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Elizabeth Banks Shades Tara Reid But She’s Got A Point

elizabeth banks hollywood reporter

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out soon, and people seem to be pretty stoked on it. I thought the first one was good, but not something I desperately needed a sequel to and can’t live without… but hey, to each her own. Elizabeth Banks directed the latest installment and she’s loving her new role behind the camera. She talked about this and other things – like how hard it is to be a woman getting older in Hollywood and how SOME PEOPLE, like, say, Tara Reid, just “didn’t make it”. SHADE!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

On Hollywood being difficult for ‘older’ actresses: “There was a group of us girls coming up. A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn’t all make it. We’re not all still here – I do love Sharknado”

On being a female director: “The list of women who get to make studio-level films is very short. And I’m not quite in that club yet. Until this movie comes out, then we’ll see. This shoot is the test. I like to get A’s.”

On becoming the director of Pitch Perfect 2: “I went through no hoops for this particular job. I just put myself right at the spot where someone needed to be to get the job. And I prepared. I knew I wanted to direct, so I met DPs, I ran sets, I chose music. I went through the process of directing in little ways — nothing too big or risky or time-consuming. I just started really observing.”

On advice/challenges: “Some big actresses told me a few things that inspired me. One said that the biggest challenge for a female actress was to make sure they are not pro­foundly bored. Another told me to just do whatever you want — do anything. And another told me that her quote hadn’t changed in 15 years. That really lit a fire under my ass.”

Well, you can’t fault the woman for being honest. I don’t know that Tara Reid ever really had any kind of serious chops – comedy, acting, any of that – that would have let her really dominate in Hollywood, and she was always a bit too sloppy to hold it all together, anyway. Elizabeth has a natural charm and a very “girl next door” feeling about her, which gave her a foot in the door, but it did take her a while to get there. I like her, though. And I also like Sharknado.



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Blake Lively Wants To Go To Harvard Business School

blake lively

Blake Lively juggles many roles in her day-to-day life. She’s an actress, an artisan entrepreneur (LOL), and a new mom/full time breastfeeder. But she’s not ready to rest on her laurels. No, Blake is setting her sights even higher: she wants to attend Harvard Business School… you know, when she actually gets some time.

From Stylist UK:

As a woman in business do you think there’s a similar lack of representation?There are a lot of women in business, but they don’t get enough opportunities. If you look at the facts, women spend the most on e-commerce sites, yet less than 30% of the companies that venture capitalists fund are female-driven, even though female-run companies are the most successful. Women connect with other women. So why are we are not looking at the numbers?

Would you say you are naturally business-brained? I love it but I think it’s more innate for me; it’s not something I went to college for. My mum is someone who faced a lot of obstacles but never took no for an answer and she showed me the only person who can limit you is yourself. Business is also about generosity. Entrepreneurs helping each other out. People starting their own companies who could be competitors are actually saying to me, “This is a mistake I made and this is how you can do it better. Meet my technology officer who can teach you how to build your technology platform.” You realise there is room for everyone, as long as you work hard enough.

Finally, what else is left to achieve? I have a dream to go to Harvard Business School and one of these days I will do that… in my spare time!

Can’t hate on a woman who wants to educate herself. I mean, I feel like there’s some kind of douchey subtext here, but if there is, I’m choosing to ignore it and give her a pat on the back.

Look, guys – I have a confession to make. I know Blake Lively is totally obnoxious and kinda not worth taking seriously, but I can’t help but like her in a lot of ways, particularly because they asked her who her favourite chef is and she said Nigella Lawson and Heston Blumenthal, which are two of mine :( :( :( What does this all mean?

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‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Gets Its First Trailer, Will Be “More Of A Thriller”


Keep in mind that the first installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was only released a little over two months ago, on Valentine’s Day. I bet it’s even still playing in some theatres around the world – that’s how new it is. But never one to enjoy the present too much, fans are already desperate to know more about Fifty Shades Darker, the second installment, and it looks like they’re (sorta) getting their wish since the first “teaser” was released on Thursday:

Frankly, a 30 second clip, at least half of which is production credits and/or film company logos, isn’t really much to go on, but people are still going nuts watching Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey putting on a jacket and an eye mask. I guess that’s in line with the other news we found out yesterday, which is that Fifty Shades Darker – which is being written by E.L. James’ husband rather than the author herself – is going to be “more of a thriller” than its predecessor, as Universal’s Donna Langley revealed in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. Oh, joy!

