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Anna Nicole: Still Dead, To Be Buried Friday

I’ll be honest with you: I stopped following this Anna Nicole thing about a week ago. I’m peripherally aware that the forces of Birkhead, Stern and Arthur have continued to catfight in courtrooms across the nation, but once we lost Judge Seidlin, I lost interest. He was the most entertaining thing about this story for awhile. But I’m happy to report that, three weeks after her death, these crazy kids have opted to bury their “beloved” friend/client/daughter/paycheck/lover/kinda-sorta-wife in the Bahamas, with her son, which it has always been painfully clear were her wishes.

Anna will be buried tomorrow in a Pol Atteu custom-made gown, with an “over the top” memorial service. The guest list will be closely guarded: Birkhead, Arthur and Stern were each allowed to invite 100 people and no more. The memorial service will also include singing by a well-known performer whose name no one will disclose (Kellie Pickler? Fingers crossed.), and will most likely be closed-casket, because, you know, this woman’s been decomposing rapidly since sometime in 1998.

And for those of you who are thrilled that this is finally over, remember, we’ve got a long and arduous paternity fight still ahead of us.

Farewell to you, Vickie Hogan, and may you rest in peace.

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