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Chris Kelly Of ’90s Rap Super Duo Kriss Kross Died

chris kelly kriss kross

Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross died last night (Wednesday) in Atlanta. He was 34. We’re not getting much info yet about his death. ABC News reports that, “Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death and an autopsy is expected to be performed later today.” He was apparently found dead at his home.

Kriss Kross was super huge in the ’90s. I remember when they were on the cover of Disney Adventures, backwards overalls and all. Their big hit was “Jump.” Chris Smith was the other Kriss. I was a little too young to know much else about them, so here’s some trivia from Wikipedia that was new to me and made me smile. Maybe it’s not new to you. But maybe the nostalgia will bring us all together. Rest in peace, Chris Kelly.

– “Jump” was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 weeks. It went double platinum.

– They sang “The Rugrats Rap” for the Nickelodeon show Rugrats.

– They were discovered by Jermaine Dupri, record producer (and Janet Jackson‘s ex), in 1990.

– Kelly and Smith were around 12 and 11 years old, respectively, when they were discovered. And Dupri was only 18!

– They toured with Michael Jackson in 1992 on his “Dangerous” world tour.

– They had their own video game for Sega, called “Kriss Kross: Make My Video.”

– In total, they released 3 albums. The 2nd one went platinum; the third, gold.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs On Taking Photos And Video At Concerts: “Put That Shit Away”

yeah yeah yeahs concert

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are sick of your bullshit cell phones. At their latest concert, they posted signs asking you not to, “WATCH THE SHOW THROUGH A SCREEN ON YOUR SMART DEVICE/CAMERA” and to “PUT THAT SHIT AWAY.” They mention that it’s really annoying to the people sitting behind you.

I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s true. In a very dark amphitheater it’s pretty annoying to try to enjoy a show when the jerk(s) in front of you are holding up iPhones/Androids/any smart phone/cameras/even IPADS! The screen is distracting, all bright and glowy, and sometimes blocks your view. The iPads are the worst. Idiots. Who the hell holds up an iPad to take photos and video? A surprising amount of people. I would bet this happens a lot at Justin Bieber concerts, but that was before I learned that a lot of his Twitter followers aren’t even real. But anyway, constant photo taking and video recording at concerts is really damn annoying.

It’s almost as annoying as my goddamn neighbors who are playing music so loudly that my windows are shaking. Yeah, “Thrift Shop” is a great song, I like it too, it’s really fun, BUT TURN IT THE F-CK DOWN.

According to Laughing Squid, the notice worked pretty well.

My favorite thing is that you just know this sign was Instagrammed and tweeted thousands of times.

My Chemical Romance Broke Up; Hot Topic Is Devastated

my chemical romance band

My Chemical Romance, a fantastically mediocre band, broke up. I guess I’m in the minority in thinking they’re very whatever, considering they’ve been around for 12 years and produced four records and got one Grammy nomination.

They left this statement on their site:

Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go places we never knew we would. We’ve been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We’ve shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.

Okay, great.

Some of their noteworthy hits include “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”, “Helena”, “Welcome To The Black Parade” and “Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough…”

For fans of My Chemical Romance, do you think it was time for them to disband or do you think their best stuff was ahead? I’m not being snarky here, I’m just curious, not knowing a whole lot about their music.

Billy Joel Is AWESOME; Lets Fan Play Piano With Him Onstage

billy joel vanderbilt michael pollack student

Billy Joel may not be known as the “coolest” or “edgiest” musician but there’s no denying the guy’s talent or the awesomosity of treating a fan to an experience of a lifetime. Mr. “In The Middle Of The Niiiii-iiiight I Go Walking In My Sleep” Joel was giving a part lecture part concert at Vanderbilt University when shit got real during the Q&A. Superfan and college freshman Michael Pollack told his idol that New York State of Mind is his favorite song and asked if he could accompany him on piano. Mr. “To The Mountains Of Fame (Mountains of Fame) To The River So Dee-eeeeep” Joel paused for all of 2 seconds then said, breezily, “Okay.”

The students cheered as Pollack got on stage, discussed with Mr. Billy “I Must Be Searching For Something, Something Sacred I Looo-ooooosst” Joel what key to play it in…and then tore that f-cking piano apart, killing it. In the best possible way. He got every nuance, every flare, and you could tell Mr. Billy “But The River Is Wiii-iiide And Too Hard To Crooossss” Joel  was duly impressed.

After the intro, Joel started to sing, and of course killed it too. And then you have this wonderful video capturing this wonderful moment of a ballsy talented kid playing piano on stage with motherf-cking Billy “I DON’T WHYYY I GO WALKING AT NIIIGHT BUT I’M TIRED AND I’M NOT GONNA WALK ANYMORE” Joel.