What do you think?

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Kelly Preston’s ‘Sex Secrets’ To Be Revealed In New Tell-All Book

john travolta kelly preston

A few years back, some whack job named Robert Randolph put out a book called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, an unofficial (obviously) tell-all that said John Travolta is a gay sex addict and detailed his exploits over the years. Well, Randolph, being the prolific writer he is, has more in him yet! Now he’s ready to reveal Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston‘s “sex secrets”, of which she apparently has many!

From Radar Online:

Randolph told The National ENQUIRER: “In the beginning, I was under the spell that maybe Kelly was the innocent one in the marriage. But that may not be true.”

“I have heard things about her from people I’ve interviewed who claim she’s hiding her own sex secrets,” added Randolph.

The author added of his tell-all covering Preston, 52, and 61-year-old Travolta: “The new book will dig into whether Kelly and John have a ‘fake marriage’ to fool his fans.”

But that’s not all, promises Randolph. “I’m also checking out rumors that Kelly boozes and pops pills, and that both she and John once both shared the same sexual partner!”

Wow, sounds like an absolute page turner and a must read! I love that this weirdo doesn’t think there’s anything at all strange about the fact that he seems to be dedicating his life to someone else’s sex life. And not even just “someone else” – a celebrity he doesn’t know and has never met.

Sure, we all know Travolta’s gay, but so what? He doesn’t want to be out, so he’s not. Let the man live. Let him cruise for dudes and be brainwashed by Scientology for the rest of his days, if that’s what he so desires (and it clearly is). As for Kelly, I mean… whatever. Does anyone even care?

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Justin Bieber Hopes You “Felt The Sincerity” Of His Apologies

justin bieber hero

Justin Bieber is a changed man these days. He’s seen the error of his ways (despite the fact that nothing at all about his lifestyle has changed) and he’s ready to live life on the straight and narrow. He’s even issued a heartfelt apology to tell the world just how sorry he is for being a ding dong for so long. Did you hear his remorse? Did you feel the sincerity? Justin hopes so.

From Hero mag (via People):

“I hope people felt the sincerity in my apologies,” he says. “There are a lot of things that have happened in the last couple years that I’m not proud of and I feel a responsibility to my fans and to the public who believe in me to make it right … it was honest.” 

Okey doke. Whatever you say! Justin also talked about what fans can expect from his upcoming album:

“The biggest difference is that I’m older,” he says about his upcoming music, which is partly being produced by Kanye West and Rick Rubin. “I was 17 when I recorded most of my last album, and I’m 21 now. I’ve been through a lot in a public way, which gives me a much different perspective on things.” 

Adds the singer: “The creative process this time around is more personal … It’s amazing because I’m able to really work out anything I am feeling in my music.” 

I mean, with the big names he has working with him, I think it’ll actually be pretty good. Not in, like, a “Whoa, what an incredible music artist Justin Bieber has turned into!” but more of a “I’ll bump this in my headphones when I’m out walking the dog” kinda way.  I have no shame!!

But this kid still hasn’t changed at all – once a douche, always a douche. Well, generally speaking, anyway.

Also, LOL to these pics:

jb hero

jb hero


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Kristen Stewart Calls Her Infamous ‘Twilight’ Sex Scenes “Agony”

kristen stewart

Despite the fact that the last Twilight movie came out like, three years ago, people still want to talk to Kristen Stewart about it. More specifically, they want to talk about THAT sex scene – the ONE time Bella and Edward finally get down to business after thousands upon thousands of pages and all hell breaks loose. Basically he leaves bruises all over her body and she ends up pregnant with a half demon spawn that nearly kills her before ripping its way out of her body, leaving Edward to finally consent to turning her into a vampire (as she wished all along) in order to save her life. And yes, I read the books – THEY WERE SO GOOD (in that “holy shit, how can this be so awful?” kinda way). So what was it like filming that pivotal scene? “Grotesquely uncomfortable” and absolute “agony”, apparently.

From Harper’s Bazaar UK:

“On Twilight we had to do the most epic sex scene of all time,” says the actress of the infamous rough-and-tumble romp, which left their character’s bedroom in shambles. “It had to be transcendent and otherworldly, inhuman, better sex than you can possibly ever imagine, and we were like, ‘How do we live up to that?’ It was agony. Which sucks, because I wanted it to be so good.” 

