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Katy Perry

3Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s New Hair

A photo of Katy Perry

It’s purple! And thank goodness. She’d been doing the blue hair, her rebound look after that whole divorce thing, since the beginning of the year, and I just wasn’t into it at all. I don’t think it was horrible or anything, but it wasn’t the best look she’s ever had.

This purple though? I really, really like it. A lot. Probably because purple is my very favorite color, but also because it’s the darkest her hair has been in a while, and my favorite Katy Perry is a dark-haired Katy Perry. Remember when she had black hair? That was just the best.

She debuted the purple hair at Coachella, which, as described by E!, is a “music festival in the California dessert.” After you’re done giggling at that, you can read the rundown they gave of Katy’s time at that sweet (LOL!) festival:

Katy Perry made her annual trip to the festival and hit the Hennessy and Details @ Midnight bash late last night. So which one of her favorite guys was by her side?

Perry’s BFF Markus Molinari was with her, as were about a dozen of her pals. The group arrived to the private estate around 2 a.m. after enjoying music at the festival.

Perry and her gang chilled in a private backstage lounge area inside the house. They were very calm throughout the night while chatting and sipping vodka and tequila cocktails. “She was in a great mood,” a source said of the 27-year-old beauty, who hit the road about an hour after arriving.

Yeah, yeah, but hey, do you want to see more of Katy’s outfit?

A photo of Katy Perry

Yep. Nothing but class for this girl.

April 16, 2012 at 6:30 am by Emily
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0… And Then From Sparkle, We Go to a Complete Crapshoot of a Film Trailer

Why is it that when people get even a semi-cult-like following, they decide that the next thing they need to do is make some kind of “here’s my life because I just know you’re going to spend all of your hard-earned money on it even if it’s crap because it’s my life and not yours” movie? Because honestly, I just don’t understand it.

I mean, I love love love love love me some Adrien Brody. I do love him, in case I wasn’t entirely clear on that point. But would I pay fourteen bucks to go and watch him drone on about himself and his humble or not-so-humble beginnings? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “come the f-ck on, I have way better things to do with both my money and my time.” I mean, I get that Justin Bieber‘s little-kid fanbase were probably all stoked that they could see the “real” him, but Katy Perry? Ugh. There’s just about as much “real” to girlfriend as there is to the authenticity of Heidi Montag‘s left tit.

Flat out? This movie looks like it’s going to suck. But you probably already knew that, didn’t you?

April 3, 2012 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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8Katy Perry’s Really Not Shy

photo of katy perry twitter pictures boyfriend model pic
So, am I the only one who thinks, despite a superhuman rack, that Katy Perry is probably just a novelty piece for this Baptiste Giabiconi? Because even though I don’t generally dig the so-pretty, metrosexual look on a guy, this is one fine-looking man. If you can get past the stupid hair and the dumb pulling of model faces, Giabiconi is one sweet example of the male species. Katy, on the other hand? Really kind of average. Aside from the fact that she’s got boobs for days, like I said, her face and the rest of her body are predictably normal. If I saw her walking down the street wearing something shapeless, I probably wouldn’t even give her a second glance. Unless she was rocking the blue hair, of course. Then I’d look at her and say, “Wow, what a cheap-looking wig. Somebody should do something about that.” But not Baptiste – he’s completely smitten. He was the one who posted this photo on Twitter, with this caption:

hey my #littlekats u look So amazing in this pics !

Gotta love those who speak broken English. It’s really kind of endearing. When I was in high school I dated a foreign exchange student named Marcel. He was from Germany and he was really, really hot. He could barely laugh in English, but what necessity do words fill anyway when you have a 6’2″ hunk of international hotness riding in the passenger seat of your car, smiling at your every word? And that’s my very point, guys. That’s probably how Giabiconi sees Katy. She’s a hot piece of international ass who’s willing to hang on his every word. And hey, why not? Pretty people need companions, too, don’t they?

March 28, 2012 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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20Here’s Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Music Video!

Over the weekend, I showed you guys the teaser for this music video. I didn’t get it. But now Katy Perry has gone and released the whole thing, which you can view above. And I still don’t get it.

Let’s do a breakdown, shall we? I’ll list prevalent thoughts and questions, and we can discuss them. It’ll be great fun for everyone involved.

0:06: Why is Katy Perry sitting outside of her boyfriend’s office looking at a locket with their pictures inside it? Is she this dude’s girlfriend or his stalker? Is this whole thing happening inside her head?! Ok, I know we’re getting a little deep for the very first topic, so let’s just slow down and say “hey, creeper.”

