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Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry Continues Her Scowling Tour

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Ugh, am I the only one that’s already sick of Katy Perry and all of her angsty, broody faux “darkness”? Because damn. That is one ugly dress, and the face isn’t much better. QUIT POUTING, KATY. You’re worth how much? Go and BUY yourself a man that’s not a recovering sex addict who’s moved onto someone who isn’t nearly as hot as you are.

But wait. What’s that? He’s already possibly dumped the crystal-slinging chick and is reportedly dating … who? Zooey Deschanel? No f-cking way. I refuse to believe this, E!:

After filing for divorce from Katy Perry in December—and hitting up the Hollywood social scene with his male entourage—word was that Brand was showing interest and sending “flirty texts” to none other than Perry’s doppelgänger, Zooey.

It makes sense. They obviously look a lot alike (more so than these two ladies), which means there’s gotta be some physical attraction on his end at least, and it’s not like we haven’t seen guys go after a new lady that resembles their ex before.

Plus, Deschanel is dealing with the separation from ex-hubby Ben Gibbard, so she and Brand are, like, totally on the same page!

As you brainstorm their hybrid names (Zoesell? Russey?), know that this rumor is… So false!

Whether Brand finds Zooey attractive, funny and witty (along with the rest of us) or not, it doesn’t seem as though he’s making a move on it, or even has the means to. At least, that’s what Deschanel says of the whole situation.

“That’s a complete fabrication!” she told The Guardian in an interview. “I don’t even know him! I maybe met him once, in passing, four years ago. And he definitely doesn’t have my phone number! That was a story made up by a single website. It’s crazy how that got picked up—I mean how does that even happen?”

Oh, thank God. I really had my heart in my throat over that one. Could you imagine, Zooey Deschanel with a skeeze like Russell Brand? He’s completely OK for other chicks, but not for our Zooey. No, Zooey is a delicate little flower with much higher standards (right?) than someone like Russell Brand.

But back to Katy just for a second – can we all agree that announcing that things are about to get “real f-cking dark” was a bad move on girlfriend’s part? Because she just isn’t living up to it, and if these are her best efforts, I’d hate to see what something half-assed would look like.

Get Smoky Eyes Like Katy Perry!

Did you watch the video? Good. Then fill out this survey for a chance to win $1,000! That’s, you know, a lot of eye makeup.

And anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of obsessed with makeup tutorials. Seriously, like, I’ll spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon browsing YouTube and other sites for awesome eye makeup videos, and by this time (even though I rarely wear makeup; come on – I practically only leave the house for coffee and toilet paper lately, and you should *see* what I wear on those ill-fated trips), after all of the videos I’ve consumed, I consider myself somewhat of an eye makeup expert.

I saw this video, and it reminded me of the post we ran yesterday about Katy Perry and how “dark” her look was getting, and I realized that I’d fallen in love with her makeup overnight. Shocking, I know. Good things to say about Katy Perry? It’s almost a cold day in hell. Anyway, I know a lot of you guys are as gung-ho about makeup tutorials as I am (and love tips as much as Emily does), so I thought this was totally appropriate. Especially since you can look like Katy Perry. Who doesn’t want that to a certain extent, and on a certain level?

Do you guys have any more good eye makeup tips that you’d just love to share? We can’t be tits and ass all of the time here, you know.

Katy Perry Didn’t Waste Much Time Getting All “Dark”

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Where’s the cotton candy hair? The Americana tits shooting whipped cream and fireworks? The … bubblegum similarities to Justin Bieber? It’s all gone. And don’t you remember? You should have considered yourself warned. Katy said that shit was about to get all dark and scary and what not, both with her style and her music. The only thing she lied about, however, was the hair in the face thing. What she’s actually got going on in these photos is quite the opposite. It’s hair way out of her face.

And why, you wonder, is Katy Perry dressed up like she’s about to suck the life out of some unsuspecting fan? It was all for the Yves Saint Laurent show at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, and what do you guys think about the brand-new look? Kind of hot, right? I mean, I think I actually sort of prefer Katy Perry with a darker edge to her. Her music still flat-out sucks, and that performance at this year’s Grammys … just … whew (and not a good ‘whew’), but the look? If she could keep her mouth shut for five seconds at a clip, she might just start being tolerable, and wouldn’t that be quite a trip?

In related news, remember that performance of hers at the Grammys when she performed ‘Part of Me’ – or, you know, the song that lambasted Russell Brand and his love? Katy’s claiming that the song isn’t about him, and wasn’t even written recently:

“I wrote it two years ago, which is funny because everybody is like ‘God, it sounds so current.’ Some people that I work with were like, ‘You should just say you wrote it a couple of weeks ago.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not a d—, I’m going to tell the truth.’ I wrote it two years ago when I was writing and recording Teenage Dream, [but] it didn’t feel right on the record. … Sometimes I’m like, ‘Am I living in The Truman Show?’ … What’s going on?’ It just feels like sometimes I’m caught in this movie where my life is paralleling my music! It seems very serendipitous, but, as un-fun as it sounds, I prepare everything. I’m overly prepared and kind of a control freak in the best of ways.”

So … I don’t know. I’m kind of not buying it. And why wouldn’t she admit to penning the song about Russell anyhow? Well because she’d probably end up looking like a heel. More than she already does.

Who’s Trashier, Rihanna Or Katy Perry?

A photo of Rihanna and Katy Perry

This should be fun!

