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Taylor Swift fans create earthquake in LA

I think the love and support Taylor Swift fans show in their excitement at concerts is pretty well documented by now. But did you know they rage so hard they literally shake the earth to a seismic level?

According to a study conducted by researchers at Caltech and UCLA, when the pop superstar, 34, brought her career-spanning concert to SoFi Stadium in August 2023, 70,000 Swifties’ jumping and dancing amounted to creating seismic activity.

The event is the latest “Swift quake” to result from one of the Grammy winner’s shows — as her July tour stop at Seattle’s Lumen Field was similarly reported to have resulted in seismic activity the “equivalent of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake” last year.

The researchers released their findings in a report that was published on Wednesday and titled “Shake to the Beat: Exploring the Seismic Signals and Stadium Response of Concerts and Music Fans.” According to the academic paper, the audience’s movements, as opposed to the music itself, generated “distinct harmonic tremors.”