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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week — 1st Week of July

courtney stodden fishnet dress

Courtney Stodden at a birthday party, July 6. Because of course.

Happy July! Happy summer! Happy weekend! Let’s celebrate by looking at photos of celebs’ best and worst looks of this week and praising them or making fun of them. What joy for everyone!

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Aaron Carter Is So Hardcore; Got Beaten Up By Fans Of New Kids On The Block

aaron carter injured

Aaron Carter is really good for entertaining us all, but not with his music, more with his crazy stories. Here’s the latest and possibly best. Mr. Carter is claiming he got beaten up by fans of New Kids On The Block, because he was on their turf. So he posted photos of his injuries to show how tough he is. And because he’s so tough, he’s not going to file a police report because that’s too “girlie.” And he refers to himself as a “pretty little white boy”. There is so much wrong here. I’ll let you enjoy TMZ‘s report.

Aaron, who posted some gnarly selfies after the fight, tells TMZ he was leaving dinner with a friend last night in beantown, when a huge guy approached him in the parking lot and yelled: “I heard you’re doing a show here tomorrow. This is the town of the New Kids.” 

Aaron claims three other guys then jumped out of a gold Chevy Malibu … and started the beat down, which came complete with a shot to his face.

The singer claims he landed a few punches before the NKOTB-lovers took off — “I think my knuckles might be broken, but that’s what they get. People think I’m a pretty little white boy but no way. I think I won. I’m still standing.”

Aaron says he’s performing as scheduled tonight, and he’s not filing a police report because it’s “girlie.”

“This is the town of the new kids” is the new “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

Canada Screws Over New Kids On The Block

photo of new kids on the block in the shower pictures

Damn, Canada, get it together! First you give us Justin Bieber, then you think Dan Aykroyd killed someone, and now you’re depriving people of New Kids On The Block, surely breaking the hearts of at least dozens. Here’s what happened, from TMZ:

A rep for NKOTB’s “The Package Tour” tells TMZ, several gear trucks carrying production equipment — like lighting and other prop stuff — as well as key crew members were delayed at the Canadian border for such a long time … tour officials were forced to pull the plug on tonight’s show.

The rep wouldn’t specify why the trucks were held up — but did say the band members arrived in Canada safely … and on time.

We also spoke with someone at Canadian Border Patrol … who was also looking into the incident.

As for tonight’s show … it’s been postponed to tomorrow.

How do you live with yourself, Canada? Also, I had no idea they were touring, or that they were touring such huge venues, like the Staples center on July 5. According to Ticketmaster, there are still tickets; however the July 13 show at the Honda Center has the warning “NOT MANY LEFT” so get on it, everyone! This is such an exciting time to be alive.

In the words of LFO, “New Kids On The Block had a buncha hits.”

Prepare Yourselves for The Most Awesome Tour That’s Ever Been

New Kids on the Block. 98 Degrees. Boyz II Men. BOOM (BOOM is not a band, boom is the sound your brain made when it just exploded).

The tour begins on May 31st. All three bands will be at all shows, so there’s no chance of having to trade a performance of “I’ll Make Love to You” for “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” And here’s a bonus surprise: on April 2nd, we’re getting a brand new NKOTB album. So just simmer on that.

While you’re simmering, can I tell you about some more good news? Ok, you know how they’re doing a reboot of Boy Meets World? I know you’ve heard about this, but it’s called Girl Meets World, and it’s about Cory and Topanga’s daughter. It’s going to be fabulous, seeing some of the most beloved characters ever – or, ok, from the 90′s – come back in 2013.

Speaking of beloved characters from the 90′s, you know what other show might be doing a similar reboot? Saved by the Bell. I KNOW. TMZ caught Mark-Paul Gosselaar out and about and asked him about the show, and he said that if that whole thing goes well, then “maybe we’ll do a reunion as well.” As in maybe there will be a brand new Saved by the Bell out around the same time as the brand new Boy Meets World. As in FREAK OUT.

Who’s psyched? Everybody, right?

Um, Why Are the New Kids on the Block Tweeting Shower Photos?

photo of new kids on the block in the shower pictures
And why do they all have creepy mustaches? I don’t know, guys. There are many mysteries in this world, guys, and this happens to be one of the creepier ones.

What I want to talk about, however, is the fact that my personal favorite New Kids on the Block-er used to be this creepy, creepy Danny Wood. He looks like a meth freak that’s been living under a bridge in a desert for six years (which might not be too far from the truth, considering the NKOTB have only been “back” for a few years now as it were) and it frightens me that my former, young, little, innocent self could be superficially infatuated with the Scariest New Kid of All Time. Yeesh.

Who was your favorite New Kid on the Block? You know, Jon Knight isn’t looking so bad these days, I guess. He kind of resembles Adrien Brody, and if you guys have been around here for a minute, you know how I feel about Adrien. Well, anyway, ready, set, go—favorite New Kid back then?

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Favorite New Kid today?

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NKOTB and BSB: “One Big Massive Uber-Group”

Remember that one time back in June when New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys performed together at Radio City Music Hall and it was wonderful and I was all “I sense a tour a-comin’”?  Well, I was right, natch.  The groups are joining forces to totally blow our minds come next summer, but in the meantime, check out that above interview with Ryan Seacrest.  To be honest, I’m not really interested in what’s being said because I’m too busy trying to wrap my mind around all nine dudes* sitting around together, being older versions of those dudes whose pictures I tore out of Tiger Beat.

I’m crossing my fingers for a Nashville date, but I’m probably just going to have to count on y’all guys in the big cities to sneak in a fancy camera phone.  Don’t let me down.

*Too bad the fifth Backstreet Boy (my very favorite), Kevin Richardson, is busy starring in low budget vampire musicals.

Radio City Music Hall: A Place Where Dreams Come True

On Saturday night, New Kids on the Block did a concert at Radio City Music Hall.  Good stuff, right (the “right stuff,” I daresay)?  And as the NKOTB were doing a soulful rendition of “I Want It That Way,” the curtain rose and who else should appear but the Backstreet Boys? They all finished out the song together, then had some loving man hugs to conclude the earth-shattering performance.

I’m a little too young to have been a real New Kids on the Block fan, but my sister was not, so I was rocking out to “Please Don’t Go Girl” and “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” at the same time, and my twelve-year-old mind never imagined that these two powerhouses of music could come together in such a culmination of wondrousness*. Donnie Wahlberg showed some similar fan-girling on Twitter:

As for TONIGHTS Concert…. BACKSTREET BOYS got my respect forever! That was awesome! What a night!

I smell a tour.  Please let me smell a tour.

*I’m actually only being about 15% sarcastic.