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Katy Perry

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week 8-12

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It’s about time to take a peek at the best and worst celebrity looks of the week. Can Courtney Stodden top her previous appearances? Like this and this? Let’s find out! And we’ll look at some other celebs. But are they really as important?

BEST: Lady Gaga (but in WHICH outfit?)
WORST: Aubrey Plaza
WTF: Click to find out!

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Lady Gaga’s Applause Is Flopping

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Lady Gaga‘s newest single, “Applause” is being met with silence. “Put your hands up, make ‘em touch,” Gaga talk-sings on the track, but her pleas for applause are being ignored. As of the moment I’m writing this, Lady Gaga’s “Applause” has dropped to #4 on iTunes. In #1 is Katy Perry with “Roar.” For about 3 days Gaga was in a distant second place, with Perry outselling Gaga 2:1, but then Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” sauntered in (now #2), and then Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” stepped right behind (#3) leaving Gaga at #4, which is pretty disastrous for her. Aside from checking iTunes, you can keep up with the charts and get more details on

Gaga is urging fans to buy multiple copies of her single, offering prizes for those who buy the most, which is yeah, kind of pathetic. To get an idea of how dismal her stats are, “Born This Way” (the single) was, “the fastest-selling single in the history of the iTunes” ( and got 448,000 sales after only 3 days (Billboard). “Applause” may clear only 200,000 — 225,000 after a whole week. Roar is estimated to hit 450,000 (Billboard).

So what the hell happened? After she had to cancel her tour was Gaga gone too long? Now that she’s back is she more overexposed than ever? Are people annoyed with her latest campaigns and publicity attempts? Do they simply prefer Katy Perry?

Tell us what you think. I’ve got my own theories and I’m curious to hear yours.

Oh, God: John Mayer and Katy Perry Did a Song Together

katy perry john mayer

If the fact that Katy Perry and John Mayer are a couple bothers you, prepare to get a whole lot more annoyed when you find out that the pair actually DID A DUET together that’s appearing on John’s new album, Paradise Valley.  The track, titled ‘Who You Love’ (gag me), features such genius lyrics as:

  • “I tried to run before but I’m not running anymore”
  • “If it’s who you love, then it’s who you love.”
  • “Some have said his heart’s too hard to hold, and it takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines, ’cause you never want to let that feeling go.”

Make it stop!

I don’t even know what to say about this, so I’ll just leave it here.