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Recapping Deaderline

Yesterday was a great day to be a celebrity gossip blogger. Not such a great day to be Kevin Federline, but that’s someone else’s problem. As I’m sure you heard about on a gossip website, on a news website, on an Italian soccer website, from a coworker, from your waiter, in an AA meeting, from your 4-year-old child, on NPR, in line for the bathroom and/or from your pharmacist, Britney Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline yesterday. Let’s recap some of the highlights of our generation’s D-Day.

TMZ was quick to get ahold of the divorce petition, which demonstrated that Brit-Brit was not actually married on the day we all thought she was, September 18, 2004, but rather on October 6 of that year.

Kevin Federline (who Perez Hilton has brilliantly re-christened as FedEx) was filming an episode of MuchMusic’s Exposed when he got the news (via text-message) that Britney was divorcing him. Check out the video.

So does K-Fed get to coast on Britney’s fortune for the rest of his days? Nope. Brit had an air-tight pre-nup. FedEx gets basically nada.

What about the kids? Britney is asking for full custody. K-Fed may contest that, if only to cash in on the child support, but a quick analysis of the facts shows that things are looking good for Miz B on that front.

What did Britney do Tuesday evening, after the news of her divorce broke? She had dinner with friends in NYC, then went ice-skating with Larry Rudolph, her former manager. She was all smiles and looking fantastico!

And, of course, there’s the question of what finally pushed Brit over the edge. I’m sure more of this will trickle out over the coming weeks (yay!), but, for now, check out this account of their final blow-outs.

Only one thing remains to be said: WELCOME BACK, BRITNEY! We missed ya, girl

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