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Howard K. Stern is the Father of Anna Nicole’s Baby

This story gets more intriguing by the minute.

On Tuesday night, an obviously distressed Howard K. Stern appeared on Larry King Live to announce that he and Anna Nicole Smith have been in a relationship for “a very long time,” and that he is the father of her new baby girl, Hannah.

I think on some level I kind of knew this already, but still, it’s crazy to watch the video. We forget that these are very real people. This has been a truly horrific month for HKS and Anna, and it’s written all over his face in this interview. I feel terrible for him.

Update: I just realized something. If your names were Howard and Anna, and you wanted to name your kid a combination of the two, Jamie-Lynn Spears-style, what would you name it? Probably Hannah.

UpdateUpdate: Apparently the kid’s name is now Danilynne, which has something to do with “Daniel” and the fact that Anna Nicole’s real name is Vicky Lynn.

UpdateUpdateUpdate: Larry Birkhead is such a fucked up cocksucker.

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