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Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Enter Dunzville

Today is the best day of Maksim Miakovsky‘s life. He’s just hopping around his prison cell with glee. Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden guest DJ’d at a Chicago club on Wednesday, and announced that he was now single. Apparently Duff broke up with him earlier in the month, citing the eight-year age difference.

Duff spoke not too long ago about how the paparazzi help her and Madden end fights. “If we’re out some place, we could totally be fighting,” she said, “but we’ll be looking at each other (smiling) because there’s a camera right there. Then we end up forgetting we’re in a fight, because we’re laughing since it’s not a real thing to do, and we’re both such real people.”

Apparently these fool-proof relationship-salvaging tactics eventually fell a bit short. Too bad! I can’t wait to see who Hilary dates next. Is Aaron Carter still available? Ooh, that would be fun.

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