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Katy Perry Used to Do Christian Music

Above find the 2001 Christian track “Faith Won’t Fail,” sung by a 16-year-old named Katy Hudson.

Today, you know this woman as Katy Perry, the lingerie-sporting chanteuse behind such tracks as “Ur So Gay,” “I Kissed a Girl” and a fantastic cover of “Use Your Love.”

Yes, as a teenager, Katy was a Christian recording artist. In fact, her parents are both conservative preachers.

She must have told them her full song titles were “Ur So Gay (Which Is Why You’re Going to Hell),” “I Kissed a Girl (It Was a Painting of Mother Mary)” and “Use Your Love (Of Jesus)”.

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  • “Sweetie, is that you up on the TV dancing in your drawers?”

    “No dad, see? She has a different name and hair color!”


    Also this quote from the article makes me uncomfortable on so many levels – “It’s a curious thing, that a girl who was obviously engaging in rebellious behavior got a Christian record deal in the first place. Either she’s a great actress or a lot of people in the industry looked the other way.”

    Oh I’m so sorry she was growing up…never mind, that’s a whole different argument.

  • Well, I suppose that is certainly better than the other option for rebellious religious conservative entertainers–porn!

  • Well, I can see why she switched genres. I thought something was wrong with the sound, then I thought, “Enya ripoff”, then I had to turn it off.

  • I happened to like this song… now, do I agree with her totally turning to the songs shes doing now? No… but it doesnt really surprise me, now, if she goes back to christian music again, and then switches back to “lesbo songs” then Id be shocked and pretty annoyed, but whatever floats her boat I guess.

  • Beet, are you posting this to be ironic, or because you are really surprised that a lot of Christians are hypocritical sell-outs that often do exactly the opposite behind closed doors that they rail against rabidly on Sunday morning?

    Never mind, dumb question.

  • Wow. I’m agnostic, but that song is pretty good. Her voice is undeniably really good (or sounds great when digitally remastered). But most Christians are hypocrites in one way or another, so I’m somehow not very surprised. Oh, Katy Perry.

  • i like her earlier album.

    and i think everyone is a hypocrite in general: living up to what you say is hard, but you try.

  • See, this is where everyone has this idea on exactly how Christians should be. We are not perfect and we all have flaws. I wouldn’t say that we are hypocrites. People think that Christians have to be perfect and live bible bound. You can be a Christian and still mess up in life. Again, that falls into me saying we all have flaws. God does forgive you. It’s not that we mess up on purpose, people fail to realize that the devil can get the best of you! No one has any right to judge anyone, although in a perfect world that would not happen. Maybe you should read bible and then you can see that we are not perfect.

    • you know your right were not perfect but is the whole bible true? i use to hear gods voice now i dont . i understand katie . i was that christain homeschooled girl who moved out on her 18 birthday had sex and you know i love it and i am really happy now . no one is perfect god doesnt forgive all !!


  • why do ya’ll even care it doesnt matter what she sings, she has a great voice and every one who is saying its wrong for her to go from christian to what shes singing now your just jealous and stupid so just shut up.

  • being myself a pastor’s daughter…I perfectly understand her…Christians tend to lock themselves in an imaginary world where every christians are true, sincere, and are deeply searching to be like God…But hey! they are just ashamed of their own real life and rather live a “holy” life in front of everyone (since every other christians do so) and have a parallel sinful life that is even darker than what an average person would have…They are bitter and rather “mentaly torture” those who want to be true to themselves than admiting their own shallowness and fears of “what will other christians think of me?!”
    I believe that you rather be true to yourself and to others: first you won’t take God for a dumbass and second you’ll be happier living without hypocrisy…
    We were placed on earth to live here…not to live a fake life lying to ourselves…

    I don’t personaly like her music but deeply believe that talent, music and everything that goes with it does not come from hell or whoever lives down there…To believe that, would be to consider God as a weak jerk that doesn’t know what to do when a human slides off the “straight path”… Hey! he knows and controls much more than what christians can think!

