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This Kind of Stuff is Precisely Why I Can’t Take Lady Gaga Seriously as a Fashion Icon

Come on. I mean really: come on.

Aside from even opening my mouth about those shoes, Gaga’s hair is starting to look really, really bad. You know what I want? I want crop-topped, natural-colored, short-haired Lady Gaga sans makeup and odd clothes doing her music bit. And then, I might actually be able to see the forest for trees. Until then, I’m screaming “Ragweed allergy!” and running. the hell. away.

Lady Gaga’s on the Cover of a Magazine Looking Normal Again

photo of lady gaga black and white harper's bazaar october 2011 cover pics

Is Lady Gaga trying to start a trend here or something? I’m thinking it’s got the “be yourself” theme going on, but I’m still not quite sure who Lady Gaga really is inside, so I could be completely wrong about that. Maybe she’s promoting “accept people with long, stringy grandma hair and those with a sincere need for Blistex.”

I’m kidding about that last part – I’m really appreciating Gaga as of late for, you know, LOOKING LIKE HER NORMAL SELF I suppose comes close to what I’m thinking, what with the whole new set of art videos she’s been pushing and everything, and now this Harper’s Bazaar cover and interview. She’s also been kind of doing this jazz throwback thing, which will almost *always* score points in my book, so hey. Let’s hear it for the boy girl, shall we?

I Guess Lady Gaga Goes for ‘Titillating’ in New Video, Is That What That Is?

This would be one of five “fashion films” that Lady Gaga‘s made for her latest single, ‘You and I,’ and while I’m not sure what this means as far as it not being a regular old music video, it’s superior to pretty much any video she’s done in the past (and coming from me, that’s not saying a whole lot).

Also, she looks way better au natural. Why can’t she look like this more often? I might take her a little more seriously.

What do you guys think?

Lady Gaga Attends VMAs as Jo Calderone

Never one to be outshone, Lady Gaga posed as her alter ego, studly Jo Calderone, all night at the VMAs. Some folks have already said that Gaga’s shtick is tired, but I thought her performance last night was priceless.

She did it as a full-on drag king, too, a totally cocksure spoof of masculinity. (Britney seemed both flattered and terrified of “Jo” when they shared the stage; Jo was eyef–cking Brit-Brit pretty hardcore.)

Gawker has video of Jo Calderone’s opening monologue as well as his Britney tribute. Take a peek!

I suspect that Gaga is most confident when she can disappear into costumes—in live interviews she always sounds so rattled!—and I couldn’t help but think that playing “Jo” gave Stefani Germanotta the confidence and oomph to, well, be herself. (I don’t buy the “misunderstood artiste” act for one minute, Stefani!)

Admittedly, my accolades might be in the minority—others are saying the whole thing was awkward and weird. Where do you weigh in?

Just in Case Anyone Is Interested in Lady Gaga and Bondage

A photo of Lady Gaga

Remember when Lady Gaga did the Japanese Vogue a few months back? You remember, it was the cover with the meat dress and it had the first appearance of her male alter ego. Yeah, you remember. Anyway, it turns out that the photo shoot got a little weird and graphic, because now all these outtakes are being released. You know, stuff like Lady Gaga all naked and/or in leather and usually tied up in some fashion. Also you can kind of see her vagina in one picture, but definitely her breasts in a few.

Does that sound like the kind of (obviously NSFW) magic that you’d be into? Well …

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Here’s Some Lady Gaga 2011 VMA Promos if You’re Into That Sort of Thing

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So I’m going to say – I absolutely love the 40s jazz-bop vibe going on in these videos, and I’d be pretty pleased to see Gaga take up this cross and bear it for awhile, instead of knocking off Madonna again and again and again and again.  I just might grow to like this girl if she could keep up all the jazziness and stick a padlock on her mouth for the next, I don’t know, decade or so. Then we might be getting somewhere. For now, just enjoy the videos. There’re a few more after the jump.

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Lady Gaga’s “You and I” Video Is Too Trippy for Me

Last night, I got a headache, so I took a couple aspirin. Then, a couple hours later, I got a tummy ache, so I took some Pepto-Bismol. A few hours after THAT, I took some Benadryl because I was itchy and stuffy from allergies. Just a few hours later, my BFF called to see if my boyfriend and I wanted to go get some happy meals. So what I’m trying to say is that I’ve had a real loopy day.

And then, in what felt like a cruel, directed attack on my senses, Lady Gaga decided that today was the day to post her new music video, featuring mermaids, Gaga in drag, Gaga in minimal makeup, and what I can only interpret as some creepy human robot who has no right being seen by me in this state. Needless to say, I didn’t love it.

What about you guys?