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Mia Wasikowska

Quad-Quotables: The Coolest W Shoot I’ve Ever Seen

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“Chris Farley[was my favorite person of the 90's]. I thought he was hilarious. Growing up, I used to watch Saturday Night Live just to see him. He threw his whole body into the parts he played: He’d become red and sweaty and frantic. When he died, it was really significant for me.”

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“Madonna [is the icon of the 80's]. She’s the icon. She’s wholly her own person.”

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“I think skinny jeans and micro-miniskirts are very unfriendly. I’ve been known to wear both, but on some days it seems like they were invented to make you feel bad about yourself.”

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“Paper Moon [is my favorite 70's movie]. I saw it only last year. David [Fincher] made me watch it, and I think I’ve seen it five times since then… I love that ending—it’s not too happy-happy.”

Well that was kind of neat, huh? And how about these pictures? God, Rooney Mara doesn’t even look like Rooney Mara.

Mia Wasikowska Looks Amazing for British Vogue

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Why don’t we talk about Mia Wasikowska much around here? Good question. The answer to that is, simply, “I have no idea.” She was frankly wonderful in Alice in Wonderland, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the rest of her performance projects (Jane Eyre, Albert Nobbs, Madame Bovary), so I guess we should probably bone up on our Mia-love, because this chick’s apparently going places, and at the ripe young age of twenty-two, too.

Also? In the gallery photo labeled ‘Mia 4′, she looks so much like Kate Hudson that it’s almost alarming. Alarming.

Here’s an excerpt from Mia’s interview, which is interesting in itself, but it’s the photos you really want, guys. It’s definitely the photos.

Here’s Mia on missing her home while she’s working:

“Back in Canberra our house is very chaotic. My younger brother is there while he’s studying, and my dad and my sister, her boyfriend and her baby, so there’s always someone somewhere. I really miss that hive of activity when I’m living in a hotel room. And I have the outdoors here, which I love. The garden back home is like a fantastical reality.”

On feeling like a movie star:

“I never get noticed in any significant way. I never feel like a movie star. I feel like I have a constant series of surreal moments, where I’m thinking, ‘Oh wow. This is so strange for me that this is my life.’ Which is great.”

On her own personal style:

“I prefer an older style. As in vintage, not the style of the elderly. I don’t mean support tights!”

Right? She’s cute. She’s likable, and she’s got some interesting things to talk about, I suppose. BUT THE PHOTOS. My God, they’re just fabulous.

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK