive line might want to start providing him more protection in the bedroom. Heeyoo!

The American site (reporting on the Brazilian site) is here.
The Brazilian site (if you speak Portuguese) is here.

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