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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week


Last week on Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week, we saw Camilla Belle wearing something diabolical. This week, Shia LaBeouf (above) clearly takes my WTF spot for the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week. But do you agree? See what others wore this week below (and ask yourself, “Did Laura Prepon do something to her face?”) and make your choices!


Busy Philipps looks really unhappy and I don’t blame her. Girl, that dress.



Cristin Milioti looking rather ghostly.  I kind of like it, but think it would look cuter if the hemline were shorter and the shoes weren’t pointed.



Dolly Parton in S&M business-casual. That body though…my God. She’s still got it.



Farrah Abraham looking not as tacky as usual. Not a fan of those shoes. But this whole look for her is a vast improvement from what we usually see. At least her boobs are covered.



Doesn’t it seem like Gwen Stefani has been pregnant for like a year now? And she still hasn’t given up her chic style. I like it but man, I’m sweating just looking at her. Girl loves her leather.



My dear January Jones can usually do no wrong, but I’m seeing some wrong here. Still, I think she pulls it off…barely.



Speaking of doing wrong, I am so over Jared Leto‘s whole look. I know I’ve said that before, but I mean it. On the upside though, at least he has a strong sense of style and doesn’t stick with boring, ill-fitting suits. So I guess this hipster Los Angeles DJ look is better than that?



Julia Stiles, this is kind of a mess. It’s like you’re wearing a large leather coffee filter as a belt. I don’t get it.



Julie Delpy. This is a perfect example of a dress that hits at exactly the wrong length. A little higher hemline and it wouldn’t shorten her legs as much. But it’s still a pretty dress and she’s gorgeous.



Karen O, of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in a classic Karen O outfit. She looks comfy.



This is Laura Prepon. She totally did something to her face, right? I mean this looks more like Mary Louise-Parker or Rory Gilmore’s mom. Cute outfit, though.



I think Leonardo DiCaprio looks creepy as hell.



Lupita Nyong’o. Damn, she’s gorgeous. She (or her stylist) always chooses the perfect colors for her gowns. Love this and love the lipstick.



Mariah Carey in some weird-ass Cruella de Vil inspired coat with pantyhose. I’ve learned long ago to that Mariah will never leave the ’90s. Mid ’00s, tops.



Olivia Munn. I hate her style/stylist but this is the least offensive she’s been lately.



Reese Witherspoon, doing what she does best: running errands and getting lunch in Brentwood. Too f-cking cute, Reese. Wish I didn’t love your preppy little style.



Regina Hall in a diabolical jumpsuit with boob slits. No, boobs slits is not a proper fashion term. Call the cops. Call them on this outfit.



Honestly, this is the best Shia LaBeouf has ever looked.



It seems that all Taylor Swift does now is go to and fro LAX in super cute, super chic outfits. Love this.



To be fair to Uma Thurman, the lighting isn’t terribly kind, but that windblown hair look really doesn’t help. I think the cropped fur jacket is cute, but not with this shape or style of dress. It feels like there’s a disconnect.



Finally, and I hate myself for typing this, but I think Victoria Beckham looks really cute.

Time to make your picks! Here are mine:

BEST: Cara Delevingne
WORST: Julia Stiles
WTF: Shia LaBeouf

Your turn!

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