At the end of the performance, Joel declared, “That’s Michael Pollack. Remember that name.”

It reminds me of when Pete Townshend of The Who, unable to deal with drummer Keith Moon passing out onstage due to his love of taking horse tranquilizers, asked the audience, “Does anyone know how to play drums?” And lucky fan Scot Halpin got to jam with The Who.

After the Billy Joel jam sesh, Pollack said that he was so psyched over it that he then failed his calculus exam. But he told TMZ, “I have no shame. I got a 69 on the test, compliments of Billy.”

Thanks to The Huffington Post for this happy story.

David Bowie To Release New Single

bowie war general painting

David Bowie, one of the greatest musicians/performers/songwriters to ever live, period, is set to release his second single off of his upcoming album, The Next Day. This is a big deal because David Bowie is awesome.

Also this is the first new music he’s released in a long time. His most recent album, Reality, came out in 2003. To put this in perspective in 2003 I was psyched to get pink Ugg boots for my birthday.

The single, titled The Stars (Are Out Tonight) will drop February 26th. The first single released from The Next Day is Where Are We Now? and it has a very Berlin trilogy sound. The Berlin triology refers to the three Bowie albums Low, “Heroes”, and Lodger. Now you have trivia you can use that will impress at least four people in the entire world. He also released an accompanying music video that is creepy and not something I ever want to watch again. If you want to watch it, you can see it at the source. The Next Day will be released on March 12th (in the USA).

Words cannot express how I feel, so here’s some Bowie gifs.

david bowie sing

david bowie clapping

bowie dancing lolz gif

david bowie black white

Lady Gaga’s Vagina is the Anti-Christ and Katy Perry’s Kind of Uncomfortable With That

katy perry twitter

I’m not opposed to Lady Gaga. She’s easy on the eyes and some of her songs are pretty catchy, I guess, but I’m not as hardcore about her as what some people clearly are. If she’s, you know, making music and touring, great. If she wasn’t, it probably wouldn’t be long before I kind of forgot who she was altogether.

However, somebody’s clearly all hot and bothered by Gaga’s antics, because a one-sided feud is brewing between Katy Perry and the Lady herself, and it’s either because Perry has some serious religion issues, or she’s just ticked because Gaga’s video blew her stupid “California Gurls” thing out of the water with the sexually-charged “Alejandro.” I mean, come on. Which would you honestly rather? Blue mermaid hair, sparkles and Snoop, or half-naked men, religious undertones and Madonna-esque stage grinding? I think the decision is pretty obvious, despite Snoop, and I’m not even remotely partial to either woman’s music.

Anyway, Katy blasted Gaga on her Twitter yesterday, citing her distaste for blasphemy and comparing it to the lowest form of entertainment, otherwise known as fart jokes. (And yeah, Katy, I think fart jokes are pretty funny … though some of you probably would have guessed that already.)

So, I don’t know. I think Perry’s being catty and silly, because it’s definitely not the first time that religion has been incorporated with music videos, sex and campiness. Anyone remember Madonna? Or, you know, Prince? Maybe George Michael? Yeah.

Sorry, Kitty Purry. Go be busy marrying Russell Brand and shut the fuck up. Your dry brand of Catholic-school humor just isn’t funny. I’d take a fart joke over your music, hell …. any day.

Justin Bieber Not Only Has a Really Unfortunate Haircut, He Also Appears to Be a Quite the Bitch, Too

photo of justin bieber in white shirt performing music

While touring Sydney, Australia, Justin Bieber stopped to do a quick, on-the-fly interview for an early morning show called Sunrise, and based on what some say, didn’t take too well to the foreign hospitality. Eyewitnesses state that Bieber told a floor manager who took his arm or touched his back or something to guide him to where he needed to go, “Don’t ever fucking touch me again.”

Koch, who is co-host for Sunrise spoke to radio station Mix FM and admitted that the Bieb is a pretty big baby-bitch prick:

“We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy,” Koch said. “Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to Nick and said ‘don’t ever f**king touch me again’ and Nick went ‘What?’ … And then his sound guy, his audio guy said ‘don’t take offence [sic] mate he tells us that all the time.”

But don’t worry about baby Biebs and his fan following, he’s got all of that under control and takes to his Twitter account to try and minimize the damage:

“Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time … I was raised to respect others and not gossip … nor answer gossip with anger … I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

Yeah, so much for Bieber Fever. See what happens when someone gains fame from being a whiny, narcissistic tool on YouTube? You’ve all been duped by a snot-nosed kid that’s clearly a poor man’s Taylor Hanson.

Baby Bieber FAIL.