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Perez Hilton Wants Christina Aguilera To Sabotage Lady GaGa’s Sales

lady gaga perez hilton

Things have gotten and continue to stay ugly in the Lady GaGa/Perez Hilton fiasco (though some could argue it was always ugly…), but Perez has always been one to try and outdo his previous bullshit with something even lower and cornier than before, and he certainly hasn’t disappointed this time around, either.

Despite trying to play the innocent and act as though GaGa deeply hurt and upset him and all that shit (which is probably true, but I’m sure it’s a two way street when you’re dealing with two desperate fame whores), he’s now launched a campaign to keep her album, Artpop, from doing well in the charts. Oh, honey. You don’t have to launch a campaign – Lady GaGa will tank all on her own! Still, it’s pretty hilarious that he’s urging people to buy Christina Aguilera‘s 2010 album Bionic on November 11 – Artpop‘s release date – to keep GaGa’s out of the charts. SHADE CENTRAL.

Here’s what Perez posted on Twitter:

perez hilton christina aguilera lady gaga

HAHA! I won’t be buying either of those, but it’ll be amusing to see how much both GaGa and Perez fail in their respective endeavours. Also, pretty sure Christina Aguilera wants to be left OUT of this bullshit.

Lady GaGa Is Making a ‘Telephone’ Sequel

lady gaga telephone

In another feeble attempt to harken back to the days when her career was on the ups, she was making good music and anyone gave a shit, Lady GaGa has revealed that she’s made a follow-up to ‘Telephone’, her track with Beyoncé that appeared on The Fame Monster EP. I like to give credit where credit’s due, and that’s a damn good song, so no hateration there… but really? “Eh, my new shit is kind of tanking, so maybe I’ll make a follow-up to an old song that did pretty well…” Eyeroll.

From an interview with Kiss FM (via DS):

“It is surely coming. I’m very excited to be filming it and doing it. I will say that one of the songs I will be playing at the Roundhouse is meant to be the continuation.

“I’m very excited about it. The ‘Telephone’ video and working with Jonas Akerlund – for ‘Paparazzi’ as well – was such an incredible experience.

“To finish this trilogy will be great as I know how much the fans want it. We’ve already written it, so it’s going to be fantastic.”

I mean, whatever and all. I’ll listen to it and it might be the best thing about her new material. I just think it’s a little weak to pretend that it’s something you’ve always wanted to do and something the fans want. I’ve never heard a single person, while listening to ‘Telephone’ or thinking about it say, “Damn, this is such a good song! The only thing that would make it better is a sequel!” Then again, I don’t hang around any Little Monsters because I value my dignity and sanity.

No word whether Beyoncé will participate in the follow-up fuckery.

Gaga And Katy Perry Are Seated Next To Each Other At The VMAs

lady gaga katy perry vmas seating

Katy Perry is still slaying Lady Gaga on the charts and you know someone at MTV is hoping for some conflict, or at least GIF worthy moments between the two, so why not sit them together? Yup, Ms. Perry and Ms. Lady G are assigned side-by-side seats at the VMAs at the Barclays Center (photos via their twitter).

Other notable seat buddies are Robin Thicke and Miley, and Kanye West and Justin Timberlake. There are rumors that Timberlake will reunite with *NSYNC at the show but I haven’t seen seats for the rest of them, at least not yet. Then again, if it’s meant to be a surprise, they’re not gonna show where they’re sitting.

At least they kept Taylor Swift away from Katy, which is good for Taylor as Katy is back with John Mayer. In case you forgot, John Mayer also banged Taylor Swift.

This is gonna be…Fun. indeed. (PUN!!!!!!)