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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Celebrates Same Sex Marriage Ruling From Prison

teresa giudice

Look, I know it’s not maximum security or anything, but how in the hell is it a thing that prisoners get to use social media? Like, Teresa Giudice is serving a 15 month sentence for fraud at the Orange is the New Black prison, and yet somehow she’s also allowed to post on Twitter? WHAT?

Teresa first surfaced at the end of May, when she thanked well-wishes for their support. She then popped up again this week to express her happiness over the marriage equality news and to again offer her thanks to her fans.

It’s nice that she’s keeping her spirits up, getting buff (while getting cheated on, apparently) and all that, but how the hell is it PRISON if you’ve got access to every single thing you have in the outside world? I honestly need to Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Connecticut (which is where Teresa is) to explain this to me. Serious bullshit.

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Teresa Giudice Is Being Cheated On While She’s In Prison

joe giudice cheating

Poor Teresa Giudice. I mean, literally but also physically. While she’s serving her prison term for those fraud charges she copped to, her husband Joe Giudice has been stepping out on her! This is some bullshit for multiple reasons, but like, really? I’m particularly asking the girl getting involved with Joe. You honestly think a married man who’s a complete scumbag fraudster is worth getting with? Okey doke.

From Radar Online:

Eyewitness Stephanie Palacios, 25, spotted Joe and his younger woman dining with another couple at Seabra’s seafood restaurant in Newark, NJ, on Wednesday, April 29 at 8:30 p.m.

According to Palacios, the group downed red wine and Joe “looked to be having a good time, having a conversation and laughing” with a sexy brunette.

“The way he and his date were conversing, you wouldn’t talk that way to a family member or friend,” Palacios said. “Even my boyfriend thought something was going on. They had chemistry.”

“They didn’t touch, but they were sitting close together and he seemed to be listening intently to whatever she said. I thought maybe the couple across from them set them up on a date.”

“She was thin, brunette with blonde highlights, and had braids in her hair,” Palacios revealed. “She looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s, definitely young. My first thought was, ‘What the heck is she wearing?!’ She had tight jeans and a half shirt in a restaurant! And her cleavage was out. It was inappropriate.”

LOL, okay, bitchy woman commentary. He’s the one cheating and the woman he’s with is the one that gets slagged off by the “eye witness” not about the fact that she’s with a man she know is married, but because of her “inappropriate” cleavage? Feminism in action, guys!

Anyhow, Palacios was also bent out of shape because Joe was at a restaurant at 10pm on a weeknight, which is apparently inappropriate. I’d say the fact that he’s having an affair is a bit more inappropriate, regardless of what time of day it is, but different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Then again, I guess no one should be surprised here. It’s hardly the first time Joe has cheated on Teresa – it’s been happening for years!

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Teresa Giudice is getting buff in prison

teresa giudice

Last year, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for tax fraud and whatever other bullshit she was up to with her husband, but the judge allowed her to spend the holidays at home with her family and head to prison in the new year. Now that she’s there, she’s making the most of her time and getting buff in the prison gym, apparently.

“She’s getting in the best shape of her life,” an insider tells Us of the Bravo-lebrity, 42, currently serving a 15-month sentence for fraud. “Every night she hits the gym and has been asking friends to send her workout videos.”

If only they could send her a personal porta-potty, too. “Teresa says the bathrooms are the hardest part of jail because they’re filthy and have no privacy,” a second source tells Us.

Apparently Teresa is working as a laundry maid while there and she hopes when she gets out that she’ll be able to get her own cooking show and land the cover of a magazine. She writes down her goals on a daily basis to keep her focused, which… I mean, hey, she’s in jail. Can’t knock whatever people have to do to get through shit.

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Teresa Giudice Is Going To The “Orange Is The New Black” Prison


Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, and she’s not psyched. And now, even less so, because she’ll be spending it at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT, AKA the Orange Is the New Black prison. From TMZ:

After her request to spend 12 of her 15 months at a halfway house was denied … Teresa got the news Wednesday that she’ll be headed to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT.

Strangely enough, on “OITNB” … lead character Piper Chapman is similarly sentenced to 15 months at Danbury … for money laundering.

Teresa’s been begging the judge for weeks not to send her to Danbury … which the show depicts as being one of the worst prisons in the U.S.

