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Even Children Are Baffled by Lady Gaga

Are you simultaneously appalled and amused by Lady Gaga? Is it difficult to reconcile your conflicting feelings? You aren’t alone.

Each week, for their “Kids React!” video series, the Fine Brothers™ tape children’s reactions to viral videos on the Internet. And every week, of course, I watch, because nothing is more adorable than precocity.

In the series’ most recent installment, a ragtag gaggle of lovable scamps watches Lady Gaga’s hilarious Letterman interview, which aired late last month.

Spoiler! When asked to estimate her age, the kids guess Lady Gaga is in her 40s or 50s. (She’s 25.)

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  • Of course children are baffled by Gaga. So is NASA, the physics department at Princeton, the Harvard Law Review and Stephen Hawking.

  • My 2 year old niece loves Lady Gaga, though it may be because she is so cartoon like. She is kinda sweet when she tries dancing along when watching one of the videos on TV.