Well… I mean, what did she expect? It’s a book about a damn vampire shooting his immortal fluids into his barely-out-of-high school girlfriend who seems to have no sense of self outside of him. It was hardly going to change the world.

As for KStew’s thoughts on nudity…

“I just even question when a fairly established actress finally does a scene on a movie when she shows her boobs and she hasn’t done it up until this moment,” Stewart says. “And maybe she only did it for the prestigious part and it’s okay for this time because it’s classy, and I’m like, ‘Oh God, thank you for revealing to the world your treasure.’ ” 

I don’t… really get it? I mean, I do get what she’s saying, but for someone who’s apparently a self-described feminist and rants on about Hollywood’s sexism problem, I think she’s focusing her criticism in the wrong area, but whatevs.

Here are some other pics from the shoot of Kristen looking pretty, though wholly uncomfortable:

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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Still Butthurt Over Frozen Embyros And Now Whining Via ‘The New York Times’

nick loeb sofia vergara embryos

Last week, we were talking about how Nick Loeb was secretly suing ex-fiancée Sofia Vergara over embryos they had frozen together during their relationship. She wants the embryos destroyed since they’ll never be used, and Loeb, still butthurt over the fact that the ultimatum he gave her backfired and ended up with her moving on very happily to Joe ‘Best Sex Of Her Life’ Manganiello, wants to keep them so that if he eventually finds another woman, he can use the embryos and turn them into real, live children. While that was bullshit enough, at least it was (sorta) being carried out privately. But now, someone at the New York Times thought it would be a great idea to give this dumbass a national platform from which to spew his garbage.

Here are some “highlights” from his op-ed:

In 2013, Sofía and I agreed to try to use in vitro fertilization and a surrogate to have children. We signed a form stating that any embryos created through the process could be brought to term only with both parties’ consent. The form did not specify — as California law requires — what would happen if we separated. I am asking to have it voided.

So… hang on here a minute. Loeb admits that he SIGNED A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT saying that they could only have these kids if BOTH PARTIES AGREED, and now he doesn’t really like the way that’s playing out for him since he’s single, so he wants the law to change in his favour? I almost hope this is a joke… but alas.

My lawyers have identified 10 other cases in the United States in which a parent tried to have a fertilized, frozen embryo taken to term against the wishes of an opposing parent. In eight of those cases, the parent seeking custody lost. In the other two cases, one in Pennsylvania and one inIllinois, a woman was awarded custody of fertilized embryos over the man’s objections. In both cases, the woman had undergone chemotherapy treatment and the embryos were her last chance to have a biological child; judges ruled that the woman’s interest in becoming a parent outweighed the man’s interest in not becoming a parent. In the Illinois case (now on appeal), the judge found that the form the couple signed was not the binding contract, and instead enforced a verbal promise the man made to help the woman have children.

Oh yes, please! Let’s definitely use two terrible rulings (because indeed, the two “exception” cases should not have happened) to defend our own personal desires despite the fact that it’s legally and morally wrong! Sure thing!

But as we began to discuss other potential surrogates, it became clear once more that parenthood was much less urgent for her than it was for me. We had been together for over four years. As I was coming on 40, I gave her an ultimatum. When she refused, we split up.

A few months later, I asked her to let me have the embryos, offering to pay for all expenses to carry our girls to term and raise them. If she did not wish to share custody, I would take on full parenting responsibilities and agree to have her declared an egg donor. She has refused. Her lawyer, Fred Silberberg, has told reporters that she wants to keep the embryos “frozen indefinitely.” In my view, keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them.

Here’s the thing, Nick. Parenthood is something that she – as the “mother” and therefore the biological vessel who would carry your imaginary spawn – would need to consent to. She had other priorities in life and you didn’t like it and you split up. Now you’re kicking yourself and playing the creepy ex who’s basically doing anything to try and fuck with her present happiness since it’s not with you. Scumbag.

I’m sorry, but I don’t for one second thing this asshole believes that never implanting embryos – which are NOT EVEN ACTUALLY EMBYROS since they certainly aren’t “in the process of developing”, as the dictionary definition states – is tantamount to killing. That’s his way of appealing to the pro-lifers to make this part of the MRA movement which… bye. Don’t forget Nick Loeb is an aspiring politician. This is basically the worst, and thankfully, it’s unlikely to ever gain ANY kind of traction in the legal system.

P.S. Also, “our girls”? I can’t. I really cannot.

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