I honestly don’t really know who Teresa Giudice is, as I never got into that Real Housewives bullshit, and I haven’t been following this story very closely. But thanks to her and her husband’s colossal f-ckup, she’s the only housewife that I now know by name.

Danbury made a cameo in another TV show — WeedsMary Louise-Parker‘s character served time there.

Fun place!

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Teresa Giudice is going to jail for 15 months

teresa giudice

Teresa Giudice has been in hot water for a while now, ever since her and her husband Joe decided it would be a good idea to try and defraud the government for millions of dollars. Never a good idea, and now she’s paying the price. She’s been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, while Joe received 41 months. She also has to pay a restitution of over $414k, as does he. Good luck with that.

Of course, she thought she was going to get away with it and called the ruling “unexpected”. Here’s what her crisis manager (??) Wendy Feldman told US Weekly:

“The sentence Judge Salas handed down today was not unexpected. The fact is that my client Teresa Giudice accepted a plea agreement that included a possible 27 months in Federal Prison.”

“Sadly, our justice system has yet to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation,” the statement continued. “It’s now going to be Teresa’s mission to make certain life changes and she will do so. Having said that, the lesson here as the judge also acknowledged, is to not let certain choices define one’s future.”

LOL, okay. The saying “you do the crime, you do the time” has never been more applicable here. I understand that some people commit crimes out of desperation – like, say, someone stealing food to feed their family or something – but this is not one of those cases. This is a couple that was living the high life and wanted to stay there, so they thought they could cheat the system. Now they pay the price – as will their children.

That being said, apparently Joe doesn’t have to start his sentence until Teresa is finished hers, so that their four daughters can continue to live at home and not be too messed up by it all (too late!).

Teresa & Joe Giudice Released On $500,000 Bond

teresa giudice joe giudice

Teresa and Joe Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey are in some deeeeep shit with the feds for 29 different charges including mail and bank fraud, failure to file tax returns and more. Basically, it’s getting real for them. They turned themselves into the feds yesterday but have since been released on about $500,000 bond. They also had to turn over their passports and will need to restrict their movements to New York and New Jersey.

From TMZ:

As part of the terms of their bail, both Teresa and Joe had to surrender their passports and are restricted to New York and New Jersey.

Joe, who is not a U.S. citizen, is subject to drug testing. Teresa will not have to subject herself to drug testing.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in New Jersey on August 14.

As we previously reported, both Joe and Teresa are facing 30 years in prison after being hit with 39 counts of fraud.

Teresa’s attorney has previously stated that she will plead not guilty to the charges.

The most surprising part of this is that Teresa plans on pleading not guilty. WHAT? Know when you’re caught, girl. You’re certainly not going to get any breaks from the judge for trying to deny that shit.

Teresa Giudice Is In Trouble Again

teresa giudice

So, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was indicted on Monday for fraud and tax charges. Again. I mean, I know her husband was the one in deeper shit previously, but I also know Teresa was broke enough to auction off all their shit at one point (yet kept spending extravagantly, go figure). Anyway, now both she and husband Joe face up to 50 years in prison for “conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud”. Damn, son.

Here’s what Teresa told US Weekly in a statement:

“Today is a most difficult day for our family. I support Joe and, as a wonderful husband and father, I know he wants only the best for our lovely daughters and me.

“I am committed to my family and intend to maintain our lives in the best way possible, which includes continuing my career. As a result, I am hopeful that we will resolve this matter with the government as quickly as possible.”

Huh, so she wants to “maintain their lives in the best way possible”, eh? Girl, you cannot spend money you do not have. You cannot STEAL money in order to buy things that you want but cannot afford. You cannot commit massive felonies and think that shit isn’t going to catch up with you. Like, is this woman thick?

Answer: YES. I actually met Teresa a couple years back when she was about to do The Celebrity Apprentice and she was one of the most thick-skulled individuals I’d ever met – and that’s something I gleaned from about five minutes of speaking to her. That was also a special day for me because Debbie Gibson told me she liked my dress. Sigh. Dreams do come true!

Anyhow, I smell (more) trouble for Teresa and Joe. I don’t think these two will ever learn – especially since Joe also faces charges of not filing tax returns from 2004 – 2008, which is a massive problem, especially since he earned a million bucks during that period and paid no taxes on it. That’s a problem.