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Jessica Biel


“I don’t feel the need to clear anything up. It’s the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don’t care about what anyone says or thinks. I...

Eh, They Still Look Broken Up To Me

Justin Timberlake is visiting Jessica Biel while she is on location in Vancouver to film the A-Team movie.  Naturally, all the media outlets are reporting that Timberlake and Biel are...

Jessica Biel Will Leave You Infected

I’ve been saying it for ages, but the folks at McAfee Antivirus Software have confirmed it:  Looking at Jessica Biel can make you sick.  More accurately, she can make your computer...

Jessica Biel Sings!

Kelly wrote this weekend about how Jessica Biel is going to sing in her new film, Easy Virtue. Now we have video of her recording the track, “Mad About the Boy.” Thoughts?