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Britney and Kevin Getting Back Together????

Britney Spears was spotted leaving an AA meeting wearing her wedding ring which has led many to speculate that perhaps Kevin and her are heading towards a reconciliation. Kevin has been a visitor to Promises in Malibu where Britney is in rehab. Since Britney’s decent into crazy, Kevin has been taking care of his babies and also has been a stand-up guy not speaking with the media or attacking Britney’s behavior.

Though I think that his silence might be financially motivated, Kevin really has come out of all of this as a good guy. I honestly think that Kevin loves Britney and probably is very frightened by her behavior. Though Britney had some fashionable clothing choices while dating K-Fed it looks like her crazy wasn’t caused by Kevin. Perhaps Kevin actually kept her in check of a while.

Though I might kick myself for saying this…I think it is a good idea for these two to get back together, take care of their kids and *gasp* act like actual responsible adults.

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