1:02: I only know a handful of people in the military right now, and from what I’ve gathered, none of them made that huge decision based on a bumper sticker they saw on a bulletin board in a gas station. They put a little more consideration into it then “ugh, worst breakup ever, the Marines are totes the answer.”

1:16: Girls that cut their hair off while crying are not in the best of mental health. Just ask Britney Spears.

1:25: She’s strapping her boobs down because … oh, it’s because boobs aren’t allowed in the military, right?

1:30: Cute panties though!

1:39: Look, you guys, her uniform says “Perry” right on it! Does that mean she’s not playing a character? Does it mean this story is closer to her than it seems? I’m not saying the whole Marines part or anything, obviously, but maybe Russell Brand cheated on her and it drove her a little crazy perhaps? Maybe?

1:48: I can’t decide it Katy look super cute with her hair that short or not. Sometimes it makes her look adorable, but sometimes it just makes her look awkward. Thoughts?

3:07: It’s hard to tell exactly why I think this part is so absurd. She’s in her uniform, with her little cap, dancing under a big ol’ flag and singing about some dude. I have no idea.

Well, that about covers it on my end. How do you guys think Katy did with this one? What does it all mean?

March 22, 2012 at 6:30 am by Emily
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0And Here We Have A Trailer for Katy Perry’s New Music Video

You guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve sat down to watch a perfectly good music video without being able to watch the whole thing through because I was too blown away with information. “My God,” I always say to myself. “This came completely out of nowhere! I had no idea what I was in for! If only someone could come up with a way to get the gist of the video that we could watch before the actual video, then life would be so much better! I would never have a problem wrapping my feeble little mind around a three and a half minute music video ever, ever again!”

It’s happened, friends. Trailers for music videos are becoming an actual thing. We can talk about what that says about our culture in just a moment, but for now, let’s get into this specific trailer, all right?

It’s a brand new Katy Perry song! As you can see it’s for “Part of Me,” that song that she totally didn’t write about Russell Brand: you can tell because lyrics like “so you can keep the diamond ring, it don’t mean nothing anyway” couldn’t possibly have, like, anything at all to do with him. But forget all that, because look, she’s a soldier! How cute! Get it, because it fits with the song because … because she’s like … um, it’s a metaphor for … there’s a lyric about bombs. That’s it.

Are you guys loving what Katy’s doing these days or what?

March 18, 2012 at 7:00 am by Emily
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0Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry Continues Her Scowling Tour

photo of katy perry pictures hot photos 2012 blue hair pic
Ugh, am I the only one that’s already sick of Katy Perry and all of her angsty, broody faux “darkness”? Because damn. That is one ugly dress, and the face isn’t much better. QUIT POUTING, KATY. You’re worth how much? Go and BUY yourself a man that’s not a recovering sex addict who’s moved onto someone who isn’t nearly as hot as you are.

But wait. What’s that? He’s already possibly dumped the crystal-slinging chick and is reportedly dating … who? Zooey Deschanel? No f-cking way. I refuse to believe this, E!:

After filing for divorce from Katy Perry in December—and hitting up the Hollywood social scene with his male entourage—word was that Brand was showing interest and sending “flirty texts” to none other than Perry’s doppelgänger, Zooey.

It makes sense. They obviously look a lot alike (more so than these two ladies), which means there’s gotta be some physical attraction on his end at least, and it’s not like we haven’t seen guys go after a new lady that resembles their ex before.

Plus, Deschanel is dealing with the separation from ex-hubby Ben Gibbard, so she and Brand are, like, totally on the same page!

As you brainstorm their hybrid names (Zoesell? Russey?), know that this rumor is… So false!

Whether Brand finds Zooey attractive, funny and witty (along with the rest of us) or not, it doesn’t seem as though he’s making a move on it, or even has the means to. At least, that’s what Deschanel says of the whole situation.

“That’s a complete fabrication!” she told The Guardian in an interview. “I don’t even know him! I maybe met him once, in passing, four years ago. And he definitely doesn’t have my phone number! That was a story made up by a single website. It’s crazy how that got picked up—I mean how does that even happen?”

Oh, thank God. I really had my heart in my throat over that one. Could you imagine, Zooey Deschanel with a skeeze like Russell Brand? He’s completely OK for other chicks, but not for our Zooey. No, Zooey is a delicate little flower with much higher standards (right?) than someone like Russell Brand.

But back to Katy just for a second – can we all agree that announcing that things are about to get “real f-cking dark” was a bad move on girlfriend’s part? Because she just isn’t living up to it, and if these are her best efforts, I’d hate to see what something half-assed would look like.

March 8, 2012 at 9:30 am by Sarah
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