  • Anyone who sings about their faith never failing is in trouble… unless Jesus came out with that song way back in the gap. (but i’m pretty sure that the word digital has no hebrew or coine greek translation!). It’s not a question of talent, hypocrisy, or even right or wrong! The most tragic thing that’s happened here as that Christians have once again painted our God as a guppie… throwing God’s name around like a household appliance. The god you hear in that song is nothing more than a sales pitch for this little girl so people would listen to her music. When the “God” angle didn’t work out for her, her agent (or whatever their called) probably suggested she take the gay/lesbian route to stir things up.

    Not everyone that claims God is of Him! 1 Timothy talks all about false prophets (a.k.a. people who claim Him but do not know the true revolutionary Christ). Please don’t write off God’s Love just because christians suck at showing it.

  • Funny thing about tossing Bible verses around… few people actually know what’s in there. “False prophets” never appears in our oldest, best Biblical manuscripts — the word “false” was inserted sometime after 350AD. What we think of as a ‘prophet’ doesn’t really mesh with the 1st century Middle Eastern (i.e. Jesus’ world) understanding of it, either.

    So there’s something ironic in saying that ‘Christians suck at showing” God’s love when you’re quoting verses blindly without understanding the scientific (Church-accepted) history of the Bible’s origins itself :)

  • ok. the Bible topic. truth is, homosexuality was considered a sin as an excuse for procreation. easy as that. back in the roman empire, all of the aristocrats were gay, because women were considered to be inferior as species, and they were used for cleaning, cooking and procreation. everybody should choose the ones they love, without other sticking their nose into it.

  • Hah you Chrisitans actually think Katy is still a Christian now that she’s out of her parents grip?! She said she isn’t religious and that when Fox News was complaining about her song, she told them it’s ok I’m more of a CNN girl anyway.” So non religious Democrat is what she is. Oh yes Katy fucking rules.

  • ok so she swithched big deal although i do wonder what compelled to do that she sounds very nice singing chritian her parents probobly got mad when she switched but isn’t it up to her what kind of music she sings

  • ok so she swithched big deal although i do wonder what compelled to do that she sounds very nice singing chritian her parents probobly got mad when she switched but isn’t it up to her what kind of music she sings just saying

  • please disreguard the first comment i made it’s the same as the seccond except the first was not finished my computer is retarted

  • i like this song! her voice sounds awesome!

    and for all of you talking all this shit about katy perry… have u ppl heard of jessica simpson? shes another one that came out singing christian music and switched to dirty pop… and now that she sucked at pop, shes doing COUNTRY! or the jonas brothers, who also came out as christian artists and are now making girls all over the world cream themselves making pop music. thats the nature of the business, you get in where you fit in!

  • i love her new ablum way better! her christian music sounds awful. but it does bug me that she wont make up her mind, but she is only human.

  • seriously just becuz some ppl are hyprocrites and use Christianity as a rope to something else, does not pronounce what Christianity is. Christianity is NOT A RELIGION with a bunch of rules and crap, that makes us bow down to stuff, or not have any fun. It is a RELATINSHIP with the Creator of the universe who sacrificed his life for us underserving sinful morons. And He won’t force Himself on you. Just stand there holding His arms open to you, while you reject Him.

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  • Most people and especially little children wouldn’t have a clue as to the way the music industry operates let alone the words within the music itself.

    I just listened to Kate Perry – “I Just Kissed a Girl” and thought although the music itself without the lyrics is cool and with great beat but if one is really serious about keeping ones brain and mind clear of subliminal brainwashing then you better avoid it.

    Most children would not know the word subliminal in such music – hey the beat got me to listen to it in it’s entirity.

    The MEDIA and especially the music industry plays a big role in brain washing the masses with lyrics embedded within great musical beats. In the past it was done subtly but in the last few years the trash is showing itself openly without any hinderance from society or our governing bodies.

    Wake u[ people – if you’re not aware of this then educate your self with such knowledge. Don’t poison your mind with trashy lyrical rubbish created to hypnotise and break down those values of which your once sought ancestors cherished dearly.

    The only things that have changed since your grandfathers days and your days is not the technology but values you have placed upon yourself and family. I’m not a religious person nor and athiest but a spiritual one who understands and sees that the world is not what it seems to be. Especially if you listen to this type of music – you wouldn’t have a clue.