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Taylor Swift Cancels Concert After Some Creepy Dude Wins

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Taylor Swift recently teamed up with Boston’s Kiss FM for a contest to find her “biggest fan”. The prize? A meet and greet with the singer herself. Only problem is, the whole thing had to be shut down when 4Chan hijacked it and some 39-year-old weirdo won.

Earlier this month, some 4Chan user popped up, claiming that he wanted to make his “creepy” friend’s dream of meeting TaySwift come true. See the below original posting (via Gawker):

taylor swift contest

Of course, the thought of trolling kids and having some freak meet Taylor (thereby trolling her, too?) was of utmost importance to 4Chan users, and that campaign soon spread to Reddit and before you knew it, Charles was in first place. No one knows if Charles is even real, but either way, Kiss FM has decided not to take any chances and put a stop to the competition, stating on their website:

Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the “Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan” contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated. We apologize to all of our loyal listeners who have participated.

Huh, fair enough. People always have to ruin nice things. Taylor Swift may have a sense of humour, but  there’s nothing funny about being one-on-one with a possible sex offender. Thinks Taylor Swift Is “Dope”, Wants to Work With Her

taylor swift is pretty much the worst and I can’t stand the sight of him – which is too bad for me since he turns up EVERYWHERE and we can’t seem to get rid of him no matter how hard we try. Now he wants to try and make himself even more relevant by collaborating with… Taylor Swift? Dear God.

From E! News:

“Taylor Swift is dope,” told me earlier this week before performing at a music festival in Norway.

“I’d like to work with Taylor Swift. I like the girl. We could do something really fantasy-like. That would be cool.”

Why is everything “dope”? Why does he think she would want to do something “fantasy-like” (whatever that even means) with him? All of this is just so wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I like a few Black Eyed Peas songs, admittedly, but ever since he went solo, he’s started ruining everything he touches. I know some people would say Taylor Swift is bad enough on her own, but come on.

Taylor Swift Has A Sense Of Humor

taylor swift laughter

Taylor Swift bought a big-ass mansion on the beach, like right on the freaking beach, and apparently people have been getting too close to her house because of the fact that it’s on the goddamn beach and people like to be on the beach. She got security but she also got a sense of humor. Check out the sign she posted:

taylor swift i knew you were trouble

Maybe this will endear her to her neighbors, as,

The increased security around her home has already caused some tension with locals after residents were reportedly barred from entering an area of East Beach, close to the border of Swift’s property. (Contact Music.)

Still, she’s gotta be a better neighbor than Justin Bieber.

But who would YOU rather live next door to?

Taylor Swift Thanks Country Music For Letting Her “Evolve” To Pop

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Taylor Swift has come a long way from the country bumpkin she once (read: never) was. She’s a full-blown pop star now, and it was her latest album, Red, and the single ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’ that really marked her crossover. I like TSwift and yes, even her music, but you can imagine some country fans might not be too happy with her decision to move further away from her musical roots. Not so! Taylor actually thinks country fans have been super supportive and have contributed to her evolution.

From Examiner:

“I think one of the things that I’m happiest with, in the last year, is the acceptance level in country music for me experimenting and for me trying to evolve and challenge myself musically,” she says of her transition to a bonafide global superstar.

She adds, “I think it’s never felt better to be on that stadium stage performing knowing that everyone’s been so welcoming of change.”

Fair enough. Taylor gets a hard rap sometimes but she’s generally harmless. Sure, she can be obnoxious and cringe-worthy and all that, but what early 20-something isn’t? Now we just need to make sure she stays well away from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Abercrombie & Fitch Annoys More People With A Taylor Swift T-Shirt

taylor swift t-shirt

Taylor Swift has a lot going on, and probably doesn’t even care about Abercrombie & Fitch’s dig at her, but her fans do. Abercrombie & Fitch really doesn’t give a flying f-ck about customers. They’ve made it clear that if you’re fat, “try Sears” (okay, that was a Mean Girls quote, but you know they were thinking that).

So what’s the latest controversy? Some t-shirt that pokes fun at Taylor Swift. And not very well. From Zimbio:

The “drama” started when fans noticed an Abercrombie shirt that said, “# more boyfriends than t.s.,” mocking Swift and her reputation for cycling through relationships. That’s a big no-no when it comes to the pop star’s fans, better known as Swifties among their own kind. An army of Swifties took to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even petition site to launch a PR nightmare on the clothing retailer with the expressed purpose of having the shirt discontinued.

Success! The social media onslaught and repeated calls to corporate worked. The shirt is “no longer available” according to Abercrombie’s PR line.

Where’s Frances Bean when you actually need her?

Plus, shouldn’t the shirt actually read, “More ex-boyfriends than t.s.”?

So Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow And Taylor Swift Are BFF Now

gwyneth paltrow taylor swift friends

Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift are apparently BFF now and let me tell you something, if this was all one big high school cafeteria, I would avoid the everloving f-ck out of their table. Gwyneth, over a plate of aubergines, would be complaining about how embarrassing it is to beautiful, as Taylor would eagerly nod her head and then ask if she should send another “Do you like me? Check ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘maybe’” note to the cute guy in geometry.

According to Fishwrapper,

During a recent performance stopover in London, Taylor managed to squeeze in some good, old-fashioned girl time, and with it, probably triggered a whole plethora of rumors about the status of Gwyneth and Chris Martin’s marriage.

They also add (jokingly?) that Gwyneth and Taylor have been “friends” for “years”. “Years”? Gwyneth is 20+ years older than Taylor. About 3 years ago, Swift couldn’t even legally share a glass of organic thousand dollar wine with Paltrow. Unless an underage Swift was with her in England, of course, Gwyneth’s fake motherland.

Join The Club: Taylor Swift Really Hates Justin Bieber

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I mean, who could blame her? A lot of people hate Taylor Swift, too, I know, but she’s far less reprehensible than that shirtless pseudo-thug baby. Anyhoo, y’all know by now that Taylor and Selena Gomez are BFFs, which kinda creates a problem since she may or may not be back with Bieber. What we do know is that they shared a little cheek kiss at the Billboard Music Awards and Taylor’s reaction to that is classic:

taylor swift

She was even asked by reporters backstage what she thought of that award Bieber got (and got booed for getting) and she just asked for the next question. Love that shade. But there’s more!

From Access Hollywood (via US Weekly):

Asked by Access Hollywood after the awards show what she and Gomez, 20 were whispering to each other while Bieber, 19 accepted two of his awards (during one, the “Take You” singer was met with boos from the audience), Swift, 23, was quick to answer.

“Ohhh, you do not want to know!” she said, shaking her head and looking down at the floor. “You do not want to open that can of worms. Especially tonight.”

When the reporter then suggested that Swift should write a song about it, she laughed before adding, “No, it’s not [me] … I’m fine!”

I’m of two minds about this. First of all, people in glass houses should not throw stones, so she should sit the f-ck down on that note (shout out to my girl molls who has some pretty strong opinions on this). After all, TaySwift’s romantic choices leave… a bit to be desired and she’s got enough shit of her own for who she’s dated.
On the other hand, she was asked about it and she kinda replied in the nicest way possible. She could’ve turned around and said, “Oh, I was just telling Selena that Justin can go f-ck himself with a 20 foot pole and that I hope he rots in a well”, but she didn’t. Homegirl’s under no contract to hide her disdain. I know I wouldn’t – and plus, he’s a MASSIVE toolbox.