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Katy Perry

Oh Noes, Katy Perry Smokes

photo of katy perry smoking cigarettes pictures
Did you guys know that Katy Perry smokes? Because she does. And here’s the proof, if you didn’t see the photos that we posted of Katy Perry at Coachella back in April.

Whatever, though. It’s Katy’s business if she wants to do stuff like this, and it’s also Katy’s business if she, you know, should happen to put a gag order on Russell Brand, banning him from talking about her anymore. Because she did!

From the UK’s Daily Star:

KATY Perry is seeking a gagging order to stop Russell Brand speaking about their failed marriage in public.

The irate pop star has instructed her lawyers to stop her ex-husband from discussing their doomed relationship in TV interviews.

The celebrity couple are thought to have agreed to keep a dignified silence when agreeing terms of their quickie divorce in January.

And Katy, 27, now wants that enforced by the law after Russell, 37, failed to live up to his end of the agreement.

According to friends of the Part Of Me singer, the final straw came last week when the comic made jokes about their sex life in a radio interview with Howard Stern.

A pal told the Daily Star Sunday: “Katy is fed up with Russell constantly making reference to their marriage in interviews.

“While it’s mainly harmless and often even complimentary, she’s sick to death of his comments being splashed all over the news and magazines.

“Katy went berserk after the interview with Howard Stern.

“She called lawyers and told them to put a gagging order on Russ to prevent him from speaking about her in public again.

“Katy vowed never to reveal the ins and outs of their marriage breakdown or speak about Russell in any way.

“All she wants is the same in return.”

So, in short, it’s OK for Katy Perry to do all that talking about her and Russell’s dissolved marriage, but it’s not OK for him to talk about their dissolved marriage? Why, because he’s actually kind of funny, and she’s not? Because I kind of think that’s why.

Katy Perry and John Mayer Are Getting Serious Now

photo of katy perry and john mayer pictures
… So serious that they’re having overnighters. Gosh. I never even thought that these two would be sleeping together by now, let alone SLEEPING TOGETHER. Gross. According to E!, they’ve been having sleepovers for awhile now:

“She has been having sleepovers there,” says a source. “It is very private and they’ve been sneaking in and out. It has been going on for a while.”

They probably only have eyes for each other, but should these rumored lovebirds want some companionship, Mayer’s house is just down the road from E!’s own Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Hidden Hills home.

I’m still not entirely sure I buy this. See, John‘s got this faux-deep side to him that he thinks attracts every woman known to man (and in the past, it … well, it has), but all of the women that John Mayer’s attracted have had at least three or four brain cells in their heads. Katy? Well. I’m not even sure she’s got that many. What’s in it for her, aside from fabricated mental and emotional stimulation? God only knows.

The Katy Perry With John Mayer Thing is Apparently Real

photo of katy perry and john mayer leaving chateau marmont pictures
Guess who was caught leaving the Chateau Marmont late last night? Together, that is. Just the two of them. In that car. So it’s a definite that they’re having sex (and probably in the vehicle above. As we speak).

Reps for both have not returned phone calls asking if the romance is for real, and I’ll be honest with you—when Emily mentioned it the other day, I was like, “Yeah, HA. Never happen,” but I’m beginning to reconsider my stance on it. Because John Mayer will definitely bone someone to the likes of Katy Perry, and Katy Perry … well, she’s got some f-cking weird-ass taste in men. This could probably be happening, right under our unsuspecting noses.

Here’s a video from TMZ if you want some live action. Ugh.

Image courtesy of the Huff Po

Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s New-ish Hair

photo of katy perry new hair pictures
Hey, look! Maybe Katy Perry’s not going to be so dark for a little while, because she’s almost looking like her old, normal self! Remember this fresh-faced young lady with a natural hair color from a few years back?:

photo of katy perry pictures
Right? Almost back to her (literal and theoretical) roots! Are you guys happy, or did you prefer the dark goth-y Katy who everyone imagined would be having dark, sacrificial sex with John Mayer? Right in the middle of the post here, I’m gonna lay it out on the line—Katy’s hair: Love It or Leave It?

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And moving forward, Katy recently spoke to Elle about love and stuff, where she talked about looking for love and wanting the whole nine yards of being loved, courted, wooed, and claimed. From the Daily Mail via the Daily Mirror:

‘I’m a woman who likes to be courted, strongly. Never say never, I guess you’d say. I’ll let love take the lead on that.’

On the contrary, Katy recently told the Daily Mirror that she would make it to her fairytale ending without a Prince Charming, as she is the only person that can make herself happy.

‘I’ve learnt I’m in a very modern fairy tale. But I also know I don’t need the Prince Charming to have a happy ending. I can make the happy ending myself.’

She continued: ‘Being in love is the dream. But the reality of making it work is not like the movies.’

Aww. She really is a true romantic. Come on. Quoting Justin Bieber? ‘Never say never’? Well. It looks like Katy might find real love after all.

Katy Perry Wants a Piece of Robert Pattinson Now, Too

photo of robert pattinson and katy perry pictures
From Hollywood Life:

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have been friends for a long time and she’s being the ultimate “rock” for Rob after Kristen Stewart shattered his heart!

“Katy has been a rock for ­Rob,” a source close to Rob told the Daily Star.

“She has reassured him she is very much there for him just as he was for her when she split from Russell [Brand]. She has urged him to take a break with [Kristen].”

Rob reportedly offered words of encouragement to Katy when Russell filed for divorce from the “Wide Awake” singer. He really helped her get through the dark period in her life.

Rob respects Katy and we’re sure he takes her opinion seriously. Perhaps Katy was mulling over what to tell Rob while reading his interview in Blackbook magazine.

Rob has a close relationship with Katy as he was spotted partying with her after the L.A. premiere of Part of Me. Rob even took Kristen with him to witness Katy film one of her concerts for the 3-D movie!

I don’t know, guys. I don’t think I’d really be all that happy if I found out that our darling Robert was bumping uglies with Katy Perry. Katy Perry’s just … she’s no off-the-cuff Kristen Stewart type, no. Katy’s all about being recognized, and being recognizable, and doing things that people are going to say, “Oh, you know, that crazy, silly, cutesy Katy Perry,” and I cannot see Rob into that type of chick. She’s like the girl you used to go to parties with in high school who couldn’t socially function unless everyone was looking at her every minute of the night—and if she wasn’t getting the attention she so craved? She’d just get LOUDER and MORE OBNOXIOUS.

Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s … Just No. No, Katy Perry.

photo of katy perry weird pictures photos
Can I tell you how weird and unflattering this outfit is? Because it’s weird. And unflattering. And it should have been left in the clearance bin in1990′s Hot Topic along with the other reject articles of clothing that no one in their right minds would buy, even those who still, unfathomably, shop at Hot Topic. Except for Katy Perry, because she’s all dark and shit, guys, in case you might have been foolish enough to forget that important little fact.

And what’s with the weird hand placement? What, is she hiding a boner or something? What the hell?

Love it or leave it?

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