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Just How High Was Justin Bieber at the ‘Believe’ Premiere?


Seriously, I’d love to know. Justin Bieber showed up to the premiere of his Believe movie in Los Angeles on Wednesday night in an all red outfit and did a bunch of whacked out poses that were probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week. Is this guy for real?

Sadly, I’m afraid the answer’s yes.

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Justin Bieber Possibly Jokes About Retiring; Fans Threaten To Kill Themselves


Justin Bieber‘s fans are about as bad as he is. Justin Bieber went on Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio to give some boring-ass interview and then dropped this nugget. When asked about a new album, Bieber answered in a slow, quiet voice,

Actually, I’m retiring, man.

It’s hard to tell if he was kidding because it was hard to read his face, since he’s a total douche and was wearing sunglasses indoors. (He’s also a total sunglass-wearing douche outdoors.) Here’s the video:


If he WASN’T kidding and he IS retiring, I think most of the world’s reaction would be something like this:


His fans, however, had a much different reaction. Celebuzz collected some fan reactions from twitter:

if @justinbieber is going to retire, I’ll break my bones and die. Bye.

actually will jump off a cliff if you retire @justinbieber

Don’t leave us @justinbieber .. Don’t retire.. It would brake my heart.. Don’t..

I think we all know one fan who wouldn’t give a damn.

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Ambulance Called to Justin Bieber’s House After Girl Found “Unconscious”

justin bieber

And so it begins! Justin Bieber‘s house in Calabasas is a party hot spot both when he is and isn’t there, so it should be no surprise that the fun has been kicked up a notch and an ambulance was called this weekend when a girl was found unconscious in the house. Sounds like fun!

Apparently she regained consciousness before the ambulance came there and refused any treatment, telling whoever made the call to call it off, and they did. She’s “fine” now, it seems.

From US Weekly:

A source tells Us, “There’s no issue. A call was made out of an abundance of caution, but the woman was given some food and liquids, and she’s fine and went home.”

The local sheriff’s department told Us that they never visited Bieber’s home and has no information about the incident.

Of course “alcohol” was thought to be involved, but I’d throw in some drugs for good measure. Considering anyone who’s given the privilege of entering Justin’s lair has to sign an NDA, we’ll never hear anything else about this, but I’m sure someone will end up dead soon, so there’ll be a report then. At least we know one thing: whoever this girl is, I bet she’s skinny.

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