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A Very Special Episode of ‘Kids React’: Let’s Talk About Bullying Already

I missed the last few episodes of “Kids React,” and I’m still waiting for this Sunday’s (they’re weekly, and this week’s isn’t online yet). But maybe we really should take a look at last week’s episode. I’m a child of the ’80s and/or ’90s, so I’m a sucker for “Very Special Episodes,” you guys.

This time, instead of screening some awful Lady Gaga clip, the Fine Bros show their panel of kids that one viral video in which a larger, much abler teen—then-10th-grader Casey Heynes—violently plunks his comparatively runty tormentor onto the concrete.

Remember that video? It’s maybe eight months old now, but damned if it didn’t strike an ugly, vindictive chord in every adult geek I know. And I’ll tell you the honest truth: I have that video saved to my laptop. I remember I felt conflicted in watching it, but I really was glad Heynes finally got his drop-kick in. (So this probably isn’t a healthy or useful attitude to have, OK.)

Most episodes of “Kids React” are funny, but even when they aren’t, they’re always illuminating. And over the months, I’ve become really attached to some of these precocious little squirts. So when my favorite mouthy, tousled tow-head (Jake, now 12) talks about his own bullying experiences, it kind of drives a stake into my weak, pale little heart.

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Even Children Are Baffled by Lady Gaga

Are you simultaneously appalled and amused by Lady Gaga? Is it difficult to reconcile your conflicting feelings? You aren’t alone.

Each week, for their “Kids React!” video series, the Fine Brothers™ tape children’s reactions to viral videos on the Internet. And every week, of course, I watch, because nothing is more adorable than precocity.

In the series’ most recent installment, a ragtag gaggle of lovable scamps watches Lady Gaga’s hilarious Letterman interview, which aired late last month.

Spoiler! When asked to estimate her age, the kids guess Lady Gaga is in her 40s or 50s. (She’s 25.)