I should take the time to make it clear to you that when I ask about which of these ladies is trashier than the other, I’m referring to their outfits and not their whole selves. Wouldn’t that be awful, if I was like “who’s trashier, Rihanna or Katy Perry,” and then compiled a list of bullet points for each of them explaining why both of them are often tacky and classless? Man, that would be … I don’t even know. Rude? Uncalled for? An idea for tomorrow’s posts?

Anyway, let’s get back to the task at hand, which is, as you should be able to tell by now, figuring out which of these BFFs deserve the title of “Most Trashy.” I showed you the ensembles in question up in that picture, but let’s make it easier for you to analyze, all right?

This is Rihanna. A few days ago, she stepped out of a London hotel she’s currently staying in, and she was wearing thigh high leather boots, a denim shirt, studded short shorts, and another denim shirt that was tied around her waist. Tucked into the shorts. Yeah.

A photo of Rihanna

This is Katy Perry, stepping out of her own hotel in Paris. Now, take a look of the side-by-side image at the very top. Nothing too crazy on Katy’s part, right? Ok, now check out the back view:

A photo of Katy Perry

I just don’t know with these two anymore.

So who's trashier?
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Katy Perry Was Heavily Photoshopped for Interview

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Remember the cover of Interview magazine that we showed you the other day featuring Katy Perry trying to channel Amy Winehouse – or so people claimed? We’ve got our hands on some more photos from the spread, and it appears that it’s not Winehouse Katy’s trying to channel, it’s some kind of dark, goth burlesque thing, and it’s appropriate enough – Katy told Interview that her music, and I quote, is “about to get real f-cking dark.” She claims that she’ll be “shoe-gazing,” and you won’t be able to see her face, because her “hair is in [my] face.” She gonna stop washing it, too? There was a kid that used to sit in front of me in one of my Calculus classes back in the day who always wore band t-shirts that supported bands with scary, cadaver-like names to them and this dude always had his hair in his face. Which he never washed (his hair or his face). And he always smelled. Not necessarily of anything like shit or piss or sweat, but like … well, unwashed hair. Oil. He always smelled like body oil, and it was very cloying, very close, and very gross.

Is that the kind of thing you’re going for, Katy? Because if it is … I don’t know, man. No one’s going to want to sit behind you no matter what the front of you looks like.

Jump in to read some more of the interview and for the hot, burlesque, nipple-tassled photos from the shoot itself.

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Katy Perry’s Doing Interview Magazine, If You Care

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Hi! How have you guys been? Things been OK on the Evil Beet front here since I’ve been away? Looks to me like you guys were in some pretty good hands over the past few days, and I’m not surprised. Emily and Jenn are two pretty fabulous ladies, and I know how they feel about you guys.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why oh why we have anything but Academy Awards coverage today, and I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s because I didn’t watch this year’s Academy Awards, which were held last night. Nope! Know what I was doing? I was *cuddling*. And cradling. Cradling a very sweet-smelling newborn baby boy for half of the night, and cradling my sliced-open-and-restitched abdominal muscles for the other half of the night! Exciting things have been happening in the past few days, friends, and it’s all because of a happy little baby and an emergency c-section.

Remember back when I wrote that post about our lovely orange Jessica Simpson about how I was completely and utterly terrified of having to undergo c-section surgery to remove my darling little baby? IT TOTALLY HAPPENED. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut, because karma was totally a bitch by the name of “breech birth,” and if it weren’t for the surgery, well. I don’t want to really consider the other option, honestly, and now I get to be a big giant baby any time I have to, you know, move.

Oh, and as for the whole Katy Perry Interview magazine thing, it was totally a ploy to get you to read what I’ve been doing over the past few days. That’s some pretty shiesty behavior right there, isn’t it? Glad to be back, my friends. If you really want a bit of Katy Perry news, if that’s really why you’re here, let Rihanna tell you all about her plans to make Katy Perry a new woman:

“Rihanna wants to help Katy in any way she can. She is telling her that she’ll start setting her up!”

Katy’s friends are also keen on the idea of her finding a new romance, instead of “wasting time” crying over Russell.

The source added: “Katy has been very upset about the divorce. She never expected it to end and now she’s dealing with the aftermath.

“But her friends are telling her to get back out there and date. They don’t want her to waste time being upset over Russell.”

Awesome, right? This can only get better, now, can’t it? It’s going to be like Paris and Nicole circa 2004 or something.

Love It or Leave It: Is Katy Perry Serious With This?

A photo of Katy Perry

This is what Katy Perry wore last night’s MusiCares Person of the Year Gala honoring Paul McCartney. She wore this to perform, she wore this on the red carpet, and she wore this to watch the ceremony. She wore this all night. I really like the dress: I think it’s simple and elegant, for Katy, anyway.

But I think you all know that I’m not talking about the dress.

That HAT, ugh. To be fair to Katy, I usually hate all fancy hats. It was really hard for me to look at pictures from the royal wedding last year because of all the fancy hats, and my distaste for fancy hats probably has a little bit to do with my feelings for Lady Gaga. I just think they’re dumb, really. That’s all. I think they’re dumb and too “look at me” and the only occasion where you should even be allowed to wear a fancy hat is to an occasion that can in no way be construed to be about any other person besides yourself. If Katy wants to wear a big stupid hat at her own concert, that would be fine. However, if she wants to wear it at a tribute for someone else, that’s show-offy and attention whoreish and a little bit disrespectful.

Also, have I mentioned how much I miss Katy Perry with black hair? Because it’s a lot.

Images courtesy of Celebuzz