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Pete Wentz

If Pete Has Taken Ashlee Back, I Will Freaking Barf

photo of ashlee simpson and pete wentz pictures reconciling photos getting back together holding hands

According to eyewitnesses, Ashlee Simpson appears to be getting ready to put the ‘Wentz’ back into the ‘Simpson-Wentz’ of her last name.

The couple and their son were photographed yesterday at a mall in LA getting Starbucks, and the pictures that were taken suggest that there’s some reconciling going on in this broken marriage. As you can see, Ashlee and Pete are holding hands, and correct me if I’m wrong, if you’re getting a divorce, or trying to work out a solid separation, you don’t generally go around giving the other person the wrong idea by holding their hand.

But hey, I could be wrong – because then again, we ARE talking about Ashlee Simpson here, who seems like she leads Pete-the-lapdog around by the crook of his nose.

I don’t know, guys.  I have no doubts that Pete wants his family to work, but if this chick, (who’s apparently indecisive as to whether she wants to bail or not) can’t make up her mind, it’s only going to put further stress on their family life, and that poor, sad little boy (uh, Bronx, that is) doesn’t deserve that kind of shit.

I’m calling BS on the whole thing.

Ashlee Simpson is Over Her Divorce Already

photo of ashlee simpson and bronx mowgli pictures

Ashlee Simpson, or the ‘Pieces of Me’ chick who will go down in history as doing her husband dirty and throwing up a surprise divorce before he heads out to tour, ’cause she can’t keep her legs closed for thirty whole days while he’s gone (come on, what do you expect – thirty days is SUCH a long time in Hollywood) has been photographed doing something with her son. (I know, crazy, right?)

Simpson and her son, Bronx, were caught out at a Milk + Bookies event in LA this past weekend, sans daddy Pete Wentz, of course. Ashlee was all teeth and bright-red lipstick, and little Bronx’s smiles looked forced, like someone took away his favorite teddy bear. Or at the very least, Daddy.

Sorry, Ashlee, it’s nothing personal.  I really like the Milk + Bookies thing, I just think you’re a twat.

Ashlee Simpson Is The Worst Ex

First there was the news of Ashlee’s unattractive behavior in the impending custody battle, then the girl rebounded with a friend of Pete’s, and now this.

See, one of the most popular, most likely theories regarding this couple’s divorce is that Pete really, really doesn’t want it to happen. And now he’s going on tour for a month, and you know what Ashlee does?  She takes him out for lunch to “boost his spirits before he left.”  Twice.

I hate this move so much.  I know that Ashlee and Pete have a child, but this wasn’t a visit, this was a play.  You can’t stretch out that “Pieces of Me” money when you have to pay those legal fees, right Ashlee?